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 We have a great service that we can use to help ordinary, everday people with their questions. While browsing under  I found this question posted. The QuestionDate Asked:03/28/07 03:28 PM# of Responses:2Location:Philadelphia, PAThe Question:when a customer gives a Agent/Broker earnest money how ...
  With the number of builders in our area going bankrupt it causes me some concern with the standard builders contract. The builders contract calls for a nonrefundable deposit to be paid to the builder upon acceptance of the contract. This money does not go into an escrow account but is commingle...
  I have a client that is building a new home. They are slightly credit challenged and when they applied for a mortgage they were called by mortgage brokers that promised them the sun, moon, and stars. The way these brokers got their number was through the credit reporting companies selling their...
I recieved this desparate plea for help through my contact system. Can anyone help this poor unfortune woman? I am sure that I can't!_________________________________________________________________________________________________________You've received a contact message from your Contact Form on...
  I had 3 closings scheduled this past week and the first 2 went off without a hitch. Even though on the first one I was kind of fearful because the title company said it was ok for my client to bring a personal check because the amount was under 100.00 that they had to bring to close. The second...
  Here is some wonderful information by Robert and John on home inspections. I love the extras that they have added to set themselves apart! Remember it is what you do to set yourself apart that helps people remember you! Maybe they felt that the information posted by Mark and Brian was so import...
   I am glad that there are so many people that are members of the   that recycle. It is very apparent from the blog posts that there is a waste not want not attitude on the blog stream.    Good thoughts and ideas are a great thing to have and to share with anyone that would care to listen to you...
Here is some wonderful information By Mark and Brian on home inspections. I love the extras that they have added to set themselves apart! Remember it is what you do to set yourself apart that helps people remember you! Featured Inspector: Mark H Roe Score: 2140 Lancaster, OH Three Deadly Mistakes...
  This is a new and unique program for people with Real Estate questions to get answers anonymously. The program is designed so that someone from the area the person is in can answer them. What help is it if someone answers the question from a different part of the country and in their reply says...
 This is the last week of our talent show and they saved the worst for last one. My broker does things like this to make it more enjoyable to work with them.  Please click on the link below to view the video. As always any coments will be forwarded to the proper people. Thanks a lot and enjoy the...

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