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Oh spring cleaning....a task that seems to come much more often than once a year. It begins hanging over me at the end of winter after all the big holidays have finished up, then lingers into the warm months until it is so evidently spring that my sinuses are screaming at me. It really isn't even...
It's amazing the difference in quality of life that comes with a simple change of perspective. So many people live out of a place of unsatisfiable want. Always looking to that next thing. It becomes easy while living in a world of luxurious homes and things. People work themselves ragged to move ...
( Don Raney and Jaymes Richardson designed this kitchen in their style described as "fashion forward." One of my favorite things about the design is how it's this great mix of modern and eclectic. It's not traditional for the most part, but really has a fun feel. I like how they wen...
It's happened to most of us. The facebook scam. The item never received. Either you've been the victim by clicking on something you thought one of your friends left on your wall or you set the traps for others without realizing you gave your info to the wrong app. I came across an interesting art...
If you're like me, as soon as the weather starts getting warm and the flowers begin to bloom, I get this itch to be outside. Sitting in an office continues to get more and more like being in a prison. The spring weather is calling my name and I can't get to it. If I wait, it will surely turn into...
Contemporary or cold? That was the questions posed above this photo today. What do you think? This living room was created by Susan Fredman, an interior designer with Susan Fredman & Associates, Ltd. It's har...
It seems that every time I turn on the radio these days the dj's are either talking about "winning" with Charlie Sheen or the newly outrageous gas prices. And yes, Charlie Sheen is pretty easy to laugh about these days, but are we freaking out a little too much about paying a few more dollars at ...
Got too much stuff that doesn't necessarily have a "spot?" Every time I move I struggle with the same items, wondering what would be the best place for them. Most of the time the same things end up in my closet, homeless. I've recently come across people doing some creative spot-givingto those ho...
It's tough to motivate yourself to workout after you've worked a long, hard day and all you want to do is relax for the small amount of downtime that you have. Well, a little bit of activity worked into different parts of your day can go a long way. You don't have to block out a huge amount of pr...
Love the feeling of bathing in style? Me too. There is just something so relaxing about going into a luxurious bathroom. It almost lures you to linger longer than you should. The bathroom below was designed by Douglas Dolezal, and I absolutely love it!

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