harrisonburg: New Name, New Location, New New New - 01/25/09 03:45 AM
Everything is new this year for our firm. We have dropped our affiliation with a major brand and gone independent. It is our hope that the huge sum of money we were paying monthly to be associated with a brand can now be used to promote our new brand, "Valley Realty Associates." We have downsized to accomodate the more challenging market, but have increased our level of client service. Our business is now more focussed than ever on client referrals. Focussing on client referrals makes us even more dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible. And yes, I realize … (0 comments)

harrisonburg: Pay Attention to the Details - 11/26/07 12:29 PM
As realtors, it is our duty and responsibility to protect the interests of our clients. Anything less is irresponsible and a violation of the code of ethics. I recently learned of a situation with a realtor whose client took pre-possession, only to learn that the finished basement had no heat or air conditioning. There had been a home inspection with nothing noted. No walk-thru was done. The listing indicated that the basement was finished space; which in my world means heating and cooling included. No disclosure was made and now the listing agent is playing the "As Is" card. The closing … (3 comments)

harrisonburg: Real Estate Auctions - Is The Future Here? - 11/24/07 11:44 AM
While we continue to do the real estate business the way we always have: list it, mls it, wait for a buyer, sell it, the world of real estate is evolving. Not that its new, real estate auctions are beginning to become a serious alternative to the way we've always done it. Raise your hands if you are concerned. Raise your hands if you have tried to figure out how a realtor can fit into this process. Raise your hand if you have and you are now more concerned. Ok, Ok, put your hands down and get ready to adapt. Business … (3 comments)

harrisonburg: The value of photography - 11/23/07 02:28 PM
The person that said, " A picture is worth a thousand words," must have been a realtor. At least they should have been. The one thing that people want when they investigate your listing is lots of pictures. I hate when I go to a listing that has a single photo. People that are attempting to make decisions about their future home want and need to see what it looks like. We live in an age of digital imagery, so there should be no problem with taking lots of photos. More is definitely better. You don't need to spend a fortune … (6 comments)

harrisonburg: Good News - 11/23/07 04:07 AM
I recently spoke with a client that does engineering for developers...site work, etc. They have begun to see an increased demand for their services from northern Virginia, an area that was hit hard in the recent housing downturn. This could mean that the movers and shakers have come out of their "hunker down" mode and are beginning to invest their money once again. At least that is the way I hope it is going. If anyone else has witnessed sign of new life from the real estate sector, please comment. I have just about given up on hearing anything positive from … (0 comments)

harrisonburg: Bad Market or Lack of Confidence? - 10/27/07 09:58 AM
Everywhere one turns they are being bombarded by bad news related to the housing market. FEAR, FEAR, and more FEAR. Journalists (for the most part) are objective and report accordingly. However, I must admit that I have begun to wonder if there is some type of journalistic conspiracy to sink the housing market even deeper in the mire.¬†Our local market has slowed, but it is certainly not dead. Days on market is a bit longer than a year ago, but the market has not come to a grinding halt. Homes are being bought and sold daily and prices have really not … (2 comments)

harrisonburg: Media influence or "The Sky is Falling" - 07/28/07 12:09 PM
Is is just me or is anyone else tired of thinking that things are getting better in their local market, only to view a media report on national television explaining how horrible the real estate market is? Our local market in Harrisonburg, Virginia has definitely experienced a correction, but the market is still moving forward...albeit¬† slower than a year ago. I really wish that the national media would practice a bit of restraint and at least provide a disclaimer at the end of their reports...informing their viewers that all markets are different and that not all markets have been devastated. Let's … (3 comments)

harrisonburg: Foreclosure or Not? - 07/28/07 11:34 AM
I have recently grown concerned about the way information provided by local real estate agents is being used on the internet. Don't get me wrong, I understand the power and utilty of the internet, and have nothing against a properly displayed listing on someone else's site. What I do take issue with is the information being framed or displayed in a way that hides the provider of the information or misrepresents the status of the property. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Recently, I stumbled across some of our listings on the Bob Vila site. I was … (5 comments)


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