website ranking: Why Some Websites or Pages Rank Well With No Content - 01/02/19 01:34 PM
I'll be honest, this drives me nuts! When I research a community or area and find the first 10 spots on Google with NO CONTENT! What? Doesn't this break all the laws of SEO? Well, yes and no. There are about 200 factors when it comes to SEO rules and ranking factors so no content on a page is just one of those, albeit an important one. 
But why do these pages rank?
And it could be any site too,, Market Leader, Real Geeks, Wordpress, etc... That may not be the deciding factor at all. So what it is?
Well, it's a variety … (32 comments)

website ranking: Did the Panda Bite Your Penguin? Recovering a Site from a Google Penalty - Part 1 - 07/06/12 05:36 AM
What your site needs to be doing and probably isn't By now, most of us know about the Panda and Penguin updates that took place to filter out the bad guys and get the good sites to the top a little faster. Many people saw great increases in traffic while some dropped off the face of the proverbial planet web.
While most of our sites stayed put some did feel the effects negatively and we are struggling to put the pieces back together in a Google-friendly way.
What Google's Panda and Penguin algorithm did was shut down sites that had either bought back … (28 comments)

website ranking: Separate Website or Subpage of Your Existing Site for Specific Listings or Landing Pages? - 06/27/11 08:28 AM
Separate Website VS. Subpage of Your Existing Site for Specific Listings or Landing Pages?
Is it smarter to buy a specific domain for each listing, neighborhood or keyword or simply create a landing sub page on your existing site?
Granted, it costs $10 or so to get a keyword specific domain and there have been a lot of blogs and controversy over keyword rich domains. But do you have to do it to gain higher rank for that keyword?
I discussed the importance of URL re-writes in my previous posts about neglecting your website.Having the URL (actual website address) include the … (7 comments)

website ranking: Ranking Means Nothing if your Conversion Rate is Low - 06/09/11 02:46 AM
I spoke with someone that had 3000 likes on a Facebook page and absolutely no interaction; not one lead.
Someone else came up #1 on Google for a keyword with no sign ups or click-throughs.
Why not?
Because they're not going for the right people and the right answers.
Page rank on Google and search engines for real estate agents is almost impossible. We have a client that ranks #4  for Louisville Real Estate and has for YEARS. He has beaten the odds and actually stood his ground in the SEO world for years and remains there. It only has come from diligent work both on site … (18 comments)

website ranking: Algorithm Foreplay (Part 1) - 03/03/11 09:38 AM
~ Algorithm Foreplay ~
We all know what foreplay is but many don't know what an ALGORITHM is. According to the WikiPedia  "In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is an effective method expressed as a finite list of well-defined instructions for calculating a function. Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning."
Yeah, sure, now we all know, right? Um, what was that again? I don't know about you but that doesn't tell me much about SEO or websites. Basically search engines use these algorithms to define ways that they rank sites, judge them and label them as … (42 comments)

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