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Dutchess County NY real estate report in December 2012 By Jennifer Fivelsdal and originally posted at  www.jfivehomes.com The Dutchess County single family real estate market ended the year on a positive note. Sales increased by 45.5 percent, going from 112 in December 2011 to 163; 51 more homes ...
   Abandoned Bin    While I was out looking at properties I ran accrossed this abondoned bin.  It was an overcasted day an this object sat on a hill and looked like something from another time period. I called it a grain bin but later I was not sure after looking on-line and noting that alll the ...
Home buying with less distraction There is no law against bringing friends and family along when you are trying to buy a house.  But is it the wise thing to do? Based on my observations, it is not the best way to approach your home purchase. Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions...
The CIA (Culinary Institute of America ) bring many visitors from around the world to Hyde Park New York in the Hudson Valley.  It is located just down the road from the FDR Library and offers a lovely view of the Hudson River The Culinary operates several restaurants which offers a variety of cu...
10 Tips to prepare your home for showing in the winter Selling your home in the winter can be a good strategy since the inventory is usually lower.  However selling at this time does present a few challenges because of snow and ice and the need to address these items. Here are 10 tips to prepare ...
Red Hook Home for sale|237 Rockefeller Ln,Red Hook NY 12571 I have a showing scheduled for tomorrow at 237 Rockefeller Lane, so I stopped by late this afternoon to make sure the long driveway was okay to drive on. While I was there I couldn't help enjoying the lovely winter scene.  The snow cover...
Why don't you believe me? You need to reduce the price You keep asking me why your home hasn't sold, and you have had very few showings.  Mr seller I have given you the answer in so many ways and every time it came down to these few words, you need to reduce the price What if  you made a small re...
When buying a house in Dutchess County NY is the Purchase offer the Contract? The  purpose of the purchase offer you will be seeing when purchasing a home in Dutchess County  is to facilitate the creation of a contract. The contract will be prepared by the seller's attorney. Entries you will find...
Ice on the Hudson River  I love taking photos from a moving train especially of the Hudson Valley.  This particular scene was from the beacon NY area.  It was a bit overcast however I could still see the snow and ice on the Hudson River.  I even manged to get a slight view of the train tracks. If...
Your home did not sell in 2012 why? Today I was taking a look at homes which failed to sell in 2012, and were no longer on the market. There are a variety of reasons why a home fail to sell; many times it is the price or condition. I decided to take a closer look at the comments on the listing sh...

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