rhinebeck ny: Rhinebeck NY real estate market in October 2016 - 11/30/16 11:06 PM
The Rhinebeck NY real estate market in October 2016 update showed sales increased, going from one sale in October 2015 to  four this October.  The homes sold had sales price to list price of 98 percent.

These homes ranged in price from $190,000 to $1,550,000 and were 2-4 bedrooms.  The smallest house was 870 square feet and the largest 3197. The age of homes span a period from 1840 to 1976.
You can find Rhinebeck NY homes for sale by clicking the search homes for sale button below.

Comparison  Rhinebeck NY real estate  market in October 2016 Comparison     … (6 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Rhinebeck NY location of latest Country Living Fair - 06/08/14 03:36 PM
Rhinebeck NY was  teaming with visitors this weekend.  Many came to spend a day or two exploring the Country Living Fair.   With 200 vendors there was much to see and eat.
I was fortunate to get an opportunity to stop in, and I wanted to share with you a few scenes from the event


rhinebeck ny: Spring at the 4 bedroom Cape for sale on Lamoree Road, Rhinebeck NY - 05/13/14 12:01 PM
Spring Photos of 127 Lamoree Road, Rhinebeck NY Recently I visited 127 Lamoree Road, Rhinebeck NY,  to get some Spring photos.  Seeing the Spring growth I could  fully understand why some homeowners wait for Spring time to list their home for sale, it is such a beautiful time of year.

Look at the new leaves and the green grass, and  this homeowner also added window boxes with colorful flowers; all this made the property so inviting.

Here is another view of the beautiful front yard framed with trees, which provides privacy, a feature  of this property
A flowering … (6 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Rhinebeck antique carshow at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds - 04/20/14 04:27 PM
  The Rhinebeck Antique Carshow at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck NY will be here in less than two weeks.  Plan now to bring the family out to see some of these beauties.
WHEN May 2-4
WHERE  Dutchess Fairgrounds, Rhinebeck NY
TIME Friday 12:00PM - 5:00PM (Swap Meet Only, Saturday 8:00AM-5:00PM,  Sunday 8:00AM-5:00PM
ADMISSION - $12 and children under twelve get in free.
Other Fees
To get additional information

rhinebeck ny: What a great weekend to visit Rhinebeck NY - 08/24/12 04:49 PM
What a great weekend to visit Rhinebeck NY, home to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds where the Dutchess County Fair is in full swing.  The weather so far has been perfect; what a difference a year make, last year the weekend part of the fair was cancelled due to hurricane Irene.  A hurricane that cause much damage in many communities, some areas still have not yet fully recovered.
The Dutchess County Fair is also a reminder that the summer is ending, children will be heading back to school and soon outdoor activities will be limited, so enjoy the outdoors while you can.
The Dutchess … (10 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Get Ready for the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck NY - 08/07/12 04:38 PM

 Dutchess County annual Fair will be held at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds located in the town of Rhinebeck NY.
This a an event that is eagerly anticipated by many Dutchess County residents as well as others from neighboring counties and states.
The Fair has been around for over 160 years. This year events will be held from August 21-26, and if you purchase tickets ahead of time you could save some money.
To help with planning a head, here is the Dutchess County Fair schedule of events. You can also check the Dutchess County Fairgrounds website for directions and other … (6 comments)

rhinebeck ny: A Trip to the Phantom Gardener - 03/10/12 10:17 AM
I recently made a trip to The Phantom Gardiner in Rhinebeck NY.  I did not go alone it was a trip organized by the Old Dutch Garden Club of Red Hook.
Purpose of the trip to the Phantom Gardener
We were attending a talk given by My. Lazar the owner of the Phantom Gardener, the topic was Organic vegetable gardening.  This was the perfect place for such a discussion since organic gardening is a specialty of this garden center.
There was discussion of soil preparation, the importance of composting as well as the type of manure that should be incorporated into … (5 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Start October off with the Crafts at Rhinebck Fall Festival - 09/29/11 04:37 PM
Why not start October off with the Crafts of Rhinebeck Fall Festival in Rhinebeck NY.    This craft fair began 24 years ago.  However  the history leading up to that point was a bit more colorful according to information on the Dutchess County Fairground site.
Vendors come from all over the Northeast to participate in this event; and there is a wide variety of wares available.
Here are the major categories available.
 Ceramics      Chocolates     Fiber    Fine Art   Glass     Jewelry    Leather     Metal     mixed medium     Photography   Wood   Specialty Products and Gourmet Food   Wineries
Location            Dutchess County Fairground - Route 9  Rhinebeck NY … (5 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival September 10th - 11th in Rhinebeck NY - 09/08/11 04:53 PM
This weekend in Rhinebeck is the annual Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival.  Here is a terrific opportunity to visit Rhinebeck and sample some of New York State wines.  You can also count on finding great food too.  Many of our fine chefs were trained at the Culinary Institute of American located  in Hyde Park which is just south of Rhinebeck.
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rhinebeck ny: Back to school-Rhinebeck NY School Calendars - 09/04/11 04:02 PM
Come Wednesday September 7th students of the Rhinebeck Central School District will be back in school.  Judging from the school district calendar there will be a lot going on.  The first day of SCHOOL  will also be the beginning of the fall sports season.
For those in the middle school you will be having your pictures taken in two weeks, there will be open houses and much more, so parents be sure to download the calendar.
Besides the school district calendar there is  one for each of the three schools.
Chancellor Livingston Elementary School Calendar  
       2.  Bulkeley Middle School Calendar
       3.  … (3 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck NY August 23-28 - 08/14/11 01:00 PM
The Dutchess County Fair is just over a week away. This Fair is a favorite of many, and the location is ideal as the Dutchess County Fairgrounds is located in Scenic Rhinebeck NY.
The Fair offers something for everyone: Food, animals, wares, rides, races and entertainment.
The lineup of entertainers this year includes:
Travis Tritt
Kellie Pickler
REO Speedwagon
Uncle Kracker
Chubby Checker
There is still time to purchase tickets on-line or at some local supermarkets
The Fair runs from August 23-28
General information
Address of Fairgrounds: 6550 Spring brook Ave, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
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rhinebeck ny: Speechless Sunday- Cottage in the Woods - 12/26/10 01:42 PM

