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The other day I had an interesting situation happen to me. Someone contacted me about wanting to lease a home. They had the home picked and just needed someone to give them the application. Having been in this business long enough, I have learned to never get excited about something until it clos...
Yesterday, a strange thing happened in Austin, TX. After being in an ongoing drought that has been in progress for the greater part of the last five years, Austin was hit with a deluge of rain, which will be forever known as the “Halloween Floods”. Some parts of town received more than 12” of rai...
Wanted!  A buyer that is organized, decisive, an effective communicator and either a cash buyer or pre-approved! If only it was that easy, then being a buyer’s agent would be the easiest job in the world. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that buyer’s agents are the unsung heroes of the real ...
In real estate, many times agents will encounter a situation where they are in a multiple offer scenario. This can apply to both leasing and buying, as sometimes a rental house can be as competitive if not more so than a sale. It is our job as agents to make our client look impeccable to a seller...
If you are a recent real estate investor, you have probably heard about a lot of terminology that applies to the industry. As is the common saying, if you want to become an expert at something, you should first learn and memorize all of the acronyms and abbreviations that industry uses. This blog...
Many new agents start their careers in real estate by hosting open houses and for a good reason too. Open houses can provide a great way to go out in the real world and meet potential clients. They can also quickly jump start an agent’s career by increasing their database with new leads. However,...

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