wordpress: The Hidden Cost of Getting and Keeping a WordPress Website. - 09/08/17 03:27 PM
 ~By Tim Emineth
We have talked to a lot of agents, that are moving from an “all in one site” to a WordPress website. I define all in one sites as websites that have a larger monthly fee and everything is provided for you, the MLS solution and the content. An example of the All in one sites are iHouseweb, Real Geeks, Boomtown, flexmls or any other turn key site. I am not saying that these sites are bad if you have one and if it's working for you then great. The key phrase is if it is working for you, if it isn’t then … (79 comments)

wordpress: How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site to Rank Better - 06/22/15 07:02 AM
I am the technical/web developer at Personal SEO my face isn't that pretty so that is why you all know my wife Tammy. While we are the first to say that we do not know everything, we are experts when it comes to Organic SEO. One of the major issues that I have been struggling with was site speed and Google's page insight.
In the past at the most I have only seen a 10 point raise in the sites that I have tried to speed up. Now ten points when the site already gets an 80 is fine but recently I … (42 comments)

wordpress: Leveraging Drop Box - Backing Up and Printing from Anywhere - 03/26/13 07:37 AM
Leveraging Drop Box There are a bunch of cool things that you can do with DropBox and I wanted to share a few of them.
Dropbox Print to your printer.
So when would you do this…
You are showing a client a listing on your iPad/pc/phone; you can drag and drop that page into a DropBox folder and it will automatically print on your home or office printer.
If you do not have a dropbox account get one they are free click here - http://db.tt/OWrZvHv
(or you can go to www.dropbox.com and sign up but if you use my link I … (9 comments)

wordpress: A Great WordPress Plug-in for SEO and Interlinking - 09/14/12 03:27 AM
If you have a WordPress site (and many do or are considering moving that way) and you pay a host meaning you don't have the free site - www.mywebsite.wordpress.com, then you know about all the different plug-ins you can have, right? Plug-ins are essentially like apps. They are add-on's that allow you to do fun things with your site such as spam attacks, author bios, gosh... just about anything! Wordpress is pretty much a blank canvas until you start adding themes, templates, and plug-ins to it to really customize it for you, for search engines and for your readers.
One of … (6 comments)

wordpress: I Can Get to You in November.... - 07/09/12 10:41 PM
I'm not one for much patience, but I do know that in certain fields, you must wait out the results.... delayed gratification. When it comes to getting a job done for us, how long is too long to wait?
I spoke with a friend of mine the other day that was getting a new WordPress site. (She apparently didn't know we did those too) She said she had to put down a $1500 deposit and was on the waiting list until November! WHA? We don't even charge that for an entire site much less a deposit... AND NOVEMBER?
I feel bad … (23 comments)

wordpress: The Difference Between Keywords, TAGS, and Categories - 11/18/11 02:58 AM
The Difference Between Keywords, TAGS, and Categories This is probably one of the biggest questions I get. These three types of SEO terms can get confusing and many don't know the difference much less the point of them.
KEYWORDS - A keyword is what you want a page or post known for. This is the word or phrase you research on the Google keyword tool AND the search bar to determine what people are actually looking for and how high is your competition. (See - how to optimize a post for more on that). Once you have 1-3 keywords or phrases … (147 comments)

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