jessica wallace realtor: Before & After - How to Transform Your Home for Sale - 04/17/23 02:30 PM
BEFORE & AFTER - HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR HOME TO SELL FOR MORE MONEYBY JESSICA WALLCE - YOUR SANTA CRUZ REALTORAs a real estate agent, my ultimate goal is to help my clients achieve the highest possible price for their homes. And I’m proud to say that I achieved just that with this special Westside Santa Cruz home.
When I first saw this property, I saw its true potential. It was clear to me that with the right updates and a bit of TLC, this home could really shine. It was built in 1950 and had never been sold before. There were … (3 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: How to buy a home BEFORE you sell! - 01/31/22 02:50 PM
How to buy a home BEFORE you sell!
I have talked to many people over the past year that are feeling Stuck - they want to sell their home and buy a new one and are worried about how to pull that off in this super low inventory market.  We know that your home can sell quickly, but you don't want to be left homeless, what if you can't find a replacement home?  
I am here with a Solution for you!  Watch my video to hear more, or continue reading below: 
I have partnered with a national firm that has found a solution to … (1 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: Santa Cruz Housing Market Update 2021 - 01/27/22 08:43 AM

I am here to give you a quick recap of our year and the Santa Cruz housing market in 2021. It was really an intense year. We saw  a huge amount of appreciation over 18% home values rose in Santa. Cruz county and the average home price hit 1 million 330,000 that’s about 200,000 dollars more than a year before.
That means the average homeowner in Santa Cruz saw their property value increase by at least $200,000.
Early January 2022, there's less than 100 homes on the market. There's actually less than 90 homes on the market right now in January 2022. 
I … (1 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: Top 5 Mistakes Home Sellers Make in Santa Cruz CA - 06/02/21 07:16 AM

Hi everyone, my name is  Jessica Wallace, your Santa Cruz Realtor and today I’m gonna go over the top 5 mistakes that people make when selling their home in Santa Cruz County.
Tip number 1 is not properly preparing and staging your home for sale. Looks aren’t everything but they count for a lot when you’re selling your home.
The photograph looks so much better when  you have  a home that is staged. So any vacant home should definitely be staged. 
If you are living in your home, we can still work with the items that you have and may bring in a couple … (2 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: 2065 Seascape Blvd, Aptos, CA 95003 | Ocean View Home for Sale - 05/19/21 01:48 PM

Welcome to the 2065 Seascape Blvd, in Seascape in the Aptos area of Santa Cruz County. 
This is my new listing, my name is Jessica Wallace Realtor with Coldwell Banker, and we are standing in one of my favorite kitchens. It’s such a fun, unique kitchen with great colors, fun light fixtures, and one of my favorite things is the backsplash behind the  6 burner Wolf stove. 
Now follow me this way, we’ll take a look in the living room which has a wall of windows, out to the ocean. They have a wood burning fireplace, a great deck to take in the … (3 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: 141 Kenneth St, Santa Cruz CA 95060 | Santa Cruz Home for Sale - 05/19/21 01:38 PM

Hi, my name is Jessica Wallace Realtor with Coldwell Banker. Welcome to my new listing on the Westside of Santa Cruz at 141 Kenneth St. C’mon in and take a look. 
The main home is a 2-bedroom, 1 and a half bathroom home. It has hardwood floors, gas fireplace and contemporary finishing.
One of my favorite parts of this house is this gorgeous master bathroom. It has glass countertops, a beautiful glass tile shower, absolutely gorgeous.
Let’s go check out the kitchen. So the kitchen has custom cabinetry, gas stove, a ton of storage, some open shelving that has a really cool look.
One of … (4 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: Santa Cruz Housing Market Update - 2021 - 05/19/21 01:29 PM

