websites: How to Rank with an Sub-Domain Blog (Sub-Domain vs. Sub-Folders) - 09/18/18 03:26 PM
This may be Greek to you but I wanted to discuss sub-domains and sub-folders (sub-directories) and the differences between them.
A sub-domain is a completely separate domain (URL) sort of riding on the back of the main site like this: 
A sub-folder is another platform that has been installed in the file system (FTP) of the website and may look like this: (or anything else after that slash that's NOT actually on the website) The slash indicates a folder or file that has been installed on the website itself, where the . (dot) indicates a completely different website.
Why would there be … (9 comments)

websites: What Do Yoda and Real Estate Agents Have in Common? - 11/18/17 11:34 AM
You know Yoda, that wise old Jedi who trained Luke to use the force? I don't think anyone here doesn't know who I'm referring to when I say Yoda, Jedi, or Luke. We almost all know the story of Star Wars. And we probably all know what the story is generally about, right? Well, let me ask you this... Is the story about Yoda? Or Luke? Or maybe even Darth Vader? Chances are you didn't say Yoda. Because Yoda is the guide we all need in our lives. He is the one that comes alongside, helping guide the main character throughout … (6 comments)

websites: 10 Things to Know Before Designing (or Re-Designing) Your Website - 08/08/17 02:06 PM
How to get the most out of your web designer, without being annoying ~ BY TIM EMINETH
If you have been in any kind of service business for a while you have run into the “difficult customer". You know the one you can’t make happy no matter how hard you try.
Well, I want to try and give you the in’s and out’s of web design so you can create a great relationship with your designer rather than just using them on your current project and hoping to never speak to them again. (Yes, this happens more than you know).
So here are my 10 … (40 comments)

websites: The Best Way to Syndicate Blog Posts & WHY - 06/05/17 09:06 AM
To Syndicate: repeat or make available on other mediums or sources.
Syndicated Content: Share or repeat summaries or full renditions of previously published articles or post.
I'm not talking about the syndicated reruns of Gilligan's Island, but your own content shared elsewhere from where it was originally posted. 
First, we should do it, then we shouldn't; what about duplicate content, blah blah blah
We've talked about this a lot but now, Google almost expects it. If a blog post or article is noteworthy, some big name blog or website will pick it up and run with it. And that's what you want, as long as they are … (67 comments)

websites: Why URL Structure Matters in SEO - 11/04/15 07:45 AM
URL - you know that stuff that comes after the www. on a website address.  It stands for Uniform Resource Locator, like you really wanted to know that. But regardless of what it means, it tells your computer how to locate the web page or site you want to find. 
When you create a web page, post or site, that URL always begins with your main domain - whatever that may be. On here, it's obviously But when AR was purchased by Trulia, Activerain became a subdomain of Trulia, We still may be reeling from that conversion and back again. While subdomains … (40 comments)

websites: Are You Freaking Out About This Mobile Friendly Business? - 03/31/15 03:07 AM
Freaking Out About Mobile Compliancy on Your Website?
We've been getting a lot of phone calls and emails lately about mobile compliancy, and to be honest I havent' had a chance to write a blog about it until now because of the influx in these calls. Google will be using mobile friendly as a ranking factor starting April 21, 2015. Google will naturally be moving mobile friendly sites to the top of the list.
If you're not sure that your site is mobile compliant you can simply test your site by going to the mobile friendly testing link here Google … (46 comments)

websites: What is This SEO Thing and Should I Care? - 05/13/13 08:25 AM
SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s the process of optimizing a website or webpage for search engines to find and categorize that content. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is also a popular term. While that’s the short idea behind as SEO the expanded version could go on for pages and pages because there are literally hundreds of nuances, techniques, tricks, and maneuvers marketers, writers, webmasters, and bloggers can do to make their site, their blog post, and their webpage show up on search engines for the topic they’re trying to cover.
If you’re new to blogging or SEO or perhaps … (31 comments)

websites: Sometimes it's just like tuning a radio station - SEO Fine Tuning - 03/06/13 03:06 AM
How easy is SEO? Sometimes you just have to fine tune it…   We do a variety of different services and tasks for people depending on what they need. One project doesn’t always fit every customer. Sometimes it just takes a little fine tuning to get were you need to be. I think of it as a radio station; where the station is not coming in quite clear see you can hear everything, hence you can get all the information. Sometimes all you need is to turn the dial just a hair for the information to come in clearly. I relate … (12 comments)

websites: What's New in SEO for 2013? - 01/15/13 10:58 PM
Gearing Up and Planning for a Great 2013 in the Blogging World without Being Confused We all know that SEO is constantly changing and just when you think you’ve got it down, Google and the other big guys change something up to completely throw you off your game.  Let’s get a jump on 2013 by going over some of the top changes and things that stay the same when blogging and optimizing your website.
Keep Content Readable: This goes beyond the general quality over quantity idea. You have to make sure your content is not only quality but readable as well. … (38 comments)

websites: Do You STILL Have Canned Content on Your Website? - 09/20/12 12:10 AM
When you started out as an agent you probably got one of those cookie-cutter template real estate websites from one of the big guys out there just to get by, right? And now it’s been a few years and you probably haven’t touched that site. You’ve been considering a WordPress site, but think that’s way too much work and you wouldn’t even know where to start.
You do have a pretty easy functioning website that you can direct traffic to for property searches but the content's canned and just like every other website that this provider puts out. How do you … (102 comments)

websites: What NOT to Do When Optimizing Your Site - 07/10/12 10:33 PM
Don't make these vital mistakes when optimizing your Website or Blog 1. Using your keywords too much and over-emphasizing. A bolded keyword once or twice in the content is plenty. If you have the topic and keyword or phrase in the title and description and then talk about it in the content, search engines AND readers will know what it's about and stay to read.
2. Buying Links - If it seems to good to be true, it is. Don't let those flashy ads that say "Get 5,000 backlinks for $19.95" fool you. It's the closest way to the bottom.
3. Letting a … (99 comments)

websites: The Difference Between On-Site and Off-Site SEO - 06/11/12 01:59 AM
What’s the difference between the two? SEO is a science and learning that science takes constant and consistent research and change. Because nothing is guaranteed in the search engine world and Google is constantly changing and upgrading their algorithm, doing one SEO tactic is not enough to get you ranked and for people to find you. It’s a combination of 100 small details and techniques all working together to create a well optimized website.
This is also a combination of on-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO – On-site SEO means optimizing the website as is. This is a combination of researching … (12 comments)

websites: Are You Turning People Away and Don't Even Know It? - 05/24/12 03:34 AM
Can a personal photo make more people interact with you? When commenting, clicking on or in general, doing business with, doesn't it help to have a face to go with the name or business? Maybe it's just me. But I like knowing whom I am dealing with before I actually do business. Is that to say I won't do business if I can't see them? Well, probably not, but I am more likely to respond to a business that has a public face. 
When I speak to anyone on the phone or over email about doing potential business with them I … (8 comments)

websites: Are Your Competitors Using Negative SEO Against You? - 05/03/12 04:21 AM
Are your competitors using negative SEO against you? It used to be really difficult for your competitor to actually harm your site. There was literally nothing a competitor could do to harm your ranking or have your site removed. Several years later there was almost nothing that could harm your site, and today, Google is working hard to prevent other webmasters from being able to harm your ranking or have your site removed. Google is now looking at the infamous unnatural linking and your Google Webmaster tools will basically imply that you're "guilty until proven innocent". This means that if there are back … (39 comments)

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