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Every year it seems like Christmas sneaks up and then runs away really fast, leaving only a blur of what was the Holiday season. With the stress of entertaining, buying gifts and cooking, it is almost easier to merely operate during Christmas instead of enjoying the time with family/friends. I've...
  There are few places that I feel I could sit forever and not get restless. One of them is in a great bath...especially in a luxurious place. This designer pinned the nail on the head for me with this bathroom. It is traditional, but not stuffy...It is luxurious, elegant, and beautiful.   http:/...
My parents have lived in the same house since the early 90's. They slowly changed things like the wallpaper, some of the decor, etc, but a lot of it is still largely like a walk back into the 90's, including the fireplace mantel. On top of it: a large piece of "art" featuring an angel in pastel c...
Songs typcially get stuck in my head on a daily basis. And sometimes, they don't leave for days. The other day I was lucky/unlucky enough to hear an advertisement for "The Sound of Music." They played the song about confidence with the line, "I have confidence in confidence alone.." For whatever ...
If there is one thing that is hard to resist, it's making a new baby's room cute and well...babyish. Everyone wants to use the baby pinks and baby blues, maybe even some polka dots. But, the fact is, before you know it, they've outgrown their room. And so begins the sick cycle of painting and re-...
As a home photographer, I get to see lots of cool houses (as I'm sure all of you do, too!). Some real awesome, high end kind of stuff. I've also seen a lot of disorganization and plain unpreparedness with some people. Most of the time when I go into a home to photograph it, it is in tip-top shape...
If you're like me, you often find yourself walking into rooms to get something that you can't quite remember 5 seconds after you thought about it. Or you go to the grocery store with three items on your list- surely you can't forget just three things- and then you forget, you get home and realize...

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