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I came across a blog on another networking site and got into a bit of a debate as to what exactly a Short Sale is and isn't. I need to explain that I am a HRC (Housing Retention Consultant) with Titanium and I have the RDCPro (REO Default Certified Professional) Designation through RealEstateEduc...
My recent articles on this very subject have initiated a firestorm and, I am sure this next article will only throw nitro glycerin on the flames. Before you read this blog, understand that I have not been appointed as some ethical, moral guardian and, I know that. By no means, do I believe I am g...
I recently wrote a blog titled, "Short Sale Scams Dupes Un-Suspecting Realtor...Are You One?" which created such a stir that now I am prompted to write this blog specifically concerning Short Sale Option Contracts. So, here is how this happens. You're in the office making calls or whatever else y...
Be very careful with who you do business with. Here lately, many Realtors are be contacted by people who claim they can expedite the Short Sale process or offer you double commission on your Short Sales. Be careful! These 3rd parties (typically investors or an investment firm) offers to negotiate...

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