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There have been several blogs, articles, tv ads and even lenders and realtors stating how important the preapproval is.  Well it's important to us Realtors because we like to know exactly the price range we are shopping with our clients. It also let us know how motivated our buyers are. We'll the...
I just want to say thanks in advance Lenn for writing one of the most informational blogs out here...how could've overlooked this one...this sort of blogs help me with my training and to become a better Realtor...thanks again Lenn,WHEN SHOULD A BUYER MAKE AN OFFER??. . . .GOOD GRIEF. . . WHEN YOU...
One of my favorite people to read blogs from..Broker Bryant always tell it straight...  I was told the very thing when I came into this business...it's all about the relationship and the services you provide as an agent.  This blog really sums it up for me. Glad I share the same point of view wit...
Just going through my normal blog reading and came across Missy Caulk's blog. I like this a lot so I felt I should re blog this....so Missy I just wanted to say thanks in advance for giving good blogs and useful information to read daily.“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. T...
Hey Jennifer. I follow you blog constantly. So since the fall is coming up. We are ramping up our business plans. This is a constant reminder who we need to do to be successful in our business. Pre-vacation, I wrote a "to be continued" blog about avoiding burnout by refusing to accept responsibil...
I remember the day like yesterday....hell all of us remember that day. It was like a left hook coming out of no where.  At first I thought was a joke...someone just pulling somebody's leg.  Once the news broke and journalist reported that we have been attacked by terrorist....it became reality. I...
I know this is from Frisco Tx. Though I took the time to read through Loreena Yeo's blog...very useful information. Doesn't matter the city or state...the basic priniciples are the same.  I just want to say thanks for allowing me to reblog this article....from Frisco, Texas to Ypsilanti, Michigan...
Once again...I'm taking a page out of Jeff Belonger's Blog. For one with the tax credit and everyone looking to get a mortgage; I've been hearing a lot about mortgages been higher than the other. What I mean is the difference between the FHA and the Conventional.  Once I read this I thought of my...
I read Jeff Belonger blogs quite often...I think this blog really tells about the truth in lending practices and services..very helpful for consumers out there. No Jeff, the topic is not boring, it's very informational like it should be. Thanks Jeff for allowing to re-blog this      BEWARE – A ve...
As I was driving preveiwing properties for clients. I've notice that there are quite a number of fsbo's on the market. The more I saw the more I thought.  Are they really saving money? I know they want the most out of their home. Are they realistic with the price and current market conditions in ...

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