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people are excited this morning about the news that home prices have improved.  I don't want to be pessimistic on good news, but........... as a lender I can tell you this, I have been doing a lot of work on short sales and bank owned properties.  I have run into issues hitting value because of t...
"the economy is being reset by technology and a transformation of the market. The trap that many businesses - and investors - will fall into is thinking about things the way they used to be instead of the way they are, or soon will be. To succeed, you have to liberate yourself from the way things...
I am in the middle of a Loop to Loop.  Not too long ago Fannie Mae found a loop hole in their automated underwriting system that unscrupulous loan officers were using to get clients qualified.  In an effort to close the loop hole Fannie Mae now requires any account that appears on a clients credi...
This is probably more information than many want or need, but here is what I believe is a comprehensive review of the new RegZ changes.  My company has had a number of training sessions and we're taking a conservative approach to keep our realtor partners and clients out of trouble.   Early Discl...

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