Hi everyone, my name is Jessica Wallace, your Santa Cruz Realtor and I am here with your latest update on the Santa Cruz housing market. It’s almost May of 2021 and I have to tell you, it’s crazy out there! 
Everyday I am looking at the hot sheet and I am seeing what’s selling and  honestly, it’s blowing my mind. The housing crisis in Santa Cruz County has gone up dramatically, even in the last 6 months. 
So what’s going on here is the classic story again of supply and demand. We do not have nearly enough homes for sale in Santa Cruz … (5 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: What Does Proposition 19 in California Do - 04/29/21 10:28 AM

Hi guys! It’s Jessica Wallace, your Santa Cruz REALTOR. I wanted to tell you briefly today about Proposition 19 in California and what it can mean for you and your family.
One of the things that Proposition 19 will do is that if you are over 55 and you own a home and you sell it and you move somewhere else in California you get to keep your property tax basis with you.
A lot of people that are older in California have owned their homes for decades sometimes. They have very low taxes, property taxes, and now you could take those property … (0 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: Santa Cruz Housing Market Update: February 2021 - 04/28/21 07:50 AM

Hi Guys, it’s Jessica Wallace here, Santa Cruz REALTOR. I wanna give you a brief update about where we stand in February, 2021 in the Santa Cruz housing market.
This is the most extreme seller’s market I have ever seen. What’s causing that is high buyer demand and also very very low supply of homes.
We are at one of the lowest I’ve ever seen, at 135 homes currently active on the market in the entire Santa Cruz County. What this is causing is home prices to rise dramatically.
In January, 2021 our average home price reached $1,244,000 in Santa Cruz.
A year ago, in … (2 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: What is the difference between a Recession and a Housing Crisis? - 09/12/19 01:45 PM
I wanted to write this article because I have been getting a lot of questions and concerns about an upcoming Recession and what that will mean for the housing market in Santa Cruz.  I want people to know that a Recession does not equal a Housing Crisis! Watch my video to hear more:   We all remember the last Great Recession in 2008 and that is was caused by the housing market and subprime loans.  Home prices dropped dramatically in 2008 in Santa Cruz (over 22%!)  The next Recession, which will occur sooner than later, will not be caused by the housing crisis. It is … (1 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: Gated Communities in Santa Cruz, CA - 11/29/18 11:48 AM
Gated Communities in Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz has several high end gated communities in different parts of our county.  This article will take you through the different gated communities in Santa Cruz and give you a flavor and taste of each one.  Let's start in the North part of Santa Cruz county gated communities.
Monte Fiore Gated Community in Scotts Valley:
This gated community in Scotts Valley is located behind the Scotts Valley Hilton, just off Highway 17.  This is an excellent commute location for those who travel to the Silicon Valley.  Monte Fiore is gated community that was established circa 1996 and … (0 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: Is the Santa Cruz real estate market shifting? - 11/28/18 10:48 AM
Is the Santa Cruz Real Estate Market Shifting?
There has been a lot of talk over the past 6 months about a change in the market, not just locally in Santa Cruz but also in Silicon Valley and nationally.  The rate of appreciation of home values has slowed down, homes are taking a bit longer to sell and we are seeing more price reductions locally in Santa Cruz.  Does this mean the sky is falling and we are heading for a crash?  I don't think so, certainly nothing like we saw in 2008-2011.  
We have been in the midst of an extreme seller's market … (1 comments)

jessica wallace realtor: How accurate are Zillow's Zestimates in Santa Cruz? - 07/17/18 12:08 PM
HOW ACCURATE ARE ZILLOW'S ZESTIMATES IN SANTA CRUZ? Zillow is the number one home search site and many people rely upon it for information.  The topic of 'Zestimates' comes up often in my business and I wanted to share the real data about how accurate Zillow's Zestimates are in Santa Cruz county. Watch the Video or continue reading below:    On Zillow's website you can actually look up the data in different states and counties about how accurate their home valuations are.  In Santa Cruz County, Zillow is within 5% of the ultimate sale price 50% of the time.  If you are selling a home … (1 comments)

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