home inspection: Things to Know About Your Home 8 - 11/29/10 08:23 AM

What are the things that you don't know about your home? They are all the important things that you don't know are important until you need to know them.  Now is that clear to everyone. 
Nail pops are irritating (well, they are for me).  "What is a nail pop?", you say.  A nail pop is where the drywall nail has worked it's way out of the drywall and is trying to reach the floor.  You will see nail pops in the ceiling mostly, but you'll get them on the walls too.  They happen most often because the contractor didn't use barbed … (4 comments)

home inspection: Things to Know About Your Home 7:GFCI's - 11/22/10 07:53 AM
             What are the things that you don't know about your home? They are all the important things that you don't know are important until you need to know them.  Now is that clear to everyone. 
            Normally, if you have lived in you home for a while you know how to reset your GFCI (s).  But if it is a new home or it has just been remodeled then you may not.
            Did you know that you can string two or more GFCI's together? This means that if something happens at one outlet the reset would have to be pushed … (7 comments)

home inspection: Things to Know About Your Home 6 - 11/10/10 02:30 PM
What are the things that you don't know about your home? 
They are all the important things that you don't know are important until you need to know them.  Now is that clear to everyone. 
Did you ever notice cracks in you grout lines?  If you did there is something going on that may be a problem.  Grout is inflexible (like some people I know) and can crack if there is flex in the sub floor or even if  there is too much glue or mortar under the tile.  For this blog let's assume that there is exactly the right amount … (6 comments)

home inspection: Things to Know About Your Home 5 - 11/08/10 05:01 PM

What are the things that you don't know about your home? 
They are all the important things that you don't know are important until you need to know them.  Now is that clear to everyone. 
            Now what to discuss today. Hmmm, let's see.  How about doors, or more specifically locks on doors.  This is important, because it is a little different.  With security being a big issue these days everyone should know how to maintain the little things. 

Good locks are actually low tolerance precision instruments with very little room for error. Although, many of the less expensive … (12 comments)

home inspection: Things to Know About Your Home 3 - 11/02/10 09:46 AM

Do you know where vital home services are located?  If you have ever needed to shut something off I'll bet you do now, if you didn't before.  In the last ten years as a residential home inspector I have been amazed at the number of homeowners that can't instantly rush to a major system shutdown.  Ok, so you have never needed to do this, but what happens if you spring a leak in the hot water line to you kitchen sink?  It leaks until you find the hot water shut off valve?  Not a good plan of attack.


home inspection: Things to Know About Your Home 2 - 11/01/10 01:01 PM

     One of the most aggravating things at my house are having the plugs fall out of the outlets when I'm using whatever it was at the other end of the cord.  In an older home you can have this happen repeatedly because the tension on the contacts inside the outlet lessens over time.  If you have a new outlet you can feel the tension as you insert the plug, an old outlet offers little or no resistance to the plug being inserted.
     This is not only aggravating, but it can also be dangerous.  Less tension can cause the … (16 comments)

home inspection: Things to Know About Your Home - 10/31/10 08:49 AM

What are the things you don't know about your home? 
They are all the important things you don't know are important until you need to know them.  Now is that clear to everyone.  Ok, here's an example: You call the plumber because the garbage disposal is acting up.  All it does is hum, kind of a deep throated "mmmmmmmmmmm".  Then after trying to get it to run by turning the switch on and off several times, it even quits the "mmmmmmmmmm". Wow, now you've done it.  It is seriously injured at this point, right.  Nope, it is just stuck.  You … (11 comments)

home inspection: Who Is MERV and What Is He Doing Here - 10/05/10 01:33 PM
MERV is a number that is assigned to a furnace filter to help the consumer (and contractors) gauge what filter should be used for a specific environment.  MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and someday hopefully it will be printed on all filters. Although now an international industry standard, the rating/value is not required on all packaging. Developed in 1987 by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to simplify the rating of filters, it is a minimum or worst case rating.  An example would be a low cost filter with a 1 rating would filter 20% … (7 comments)

home inspection: Sports in Dayton - The Reds - 10/05/10 07:27 AM
The Reds Post-Season

The Reds are ready for their first post season game in an eon or so.  Wednesday, October 6 at 5pm the Reds will take on Philadelphia in the first playoff game of this season. 
Philadelphia, winners of the National League Eastern Division, finished their season with 97 wins and 65 losses 6 games ahead of second place Atlanta.  Atlanta, by the way, got the wild card nod and plays San Francisco on Thursday.  Cincinnati won their last game of the season while Philadelphia dropped theirs against Atlanta.
Cincinnati will start Volquez and Philadelphia will start Halladay making … (4 comments)

home inspection: I Think That I Will Never See......... - 09/27/10 07:46 AM

Trees are one of my favorite things in nature.  But there is no doubt that they can be terribly destructive when it comes to sewer lines and pipes in general.
Years ago, actually when I first started as an apprentice plumber, the line from your home to the sewer or septic system was probably made out of clay.  This was in reality an excellent conveyance for waste because of its resistance to the elements.  Unfortunately, it was also fragile (don't ask how many I've accidentally broken), the shifting of the soil and roots from trees were serious enemies.  Cast Iron … (5 comments)

home inspection: Sports in Dayton - 08/21/10 05:13 AM

It's almost time.  The first game is on September 2, and all of the Buckeye supporters are chomping at the bit.  We play Marshal in the (now traditional - Big Ten vs Mid-American Conference) season opener.

