hudson river: A sunset over the Hudson River in Hudson NY - 02/28/19 08:24 PM

Obviously, this Hudson River sunset was from a different time of year, however, looking at the photo made me wish for a time when the snow was behind us,
If you are not familiar with this area in the background you are looking at the top of the Catskills Mountains.  The body of water is the well known Hudson River and the photo was taken from the Henry Hudson Riverfront Park in Hudson NY located in the Hudson Valley.
What can I say, Hudson is a popular word in this region.

hudson river: Video of a visit to Niagara Falls this Spring - 05/24/18 09:31 PM
A visit to Niagara Falls is always thrilling
There are many places in New York State to appreciate the outdoors.  Niagara Falls is one of those spots where you will find tourists from all over the world eager to take a boat to get a better view of the Falls.
  On a recent trip, I felt really sorry for some of the tourist just there for one day.  It was extremely windy and the boat rides were canceled.  Since I was there for a few days, I went back the next day for the boat ride up to the Falls.  
  I live and work … (33 comments)

hudson river: A view of the Hudson River from Saugerties NY - 09/03/17 12:04 AM
Walking along the Hudson River
I might be a bit bias because I live in the Hudson Valley, however, I find this area beautiful, the variety of trees, the Catskill and of course the majestic Hudson River. In this photo, I was walking along the Hudson River admiring the vegetation, colors in the sky as well as view down river.

hudson river: A view of West Point NY on the west bank of the Hudson River - 08/23/17 08:59 PM
This weekend I was at the Garrison Landing in Putnam County NY.  This location is right on the east bank of the Hudson River, across from West Point NY located in Orange County NY.
It was a beautiful Sunday, there was a slight breeze and the temperature was just right.
Endre Barath and I have had conversations about West Point so I thought these photos would jog my AR friend memory.
       The Dock at Garrison Landing  - services West Point

hudson river: Agent's Day on the Hudson River - 09/18/15 02:51 PM
Agent's Day
I have received invitations to many  Agent's Days however I was never able to fit it into my schedule until this passed Wednesday.
This particular Agent's Day was hosted by the Columbia Greene Board of Realtor.  This is the most northern MLS I belong to.  I have not met most of the agents in person and I thought this was a great way to do so.
It was a beautiful weather day and we boarded the boat at the Henry Hudson Park Hudson NY, and took off down the Hudson River.  There was so much to see, the beautiful scenery and the … (5 comments)

hudson river: Fhoto Friday -Over the Hudson Rip Van Winkle - 08/08/14 01:34 PM

After attending a recent Open House on a beautiful summer day I decided to photograph the Rip Van Winkle Bridge which is one of the bridges connecting counties across the Hudson River.
This bridge connects Greene County and Columbia County.  It would not be easy getting to Catskill or Athens from Hudson without this bridge.   It is also a connection to the New York Thru-way (87).

hudson river: The rails got in the way - 01/19/14 02:20 PM
Today coming over the kingston Rhinecliff Bridge I could see a beautiful skyline over the Hudson River  and Catskill Mountains, the perfect photo opportunity except for the fact the rails on the bridge got in the way.
Did that stop me from taking shots? No! especially since I was bored sitting in the back seat.

If you look carefully  you will see the river and mountain through the rails.



hudson river: Wordless Wednesday|Open house with a stunning view - 11/06/13 01:29 PM
This was the view from an open house I attended.  The side of the house facing the Hudson River and Catskill Mountain was all glass.  This was a far reaching view from a contemporary home perched high on a mount.
Can you imagine waking up to this view?  A view that changes with the weather and seasons?


hudson river: Bear Mountain Bridge A Bridge over the Hudson River - 03/06/13 03:43 PM
A Hudson Valley Bridge connecting counties on either side of the Hudson River.  

The Hudson River is a focal point in the region.  It is more than a place for recreational activities.  The bridges over the river are vital to the  economy of the region and facilitate quick access  to the  counties on either side of the river.  Can you imagine how difficult it would to get to the other side of the river without these bridges?
If boats were the mode of transportation, as you can see from the photograph of the  Bear Mountain Bridge  at winter time … (9 comments)

hudson river: Ice on the Hudson - 01/02/13 02:25 PM
Ice on the Hudson River  I love taking photos from a moving train especially of the Hudson Valley.  This particular scene was from the beacon NY area.  It was a bit overcast however I could still see the snow and ice on the Hudson River.  I even manged to get a slight view of the train tracks.
If you ever visit the region a ride on the Mertro-North Hudson line or the Amtrak is vey scenic.

