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Bryan College Station introduces its third emergency room. Apparently Bryan College Station residents are prone to accident and injury. This new emergency room will be free standing, less than 10 miles from the other two emergency rooms. The project is estimated to cost around 12 million. It is ...
Bryan College Station is investing in the environment by going forward with the wind energy plan. The wind energy plan gives Bryan College Station residents the option of wind generated electricity. This option is currently about 30% more expensive than traditional energy. Although more expensiv...
Reports show that the real estate industry came in third when it comes to total effect on the GDP. The only two industries to produce more for Texas were manufacturing and mining. Real estate sales accounted for almost 8% of the total GDP for Texas in 2006. This might seem trivial and hard to com...
All local economies have been affected by the national situation, but some have been affected more than others. Some local economies have been hit hard and real estate values have plummeted. Fortunately for us, Bryan College Station has hardly been affected compared to other markets. One of the r...
In Bryan College Station many of us have flown out of Easterwood Airport. Easterwood is convenient but often is limited and leaves us wishing there were more options. The development of the Navasota Municipal Airport is a movement in the right direction. The Navasota Airport will not be a large c...
Everybody needs to save money. The changing Real Estate market has everyone nervous about what will happen next. One way Bryan College Station residents can ease the stress of a changing market, is to save money through energy efficiency. Energy efficiency won't just cut the cost of your electric...
I have talked about how the Bryan College Station real estate market remains strong despite the economic conditions. I stumbled upon an article that verifies the stambility of our market. I think you will be happy to find that we live an area that is not nearly as affected by the market as other ...
I   I wanted to give the public a market report to ease some people's fears of declining sales.  I'm sure everyone has heard that Bryan/College Station is a protected market, but I wanted to let you know just how protected we really are. The following chart shows the monthly sales figures for the...

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