A winter are two ago my husband and I were travelingl down this country road in Rhinebeck NY.  The freshly fallen snow looked so beautiful and then we happened upon this cottage; and of course I had to pull over to take some shots, I took several so did my husband.   The cottage looked like something straight out of a story book.  For some reason when I look at it, all I can think of of is little Red Riding Hood on her way to grandma's house.
Now that I have it framed like this I can see what a great postcard … (24 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest At the Dutchess County Fairgrounds - 09/09/10 04:19 PM
Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest At the Dutchess County Fairgrounds
Preparation is underway at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck NY for the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest this weekend.
This is an annual event which brings together in one place many regional wineries to display their wines and attendees have an opportunity to sample a great variety.  There will be wine seminars to heighten your appreciation by showing you how to choose, serve, taste and store wine .
Besides wine tasting you will be able to sample food from many Hudson Valley fine restaurants. There will also be live food preparation demonstrations.

rhinebeck ny: Dutchess County Fair Rhinebeck New York Starts August 24th - 08/21/10 10:10 AM
Dutchess County Fair Rhinebeck New York Starts August 24th Now that everyone knows where Rhinebeck New York is, here is another opportunity to come for a visit.  Tuesday August 24th is the start of the 165th year of our County Fair.  The Dutchess County Fair is held at the Dutchess County Fairground located on Route 9 in  Rhinebeck New York.
Attendees at the Fair come from all over the region, and I think last year saw a record attendance.  With the present economic climate,  many can no longer afford to take a vacation like in years gone by; this is a perfect chance for family … (11 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Wordless Wednesday- I heard Chelsea Clinton's wedding will be down the road - 07/21/10 03:48 PM
Wordless Wednesday- I heard Chelsea Clinton's wedding will be down the road
By now, everyone has heard Chelsea Clinton wedding will be held in Rhinebeck, New York and to be more specific at a former Astor family mansion on River Road.
River Road is  a New York State scenic road with many large gates, gate houses and long driveways which leave you wondering what is at the end of those driveways.
Besides the private mansions on the river side of the road, there are also several farms, as well as historic sites: Montgomery Place, and Poet's Walk (the inspiration for Washington Irving's story of Rip … (25 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Stortini Drive a Neighborhood of newer homes in the Village of Rhinebeck NY - 04/04/10 03:44 PM

 Stortini Drive a Neighborhood of newer homes in the Village of  Rhinebeck NY
The Charming Village of Rhinebeck has mostly older homes.  Because of the charm of these older and historic homes many people have been attracted to the area. However, some families want newer and larger homes right in the village.
One solution to this issue was the development now known as Stortini Drive, a neighborhood of colonial and victorian style homes built from 2003-2007 consisting of 3-4 bedroom homes on 1/4 acre-1/2 acre lots with square footage ranging from 2,000-3,753. At the moment, there is just one home available for sale with … (6 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Catch the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck - October 18 - 10/17/09 04:56 PM
Today driving through Rhinebeck you would have experienced slow moving vehicles.  Passing by the Dutchess County Fairground you would have noticed a sea of cars; this was as a result of the Wool and Sheep Festival.
Although it was a bit chilly it was a nice fall day and for those who did not want to be outside there were also many indoors exhibits.  The Wool and sheep Festival is always a two day event so if you missed today don't worry the exhibits and vendors will be open for business tomorrow Sunday October 18th.
Schedule of events
Video of last year's event

rhinebeck ny: Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds - 08/30/09 04:53 PM
The Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival is an annual event here in the Hudson Valley and is schedule for September 12th and 13th at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck NY.
Some people do not think of New York State as a major wine producer but did you know some of the oldest vineyards in the country are located here?  At this event you will be able to sample and purchase wines from the various regions of the State.
In addition to wines you will also find lots of gourmet food at this event as well as other vendors. 
 Date … (8 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck only 25 days away. - 07/31/09 04:58 PM
It is that time of year again when the Fair comes to town.  The Dutchess County Fair is one of the most popular Fair in New York State and why not, once you visit this region you will keep coming back.
This year the Fair will be held from August 25-30 so you need to start making your plans if you are planning to attend. The entertainment You can purchase discounted admission tickets  at local supermarkets as long as the purchase is in advance. Directions When you visit Rhinebeck, I am sure you will also want to visit the many fine restaurants … (6 comments)

rhinebeck ny: Hudson Valley Green Fair at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck NY - April 25th & 26th - 04/24/09 11:27 AM
Get ready for the annual Hudson Valley Green Fair this weekend.  With the present economic conditions many are re-thinking the way they do things.  One exiciting thing that has emerged from this recession is that more people are now considering the backyard garden as a viable way to feed the family and thus maintain a healthy life style.  At the green fair there will be many educational discussions.
Great information can be gained from attending such a fair but it will only be valuable if  such tips are implemented.
Last year's Green Fair  was a big success and I expect this year's … (18 comments)

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