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I love seafood especially lobster, and I am suddenly in the mood for lobster.  You know how you will be watching TV and a commerical comes on, maybe showing your favorite chocolate and you just have to have it.  Looking at pictures can have the same effect.   I was looking at photos from a few s...
I remember just a few years ago, sellers would stick their nose up in the air at an offer.  Many expected multiple offers, and the norm was to walk away with more than  list price. Fast forward, how things have changed. How many times have we heard these words from sellers "I won't accept an offe...
Today is truly a speechless Sunday, I am here pondering where did the years go?  What am I talking about? You see, I got married 29 years ago today.  Thinking about it, I suddenly realized I am getting up there, where ever there is:) Thought I would have some fun with this by sending my husband t...
The Red Hook Central Schools consist of 3 schools and serves students in Red Hook, parts of Milan as well as some Southern Columbia communities. Elementary school is located on Mill Road Middle School on Linden Avenue High School on West Market Street. Yesterday was the end of school, so I hope b...
  It is  Wild Raspberry season in Red Hook NY.  The first time I saw these berries I would not touch them, I didn't know what they were, so as far as I was concerned they were poisonous.  My young son on the other hand was always picking berries and I was terrified he would be poisoned, so I kept...
When describing the age of a house the word circa should not  be used as a broad term or catch all.  What is circa anyway? I am sure you have seen it used in many real estate advertisements.  Take this house for example. It is a Stone House that was built c. 1706.   The c. is an abbreviation for ...
Could you find food some place else? Just a few days ago this Hosta plant was a lush green leafy eye candy; and then someone decided it made a great dessert. Could it be Mr. Deer? Ms Rabbit? The Groundhog? The Chipmunk? One will never know.   But could you kindly munch somewhere else?   C
  A week after a closing  I was talking with the buyer who informed me that she needed to get a mailbox. You mean the mailbox is not there? I just couldn't imagine the seller taking the mailbox. How come the neighbor has two mailboxes? I then explained that one of the mailboxes is actually hers. ...
Where can you swim if your summer rental in Rhinebeck does not have a pool?  This is the question some vacationers in Rhinebeck will face. The Town of Rhinebeck has a solution for this dilemma.  Each year the recreation department but out a recreation brochure to inform the public of the summer s...
A small change can make a big difference.  During the spring the periwinkle ground cover pops up and the carpet of green is lovely.  This scene is further enhanced when the little blue-violet flowers covers the greenery. The same is true in the case of a home, a small change can make a difference...

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