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Looking at Houses? Dress Warm! Oakland County Michigan is currently under about a foot of snow and another 15 inches or so expected. It IS above zero right now, but barely. About 25% or so of our market are foreclosures and many of those homes have been winterized and the power turned off. The ba...
If You're Short on Cash Don't Ask About Buying a Lake Orion or Oxford Home on Land Contract I probably get 2 or 3 calls or emails per week asking about buying a home in Lake Orion or Oxford MI on land contract. Often times these callers want land contract terms because they are unable to get a mo...
The Difference Between The Deposit and Downpayment I recently wrote an offer for a buyer client where the earnest money deposit (AKA good faith deposit or just plain deposit) was $10,000 and the downpayment amount I wrote in the offer to purchase was $70,000. Pretty straight forward- they were pu...
Oakland County MI Seller- When Foreclosure May Be Your Best Option If you need to move, and you're upside down on your mortgage, short selling your house isn't always the best option. Sometimes bringing the difference to closing is best. Sometimes renting your house out instead of selling is your...
Oakland County MI Home Seller- The Short Sale is Subject to YOUR Approval Too When you sell your home via short sale in Oakland County MI or Lapeer County MI one of the contingencies in both your listing agreement and purchase agreement will be (should be) "subject to seller and lien holder appro...
Considering a Condo? Figure the Association Fee in Your Pricing If you have been pre-approved to buy an Oakland County MI home for X price as long as the property taxes don't exceed Y doesn't mean you can qualify for a mortgage for the same price condo. Condominiums in Oakland County MI tend to h...
The Best Loan Officer Isn't Necessarily The Cheapest If you are shopping for a loan officer for your Oakland County MI home purchase, you need to get a good faith estimate and have him/her go over the figures with you. If you get good faith estimates from more than one loan officer and one of the...
Thinking of Buying a Short Sale Listing? A Few Things to Consider The amount of short sale listings in the North Oakland County and Lapeer MI area have been on the rise over the past several months. I believe this is happening for a variety of reasons. More agents and attorneys are pushing the be...
The Perfect House May Not (Probably Not) Exist Even with the low inventory in North Oakland and Lapeer County MI, I still consider this a buyer's market. Prices appear to have stabilized, and in some areas prices look to be increasing a bit and inventory is pitifully low, BUT prices are still low...
Lake Orion and Oxford MI Housing Inventory is Low but There are Still a Few Gems if You Look The housing inventory in Lake Orion and Oxford MI is currently low. A couple years ago there was about a year and a half's worth of inventory. Now there's about a 4 month inventory, and after you toss out...

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