By the way, the preseason polls are out (I know, who listens to the pre-season polls) and Alabama is ranked number 1 with OHIO STATE ranked a solid number 2.  The AP Top 10 are listed below for anyone interested.
1. Alabama  2. Ohio State  3. Boise State  4. Florida  5. Texas   6. TCU  7, Oklahoma  8. Nebraska  9. Iowa  10. Virginia Tech.
Ohio State … (4 comments)

home inspection: Our Neighbors Kettering, Ohio - 08/15/10 05:28 AM

Kettering, Ohio is the largest suburb of Dayton and is probably one of the most well known.  Named for the famous inventor and philanthropist Charles F. Kettering probably one of its most notable citizens.
The area now known as Kettering was first settled by John Patterson Sr. in 1798 and in 1841 became Van Buren Township.  I wasn't till June of 1955 that Van Buren Township became Kettering, Ohio.
Employers in the area include: GE Money, Kettering Medical Center, Delphi Corp. (previously Delco), Wilmer Hale (the 22nd largest law firm in the US), Reynolds and Reynolds and lets not forget … (11 comments)

home inspection: Once Again I'm Surprised - 08/11/10 06:00 AM
I got a an email today from, not a client, not the buyers agent and not a concerned neighbor; but from the sellers agent relaying a concern from the seller.  Okay, at this point there are a bunch of home inspectors out there saying "uh.... oh". 

This is the house in question and a photo of the area.  It is difficult to tell from this picture what the issue is, but I'll try to explain. 
Recently, we had a hard rain and the water from that rain would necessarily show drainage problems at any home.  This home was no different, the rain … (17 comments)

home inspection: Our Neighbor, Trotwood, Ohio - 08/03/10 12:31 PM
Trotwood is where I spent much of the first 17 years of my life, so if there is one suburb of Dayton that I might be qualified to describe it is Trotwood.  Immediately after saying that I have to say that in researching information on Trotwood there was a multitude of things I didn't know.
The first thing I didn't know was that Trotwood wasn't the first choice for the name of the new settlement along Wolf Creek.  The first choice was Higgin's Station after the areas first successful entrepreneur Amos Higgins.  Well, that didn't work out too well because there … (7 comments)

home inspection: Our Neighbors West Milton, Ohio - 08/02/10 01:03 PM

Just to the North of Clayton and across the Montgomery County line into Miami County is the small town of West Milton.  A first in this series that I can honestly call a "hangout" during my teenage years.  The summer nights could find me in my '57 Chevy Bel Air driving north on State Route 48 headed for the Dairy Queen in West Milton. 
The presence of the Stillwater River and lush, fertile farm land brought settlers to this area and as early as 1803 a settlement was established.  In 1817 the village of Milton (named for the poet … (4 comments)

home inspection: Our Neighbors Brookville, Ohio - 07/28/10 03:44 PM

Brookville, Ohio is growing community west of Clayton that has 5,289 citizens (as of the 2000 census).  It started as a general store, like many small suburbs of Dayton, established by Warren Estabrook in 1832.  In 1874 it was incorporated with a total citizenry of 425 people.
  Brookville thrived due mainly to the railroad stop on the line between Dayton and Greenville. The Dayton/Greenville line was completed in 1852 causing business to spring up. 

  Brookville has recently built a new high school and prides themselves on the education of their youth. 
  The Brookville Blue Devils are … (8 comments)

home inspection: Our Neighbors Vandalia, Ohio - 07/26/10 07:48 AM

Incorporated in 1848 Vandalia is north of Dayton, Ohio and northeast of Clayton.  It is a thriving community that encompasses the Dayton International Airport.  Founded by Benjamin Wilhelm, who also became Vandalia's first mayor, at the crossroads of US Rte. 40 (the Old National Trail) and US Rte. 25 (unofficially called The Dixie Highway) making Vandalia a real Crossroads of America.  This hasn't changed since the inception of the interstate system because now it is the just north of the junction of I-70 and I-75. 
Vandalia is the home of the Vandalia-Butler School system (ranked Excellent in the State of … (0 comments)

home inspection: Our Neighbors Englewood, Ohio - 07/23/10 08:38 AM
Clayton's Neighbors.

Englewood is the home of one of the five dams that were built after the flood of 1913 that covered Dayton's downtown area.  It is a thriving suburb of Dayton and Clayton's closest neighbor.
The Englewood dam is an earthen dam and US route 40 (the Old National Trail) goes right over the top of it.  Of course, since the construction of I-70 there isn't nearly as much traffic as there once was.
Englewood has approximately 6.5 sq. miles of  incorporated area and much of this is in parks.  Definitely a residential community the with a population of … (4 comments)

home inspection: Our Neighbors Dayton, Ohio - 07/21/10 04:15 PM
Clayton's Neighbor's
Yes, I live in Clayton, Ohio, but just 2.5 miles away is the City of Dayton.  Dayton, Ohio has always been a hot bed of innovation and invention.  Founded on April 1, 1796, seven years prior to Ohio's becoming a state in 1803. It was named after Captain Jonathan Dayton who owned the land where the city was founded.
Dayton is a city of approximately 155,000 people and accounts for most of my business.  Like most cities today Dayton's population has decreased mainly due to the move to the suburbs. 

Renown Citizens:
Charles Kettering (inventor of the automobile … (2 comments)

home inspection: Do I Need a Home Inspector? - 07/19/10 07:17 AM
Why is it that people still don't think they need a home inspection.  Oh, I understand that in some cases this is a macho thing for the males involved in the transaction (sorry guys, women more freely admit a lack of knowledge than men do).  But unless your a qualified/certified home inspector you are doing yourself an injustice not getting a home inspection.  Ok, so you've had years of experience in building homes, just ask yourself the following question:
Is your education general or specific?  Are you a carpenter that knows plumbing?  Maybe your an electrician that knows about pouring foundations? 

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