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From a young age, we learn the difference between BOOK SMARTS (knowledge learned in the school classrooms) and STREET SMARTS (what we learn in the "Real World"...often the hard way). There are no shortage of websites providing the BOOK SMARTS of the Mortgage Industry, but there are very few resources a Consumer has to learn about the STREET SMARTS of the Mortgage Industry. Please feel free to SUBSCRIBE (for free) to this ongoing source of truthful knowledge (without the worry of a "sales spin" buried somewhere in the message). After all, we tend to make better decisions when armed with the facts...the purpose of this blog is to provide FACTS by teaching you the MORTGAGE STREET SMARTS necessary to run your business (if you are a Real Estate Professional) or to make the best decisions for your family (if you are a Consumer). Enjoy!



Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) prices began today's session near yesterday's closing levels, but a quick burst of selling sent MBS sharply lower. It has been a volatile session throughout the day thus far.  Consumer Sentiment also came in above expectations. This daily mortgage interest rate repo...
Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) have continued yesterday's rally as of this morning.  A number of Fed Officials have suggested over the past couple of days that Investors have overreacted to the most recent Fed announcement, which has helped MBS. Pricing is on average 0.250 better in fees/credit...
Mortgage Backed Security pricing has rised again this morning due to the fact that the final Gross Domestic Product numbers were revised much lower than expected, along with additional positive remarks from the Fed Officials.  The market is currently down 40 bps. This daily mortgage interest rate...
We have had another volatile morning thus far today for Mortgage Backed Securities (stop me if you've heard this before). Consumer Sentiment, Durable Orders, and New Home Sales all came in stronger than expected. There will be a 2 Year Treasury Auction later this morning. This daily mortgage inte...
The disturbing trend of rate increases is unfortunately continuing this morning.  On the heals of a traumatic 127 basis point worsening on Friday, we opened a whopping 106 basis points worse to begin the week.  This daily mortgage interest rate report is designed to provide Borrowers & Real Estat...
Rocky morning thus far on the heals of a very welcome improvement of 53 basis points on Thursday. This daily mortgage interest rate report is designed to provide Borrowers & Real Estate Profesionals with factual data regarding where rates are at any given time and what trends are propelling curre...
Retail sales and jobless claims came in stronger than expected, but with little reaction from Wall Street. A large decline in Japan's stock market has provided a small improvement to Mortgage Backed Securities as a result (after a down day yesterday). This daily mortgage interest rate report is d...
We had a long-overdue correction to mortgage pricing yesterday with a 60 basis point improvement. Thus far, we have had an fairly volatile morning for Mortgage Backed Securities. This daily mortgage interest rate report is designed to provide Borrowers & Real Estate Profesionals with factual data...
PROGRAM UPDATE - We have just been notified (as of 12-30-13) that the below program has been suspended indefinitely. I will provide updates as they become available.   Are you getting married soon? Are you seeking to buy a new home once you are married? Announcing the perfect "marriage" between 2...
My what a beautiful sight it is to see so much "green" on today's chart! In early market trading, we are currently 44 basis points in the right direction...fingers crossed that this trend will continue! This daily mortgage interest rate report is designed to provide Borrowers & Real Estate Profes...

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