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Are You Blogging? Blogging is arguably the simplest (& cheapest) way to start generating traffic to your website. It is extremely powerful and very easy to do. Whether you have a blog already, or aren't yet familiar with them, understand that they are a key factor in your online marketing. Bloggi...
This is a great new lead generator!Real Vision Studio is proud to announce our new TXT Connect program. TXT Connect is an all-new mobile marketing service that uses SMS ("text messaging"). This technology makes property information instantly available on mobile phones and yields lead generation f...
In the current economy, push selling seems to be a major turn off for potential customers. The philosophy today is to do business the way the prospect wants to be treated, so it is very different than traditional selling. Classic tactics and methods that that used to work are long out of date in ...
When is Blogging Credible? When do you think blogging credible? Are you more likely to believe a blogger writing on an independent site versus one writing about a product on a product sponsored site? Does the URL make a difference or do the credentials of the author/blogger take precedence? I thi...
By quickly filling out a listing on these 3 sites (Google Listings, Yahoo Listings and Bing Local Listings), you instantly let the major search engines know that your business is important, and they show it to more potential customers.Google Listings: Free listing - Local customers already search...
Say NO to @Info! We've all been there. Having a busy day, working hard and multitasking a million things at once and getting more accomplished than an Internet cowboy on a pot of latté. Then it go to forward an email to someone and everything comes to a screeching halt. You're tryin...

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