real estate: Lighting - what are your choices? - 11/05/08 02:38 AM
If you are not a photog, you may not realize that lighting is your single most important creative tool when creating a photograph.  It does not take the most expensive camera with an array of expensive lenses (although good quality equipment is a good idea) to make beautiful, professional photos.
With that being said, improper use of light can be disasterous.  I have blogged on lighting before, and I am bringing it back up a little more in depth because it is so important.
What choice do you have when it comes to lighting?  Below is a listing that will hopefully … (8 comments)

real estate: Panoriders for your signs and single property websites - 11/04/08 02:57 AM
Have you heard of Panoriders available from your RTV dealers to go with your virtual tours?  How about single property websites?
Your local RTV virtual can provide you with a single property website and a beautiful rider to hang on your sign with this web address right on the sign.  This is a great marketing tool that should really help boost your sales and your listings!
A single property website is basically a virtual tour with a domain name specific to that prpoerty (  You can add map buttons, mortgage buttons, a sales flyer, etc to the tour and it is … (6 comments)

real estate: VT Providors....what else are you missing out on? - 11/04/08 01:12 AM
I know that you are creating virtual tours, and hopefully doing so many that you can't keep up.  But, what other services do you offer your clients? 
I am also interested to see how you got into the virtual tour business.  I was a photographer and decided to branch out into virtual tours.  But, the opposite would work just as well.  If you do not consider yourself a professional photographer, this is a great segue into that field.  The two products work hand in hand and it would be a great way to expand your business.
I personally have always preferred commercial … (2 comments)

real estate: Do you need a personal Website? Of course you do! - 11/03/08 03:11 AM
These days, there is nothing more important than a personalized webspace of you are in business for yourself.  It doesn't matter if you sell hand made purses or real estate.  Most of your customers simply expect you to have a personal website.
You do not need to spend thousands, unless you have the budget to do so.  A simple site that gives great information about you with some pictures, etc is all that is needed.  If you can't afford a IDX solution, you can probably link to your company website for the search capabilities (check with your campany on this).  Some … (1 comments)

real estate: Lighting and Camera Choice - Make better photos - 11/03/08 01:37 AM
If you are a real estate professional, and you are not interested in hiring a professional photographer, that is no excuse to have flat, lifeless photos of your properties.  There are a couple of easy things that you can do to take much better pictures!
First and foremost, buy a digital SLR camera.  I, personally, love Nikon products.  For what you are doing, you can purchase a D40 - you can find it on line usually for under $400.  This camera is only 6.1 MP, but that is plenty when you are taking photos for web applications.  Be sure that you … (5 comments)

real estate: Virtual Tours - 10/31/08 03:19 AM
It just makes sense that most home buyers turn to the internet when it comes to buying a home.  What better way to allow your potential clients to view your listing than a 360 Degree Panoramic Virtual Tour?  A virtual tour provides folks with the ability to comfortably view all of your listings, as if they were there walking throuh the property.
By using a professional photographer to create your tours, you are ensured that the property will be showcased in the most pleasing images possible.  You may also have the added bonus of still photography for use in other forms … (9 comments)

real estate: Virtual Tours and why you should be using them! - 10/31/08 02:55 AM
Virtual tours are a wonderful, cost effective marketing tool.  With the current state of the economy, we are looking at homes that are on the market for an extended time frame, so advertising costs can skyrocket with each home that you list. 
The great news about ordering a 360 Degree Panoramic virtual tour with J Gettings Photography is that it comes with an entire year of hosting!  That is 12 months of advertising for just pennies a day.
Also, you will receive a cd (or email, your choice) with all of the still images taken during the shoot.  These professional photos … (7 comments)


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