Copyright © By Jennifer Fivelsdal of JFIVE Homes Realty LLC, all rights reserved-Ice on the Hudson

hudson river: A Hudson River View from Annandale-on-Hudson - 12/01/12 02:12 PM
This Hudson River view  is from the grounds at Blythewood in the area known as Annandale-On-Hudson.
Where is Annandale -On-Hudson?  You could say it is Bard College.  This area is located in the town of Red Hook and comes with its own zipcode 12504.
Annandale runs along the Hudson River and that is why it is possible to get spectacular views of the Hudson River and Catskills.


hudson river: Maybe the last of the Hudson Valley Fall Foliage - 10/28/12 04:58 PM
With hurricane Sandy arriving the fall foliage season is over.  The high winds will certainly bring the leaves down.
Here is a short video I took of the foliage along the Hudson River.  I also love the soothing sound of the water.
Please do all you can to  stay safe during the storm.
Enjoy this video of the last of the Hudson Valley Fall Foliage.


hudson river: I do go overboard with Hudson Valley Fall Foliage - 10/22/12 03:50 PM
It might seem I go overboard with Hudson Valley Fall Foliage. I have had request for more fall foliage from friends in places where the dramatic changes in the foliage color does not occur.This particular shot was taken at Norrie Point in Staatsburg NY. The area is one of the public parks located along the Hudson River. 


hudson river: They are probably dead or wilted today | Flowers - 10/13/12 06:51 AM
We had frost last night so the flowers below are probably dead or wilted today. It was just yesterday on a very sunny afternoon I took a walk on the Bard Campus near Blythewood and upon entering the gardens I was treated by these blooms. The nice thing about this garden is that you also get a wonderful view of the Hudson River.So dear flowers so sad to see you go however I look forward to visiting this wonderful garden again next year.

The word that comes to mind with this flower is delicate

This red flower is … (6 comments)

hudson river: Wordless Wednesday|Bridge over the Hudson River - 10/26/11 04:28 PM
Over a year ago I was on the Amtrak heading for New York City.  This ride is scenic as the train track runs along the Hudson River.   I always try to get as many pictures as I can, especially of the bridges.
Here is a shot of a bridge over the Hudson River I took on that trip.

hudson river: Worldless Wednesday-Ice anyone? - 01/05/11 02:51 PM

Wordless Wednesday-Ice Anyone?
When I am between appointments I like to enjoy a few moments alone.  Today I drove down to the docks in Rhinecliff and just watched the ice floating by. Amazingly, I found it soothing.  You guessed it; this ice was on the Hudson river.

hudson river: Poughkeepsie NY Restaurant-Shadows On The Hudson - 06/19/10 03:01 PM
Poughkeepsie NY has made stride in the development of the Hudson River waterfront.  Shadows On The Hudson is one of the newer restaurant to grace the Poughkeepsie NY waterfront, and the views from this restaurant is spectacular.
There are five dining areas to choose from; and I personally would want to be on the patio with the best view of the river.  This is also a popular spot for professionals to socialize.  Recently I attended a social event there for Realtors and their affiliates.
Okay so I spent more time looking at the landscape, I just could not help myself.

Jennifer Fivelsdal … (11 comments)

hudson river: Speechless Sunday-Summer Fun on the Hudson River-Rhinecliff NY - 05/30/10 09:46 AM
Summer Fun on the Hudson River-Rhinecliff NY
Today I took a drive down to the Hudson River in Rhinecliff NY and I could not believe the number of sailboats on the water.  Memorial Day weekend is certainly the kickoff to that summer season of fun.
There is much to do in the Hudson Valley and because of the majestic Hudson River water sport is big here.  In the photograph the sailboat you are seeing is the FIASCO it came in close so I was able to get a good shot.  Today was a great day for sailing the temperature was in the … (20 comments)

hudson river: Wordless Wednesday-The Palisades in Rockland NY - 03/09/10 04:29 PM
Wordless Wednesday-The Palisades in Rockland NY
The Palisades can be found along the Hudson river.  This unique rock formation is made up mostly of sill diabase.
The Palisade is listed as a National Natural Landmarks and I can see why.
If you can recall my series of bridge shots from the Metro-North train  this too was taken that same day.
Yes there is so much to explore, just look around .

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hudson river: Speechless Sunday - With a clue can you Guess where and what this is? - 03/06/10 11:21 PM
 Speechless Sunday -  With a clue can you Guess where and what this is?
This week I gave you a clue as to where and what this place is.  Here are two more clues, a view and a part of the building


Michael O'Connor in California was very persistent and did end up solving  this puzzle therefore it is only right I should now post the complete photos of the exterior of Mills Mansion located in Staatsburgh in the Town of Hyde Park NY

This is the front of the Mansion which does not face the river.

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