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General information about Home Inspections, the Home Inspection business and maybe some humor.
One of the things I look up prior to an inspection is the amount of time on the market.  This gives me some idea concerning the condition of the house.  Yes, there are variables that I can't foresee, but, generally, the longer a house is on the market (especially if it is vacant) the worse it loo...
Now that we are back doing some rehabing for our out-of-state investors I have become more critical about the condition of the rehabs I inspect. When a rehab is complete it should look complete.  Anyone that presents their work for sale (all of ours are rentals) should be proud to walk any prospe...
I truly mean this.  The world is what we make it, and "This Year" at "This Time" we need to work very hard to make it the best. Thanks to everyone who makes my experience on activerain a really good one. Jack       Jack Gilleland Home Inspection and Investor Services, Clayton  
There are a number of things you don't want to hear during an inspection.  Some are said by the inspector, but others could be said by the homeowner, Real Estate Agent, or even client/buyer.  Here are some of my favorites: "We had an Electrician go through the whole house and there isn't any knob...
I recently did an inspection for a couple in southern Ohio.  A beautiful home that fit there needs well.  The home had one interesting feature that turned me green with envy. On the lower level it had the Horseshoe.  No not a horseshoe, "The Horseshoe". This is the entry to the OSU room.  It isn'...
    When a Home Inspector writes a report or takes notes for a report he usually begins the same way each time.  I know I do.  I start outside with the roof and work my way down and around the house. Taking everything in stride no matter what you may find.  Oh, you might look at something and sh...
Did you ever see a 3 pipe or 4 pipe water system?  Well, it is more common than you think. Let's see 3 pipes.  What could they be hot, cold, and (hmmmm) warm?  Could it be hot, cold, and very cold?  That would be nice, wouldn't it.  Well, normally it isn't either of those things.  Then what about...
What are the things that you don't know about your home? They are all the important things that you don't know are important until you need to know them.  Now is that clear to everyone.  How many of us want beautiful ceramic tile in our bathrooms.  I know I do and have done it several times.  My ...
August must be roof month, or this is roof week, or something like that.  Don't know what happened, maybe I missed the annoucement.  But not to be outdone I decided I'd throw my 2 cents in the pot.   My worst roof is a standout that has no competition in my history of inspections.  This is one th...

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