curb appeal: These are more than pretty things - 06/13/17 11:09 PM
Flowers are more than pretty things
This time of year the curb appeal is so much better than in the winter because of the multi-colors in the gardens.
Walking up to a house with a colorful well cared for garden builds up a certain anticipation to see the interior of the house.
Flowers are more than pretty things, looking at the colors in the garden can also bring down stress level.
Take time in your busy day to as they say "stop and smell the roses."

curb appeal: Lilies a great addition to the garden - 07/03/15 04:05 PM

Lilies comes in a variety of colors and types.  This a great species to add to your garden, and one that keeps giving year after year.
Since  deer seem to love this plant,  I had to take steps to protect them so I would have the opportunity to appreciate the blooms.
Go ahead and add several colors to your garden,  I  have orange, yellow and rose colors.
What is your favorite lily colors?
Imagine how welcoming your property for sale would be with some of the lily colors.

curb appeal: Blue flowers in tin cans - 05/15/13 02:15 PM
Flowers and curb appeal I went by a cute shop and although I did not go in, the display in front caught my attention.  I found these Blue flowers in th tin cans rather interesting.
This made me think of the opportunity home sellers have right now since so many plants are blooming.  Take time to improve your curb appeal with flowers.  With proper planning you can have flowers all season; the key is to plant a variety.  You can get some help from garden centers sometimes in the form of free seminars.

 Blue flowers in tin cans … (13 comments)

curb appeal: I predict my dogwoods will deliver this week - 04/21/13 01:40 PM
This is a prediction that can't fail, yes I  predict my dogwoods will deliver this week.
Why am I so certain?  today I took  a look at the buds, do you see what I see?
I have about 15 of these trees so you can imagine why  I am so excited to see the blooms. 
Based on what I have seen I know my dogwoods will come through this week.

There are many flowering trees right now, and they do add to curb appeal if your home is on  the market.  Even if your home is not on the … (9 comments)

curb appeal: Spring flowers a reason to sell your home in the spring - 03/10/13 04:53 PM
I have had potential home sellers tell me they won't list there home until spring is in full swing.  When I ask why?  Most of these home sellers told me it was important to wait until their flower gardens come alive with flowers.
 There are many things to considered when putting your house on the market; such as curb appeal. Having a beautiful garden certainly adds to the overall curb appeal of the property.
 If the garden is in your plan, now is the time to start thinking about what colorful eye candy you would want to greet all potential buyers.

curb appeal: 10 tips that will improve your home curb appeal - 03/01/13 01:49 PM
Selling your home this spring? here are 10 tips to improve your home curb appeal  
There are occasions when an agent is showing properties and the client refuses to get out of the car to look at a particular home.    What could have turned the client off?  A lack of curb appeal.
This a problem that could be avoided most of the time, so here are 10 tips to increase the chance of getting a home buyer excited to see the inside of your home.
Make sure there are no junks cars, refrigerator or other items just sitting … (9 comments)

curb appeal: Will spring come early? Homeowners you have homework - 02/02/13 04:12 PM
Homeowners you will need to improve curb appeal Winter can really damage the landscape, broken branches,trees,erosion and of course the plant damage caused by the friendly deer.  Yes you will need to improve the curb appeal, especially if you are planning to sell.
So homeowners you do have homework
You might be thinking it is not spring yet, however there are things you can do right now.
Here are 12 things you can do to improve  your curb appeal
1.  I am getting gardening catalogs already.  When you get them find ideas for your landscaping and select plants for your garden.  If … (23 comments)

curb appeal: Spring is around the corner homeowners work on that curb appeal - The Yard - 02/21/10 03:39 PM
Spring is around the corner homeowners work on that curb appeal - The Yard
 I know that with the snow and cold weather still here it is hard to think about spring. However, it is just around the corner and for homeowners planning to sell now is the time to start thinking about what you can do to achieve this.
Having good curb appeal is an important factor in getting prospective buyers into a house, and there is no better way to achieve this than by having a well groomed yard.
Here in Northern Dutchess NY we can get rather harsh winters.  The wind and ice breaks the … (28 comments)

curb appeal: Is your driveway unsealed because of the weather? - 08/01/09 04:50 PM
This spring and summer we have had more rain than we cared for.  The weather condition made caring for the lawn challenging.
Besides the lawn,  I am sure many other activities have been affected; one such is getting your driveway sealed. 
Having a driveway in good repair does add to the curb appeal of a property, and the driveway will last longer if you get it sealed.
Sealing a driveway can be a messy job, so most homeowner will use a professional but there are others who would like to do it themselves.  If you are one of those weekend warriors … (7 comments)

curb appeal: Time to change the clocks - Nice to know Spring is around the corner - 03/05/09 04:26 PM
For some of us we will once gain go through the ritual of changing the clocks.  On March 8th the clocks will move forward 1 hour.
For those of you planning to put your house on the market maybe you have already tackled spring cleaning of the interior now you can turn your attention to the exterior.  The cleanup this year will be costly due to the ice storms and numerous snow falls.  I look outside and see many broken tree limbs, and plants destroyed by hungry deers.  We all know how important curb appeal is, so all this has to be addresses … (21 comments)

curb appeal: Red Hook home sellers you have a leaf problem - 10/28/08 12:01 AM
Yes that right, Red Hook home sellers and home owners you have a leaf problem and I can sympathize. The truth is we are all in the same boat.  All those beautiful fall foliage now cover your beautifully lawn and it is driving you crazy.

A showing is scheduled and you are wondering what the potential buyer will think about your yard.  Your real estate agent told you how important it was to have a well maintained yard;  something about curb appeal.  Well I am hear to tell you don't lose sleep over this, just look around at the other yards … (15 comments)

curb appeal: Planning To Sell Your Rhinebeck Home This Spring - Could Pruning Add to Your Homes Curb Appeal? - 02/10/08 04:09 AM
In the Northeast winter can be severe and take a big toll on the landscape.  If selling your home this spring is one of your goals it might be a good time to pay some attention to the plants on your property.  We all know how important curb appeal is; I have taken buyers to a listing and just based on the outside they decided to forego the showing.
One Item that should be addressed at this time is the trees, if we did not address them during the fall season.  Many shrubs and trees need to be pruned for various reasons.

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