flowers: Black-eyed Susan seem to be everywhere - 07/07/17 09:49 PM
Black-eyed Susan
All of sudden I am seeing yellow everywhere, it is the Black-eyed Susan turn to shine.  Some are small, others are larger and variegated.
If you are moving to the Hudson Valley this is one plant that will thrive, and is perfect as a cut flower.
Before plant your garden you will first need a home.
Call Jennifer today to help you find that dream house   -  845-594-9947

flowers: These are more than pretty things - 06/13/17 11:09 PM
Flowers are more than pretty things
This time of year the curb appeal is so much better than in the winter because of the multi-colors in the gardens.
Walking up to a house with a colorful well cared for garden builds up a certain anticipation to see the interior of the house.
Flowers are more than pretty things, looking at the colors in the garden can also bring down stress level.
Take time in your busy day to as they say "stop and smell the roses."

flowers: Lilacs great eye candy this time of year - 05/06/17 11:31 PM
This year is a good year for lilacs, the trees are laden with flowers.
Lilacs comes in many color but in my yard I have only the purple color.
Besides the flowers the smell of the lilac flowers is also captivating.
 From these photos I am sure you can tell why I am fond of these flowers

flowers: Acrobatic Butterflies - 09/30/16 03:43 PM
Butterflies and flowers
if you have a variety of flowers you will see many butterflies.  This summer  I saw a lot of these beautiful creatures.
It takes patience to get a great shot.  I think they can tell someone is trying to invade their space so they usually fly away.
Although it is Fall there are still some flowers so the butterflies keep coming until the hard frost.
 I will then have to wait until Spring to be awed by these creatures.


flowers: Wordless Wednesday - Japanese Iris in boom - 05/21/14 03:25 PM
Japanese Iris in bloom

I just read a post about how beneficial to your health gardening is, so I am glad this is one of my hobbies.  I also look forward to the variety of colors.
Right now the Irises are blooming, this is a Japanese Iris which is fairly easy to grow, and the nice thing about it, it comes up every year.

flowers: Blue flowers in tin cans - 05/15/13 02:15 PM
Flowers and curb appeal I went by a cute shop and although I did not go in, the display in front caught my attention.  I found these Blue flowers in th tin cans rather interesting.
This made me think of the opportunity home sellers have right now since so many plants are blooming.  Take time to improve your curb appeal with flowers.  With proper planning you can have flowers all season; the key is to plant a variety.  You can get some help from garden centers sometimes in the form of free seminars.

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flowers: Take A Moment To Appreciate The Little Things - 06/14/08 04:38 PM

I just had to capture the dew drops--------
Today with so much pressure facing most of us, high gas price, soaring heating fuel, illness, loss of job it is very easy to get down and just dwell on negative thoughts.
Yet if you stop for a moment and observe your surrounding you will find many things that can bring you some joy, a reason to be optimistic.
With that in mind I hope you will enjoy these shots from my personal garden.




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flowers: Old Dutch Village Garden Club - Red Hook NY 12571 - 03/03/07 10:08 PM
This garden club was formed back in the 1950's with specfic objectives such as:
1.   Advancement of home gardening.
2.   Presevation of natural resources
3.   Preservation of wildlife.

I have been attending the meetings when I can for the last two years and have learned alot about gardening, and made the acquaintance of many seniors, who have also shared with me their knowledge of the area.
This club is extremely organized and runs better than some profit generating businesses.
Some of the yearly projects includes:
1.  Yearly plant and bake sale fundraiser
2.   Yearly scholarship to a high school student

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