home buying: The Orchard after a snowstorm - 02/17/17 11:52 PM
A couple days ago I was going to preview a house when my phone rang.  I pulled off the road to take the call and as I spoke to the caller I could not help noticing the beauty of this orchard.  It looked so pretty after the recent snowstorm.
Once again I was reminded of how beautiful the Hudson Valley is,  in every season. 
If  you would like to have this same experience I can help you with your search for a primary or secondary home in the Mid hudson Valley.

home buying: What is the neighborhood really like? - 09/06/13 02:38 PM
Would you live in that neighborhood? What is the neighborhood really like? Mr. Buyer funny you should ask, those are questions I hear frequently.  However answering those questions could cost me my license or result in a hefty fine if I gave you my opinion.  You see agents giving their opinion about a neighborhood could result in steering home buyers to certain neighborhoods and that's against the law.
So how will a buyer get answers about a neighborhood? As a real estate agent I will be able to provide you with a neighborhood report, but what the neighborhood is really like  is something you should … (42 comments)

home buying: Sorry I am late, how will it affect the home tour? - 03/31/13 02:52 PM
Why it is necessary to be on time for a home tour When you are late an hour for a home tour it will certainly affect the appointments.
For example  if the home tour consist of viewing 6 homes it will be necessary to adjust the showing time on all the properties.
There is the possibility you might not get to see some of the homes if other agent had scheduled appointments right after yours
If it is an accompanied showing it would also inconvenience the agent
Your agent will have to be doing the rescheduling while showing you the first … (9 comments)

home buying: What should you do if a seller refuse to counter your offer? - 03/10/13 03:08 PM
Why counter There are times when a seller refuses to counter an offer. I always recommend to my seller client to counter all offers even if the counter is the full price. A full price counter is telling the buyer the offer was not close, and that the seller would not be deviating much from the asking price. It is always better to leave room for continued negotiations. I have personally seen a meeting of the mind after a rocky start.

Why would a seller not counter an offer? This happens when an offer is so low that the seller … (5 comments)

home buying: I am standing outside your listing could I see it now? - 03/05/13 03:08 PM
Home buyers should you expect entry to a home because you are right outside? I am sure if you are a listing agent  this is familiar to you " I am standing outside your listing could I see it now?
When representing a property a real estate agent goal is to get the home sold, however there are certain protocol to following.
One of the commitment to the seller is that the potential buyer is qualified.  If you are calling from outside the property the agent will not have any information about you, are your overall need.
How can you expect … (6 comments)

home buying: So you want to take a home tour - 02/08/13 06:24 AM
So you want to take a home tour,  however did you find out how much house you could really afford?  If not, that is one of the first step you will need to take.
Finding a home on-line that looks like your dream house might not be the case.  A consultation with an agent is a must.
See how the steps for a successful home tour are summarized in the video below.

So if you are looking for a home in Dutchess Columbia or Ulster Counties give Jennifer 
 Fivelsdal a call (see contact information below)

home buying: Can I bring my family and friends along when looking at homes to buy? - 01/05/13 02:59 PM
Home buying with less distraction There is no law against bringing friends and family along when you are trying to buy a house.  But is it the wise thing to do?
Based on my observations, it is not the best way to approach your home purchase.
Buying a home is one of the largest financial decisions you will make.  There are many other decisions you have to make where you wouldn't directly bring along friends and family and the home buying process should be one of them.
I can understand why a parent might want to come along; the parental instinct to make … (42 comments)

home buying: Looking to buy a Hudson Valley home are you credit ready? - 12/26/12 01:10 PM
  Is your credit good enough for you to purchase a home? Did you know your credit score really matters? The lower your credit score is the more it will cost to to make purchases such as buying a car, insurance and of course a home. In some cases your score will disqualify you from getting a home loan.
What is an acceptable credit score? I am not a mortgage professional however from what I have read, to get good rates when making a purchase the credit score need to be over 700.

What should you do if your … (2 comments)

home buying: 8 Things that could make a buyer take a pass on a house - 11/28/12 02:45 PM
There are many things that can make a buyer take a pass on a house Some buyers can visualize how a house could be transformed into the house of their dream, while others just can't.
So what are somethings that can make a buyer take a pass? Dated Carpet Wallpaper 1 bathroom Pet odor Junky yard Lack of air condition Moisture in the basement Appearance of the neighbor's property
Dated carpet
As a home seller you might reason, it is only carpet, and the buyer can change it out after the purchase.  Today's home buyer is not in the mood to fix … (27 comments)

home buying: Buying a home in Red Hook NY, What do you want in a house? Part 2 - 10/13/12 02:04 PM
Buying a house in Red Hook NY
When buying a home in Red Hook there is much to consider. A major question to answer is: What do you want in a house?Working with buyers over the years I can tell you the style of a home does matter. Some clients have expressed strong opinion on the style of a home. It is therefore important to let your agent know what your choice is.
Below you will find some examples of the various style of homes you will find around Red Hook.

 When you get beyond the age or style of … (1 comments)

home buying: What you will need for the credit application in order to buy your Dutchess County home - 01/31/12 03:38 PM
If you are thinking of buying a Dutchess County home and you don't have cash you will need financing which will mean filling out a credit application.
These days every little detail is scrutinized by the financing company, so to make the process less stressful be sure to have the following items.
*****Keep in mind you might not need all of these items, it depends on the type of loan and institution, this post is giving you an idea of what to expect.
Two years of your tax returns (1040 form) If you are self employed Profit and Loss Statement … (6 comments)

home buying: Guerilla Marketing-Are you At that Fork In The Road? - 03/31/10 03:07 PM
Are you At that Fork In  The Road?  - Marketing Contest

Consumers sometimes feel like they are at a fork in the road.  Making a decision to buy a home or wait is not easy, and that is why getting the help of a professional real estate agent can be a big help.
For this contest my team member is David Andricks of A-1 Home Inspection , he and I have worked on many transactions,  as well as conduct home buying seminars.  Both sellers and buyers like his work so he receive many referrals from past clients.
JFIVE HOMES REALTY LLC - 845-758-6842- … (8 comments)

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