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From a young age, we learn the difference between BOOK SMARTS (knowledge learned in the school classrooms) and STREET SMARTS (what we learn in the "Real World"...often the hard way). There are no shortage of websites providing the BOOK SMARTS of the Mortgage Industry, but there are very few resources a Consumer has to learn about the STREET SMARTS of the Mortgage Industry. Please feel free to SUBSCRIBE (for free) to this ongoing source of truthful knowledge (without the worry of a "sales spin" buried somewhere in the message). After all, we tend to make better decisions when armed with the facts...the purpose of this blog is to provide FACTS by teaching you the MORTGAGE STREET SMARTS necessary to run your business (if you are a Real Estate Professional) or to make the best decisions for your family (if you are a Consumer). Enjoy!



OUCH! In the U.S., the first reading for the 3rd Quarter GDP was 1.5% which was slightly below the consensus of 1.6% (and down from 3.9% from Q2). The details of the report may reflect greater strength, however a decline in inventories held back 1.4% of growth during Q3 (meaning that GDP would ha...
On an annualized basis, September starts came in at 1.2 million units, while expectations were for 1.15 million units. August starts were revised a little higher as well. Most of the increase in September starts was in multifamily units. Building permits fell a bit short of expectations. Single f...
The August Trade Deficit increased to $48.3 Billion this morning, which came close to expectations. No more economic data will be released today.Compared to Monday's closing, the market has opened with a 0.125 WORSENING to the Points/Credits associated with any given interest rate option.This dai...

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