appraising: Faster, More Accurate Appraisals - 12/01/09 07:53 AM
I've always been a fan of using technology. I've reported in the past about switching from paper and tape appraisal inspections to laser and pocket pc or tablet pc. Taking the leap from one to the other takes a little getting used to, but if you ease into, it will take forever to get the hang of it and reap the benefits.
Last month A la mode released a new version of their appraisal software that works on the iPhone. it's still in beta testing right now, so it's not perfect. That said, I've tried it out on several inspections with … (5 comments)

appraising: Improve customer service while in the field - 09/02/09 03:09 PM
I've written about the advantages of being mobile and using the latest technology in the past. Now I've come across a great application for the Apple iPhone: LogMeIn Ignition. 
Much like Go To My PC, PC Anywhere, and several other remote computer control programs, LogMeIn allows you to log in to an account from any computer on the web to control your computer back at the office or home. The advantage of this program is that LogMeIn Ignition for iPhone allows you to do so from your iPhone, so you can access your remote computer from anywhere you can get a … (4 comments)

appraising: New appraisal inspection tool - 07/11/08 11:05 AM
During these hot months in Bakersfield I need any edge I can get to speed up my appraisal inspections without sacrificing quality. Of course with most loans going FHA these days with my clients, the inspection is a little bit slower than for a conventional loan to begin with.
Over the years I've embraced new technology: dropped paper and pen for a PDA with sketching software; turned in the wheel for a disto laser; upgraded the disto laser to one with bluetooth to send measurement directly to the PDA; upgraded to a wide-angle camera; bought a telescoping ladder for those FHA … (13 comments)

appraising: Listing Histories - 10/22/07 10:38 AM
Listing histories are a very important piece of the lending puzzle. Since the update to FNMA appraisal forms, listing histories are required information on the appraisal. As an appraiser, I think the listing history is important information that must be analyzed when developing an appraisal, and apparently by requesting this information right after the address and legal description, FNMA thinks so too. The currnet FNMA appraisal forms request that all listings of the subject property within the past 12 months be reported.
Why is this so important to appraisers and FNMA? Well, in a market such as we have now, that listing … (4 comments)


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