big horn mountains: Fly Fishing in the Sheridan WY Area - 02/10/11 05:08 AM
The Sheridan area has some very good fly fishing. Our rivers and streams in the Big Horn Mountains and in the valleys below offer the angler some excellent variety of terrain, streams and scenery. See the following link for more info and video: Sheridan Area Fly Fishing
We feature streams in the Big Horn Mountains, The Powder Horn golf community, and the fertile valleys beyond the mountains where the rivers run north.

We know the rivers and steams in this area and we know land and ranches.  We can help you invest in land or a ranch for long-term … (3 comments)

big horn mountains: Father's Day activities in Sheridan Wyoming - 06/17/10 09:25 AM
For Father's Day this year, what about Sheridan Wyoming and the surrounding area.  The Big Horn Mountain Run will occur June 17-20. This is a true test for the running enthusiast in The Big Horn Mountains.  The wild flowers ought to be a delight if you choose a less strenuous method of accessing the Big Horn Mountains. 
There will also be fishing
hiking, biking and polo.
and golf. You can also just kick back and enjoy the Wyoming skies.


big horn mountains: Wyoming Ranch for sale near Sheridan, Wyoming - 06/02/10 04:03 PM
This is a follow-up to my last post about ranches being a great investment opportunity. There aren't a lot of chances in life to own a real working cattle ranch. This Wyoming ranch for sale is 30,000 acres of beautiful grazing land east of the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.  This ranch for sale is the Buffalo Creek Ranch. Not only will it raise cattle, but it supports some tremendous mule deer, Pronghorn antelope, some elk and a myriad of other wildlife including water fowl, upland game birds and bobcats, coyotes, etc.
Some examples of the wildlife: 
and all this wildlife … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: Incredible property for sale adjoining The Powder Horn - 04/25/10 02:15 PM
The Powder Horn is arguably one of the top golf communities in Wyoming and the West.

Given that it's in "tax-friendly" Wyoming and just south of Sheridan Wyoming, it's a great place to live, work and play.  Speaking of "play"; there's plenty of that on The Powder Horn Golf Course or in the nearby Big Horn Mountains. The Little Goose Retreat is a beautiful property that has 2 lots in the Powder Horn and a larger lot with 500' of Little Goose Creek right along The Stag 5 Fairway. This is a great opportunity.  If you're looking for a better … (5 comments)

big horn mountains: Attention Active Rain community brokers. - 02/05/10 03:44 AM
If you don't deal with high net worth clients, then you can disregard this message.  However, if you have high net worth clients who are seeking places to invest their hard-earned money, then you need to at least consider what I'm going to say.  

Wyoming is a "tax-friendly" state with no personal state income tax or corporate state income tax.  We also do not have a state capital gains tax. This is very relevant information, but the best part is that Sheridan Wyoming is a place in this tax-friendly state that is truly an awesome place to live, work … (1 comments)

big horn mountains: Ahhh....Soothing, relaxing, fun, beautiful, friendly, safe- Sheridan, Wyoming - 02/04/10 03:49 AM

Want some of this?  This is what we get to enjoy in Sheridan Wyoming.  We have many beautiful ranches for sale that help protect the views and lifestyle for all of us.  This is a lifestyle that stands the test of time.  For over 120 years, people have found the lifestyle in Sheridan Wyoming and the surrounding Big Horn Mountains to be one of the best. For more information about how you can be a part of this, contact me.  Even in today's world, The Sheridan Lifestyle is a welcome retreat.

big horn mountains: Land and Ranches in Wyoming- good investments - 10/21/09 09:13 AM
Welcome to the Sheridan Wyoming area, where we still enjoy a wonderful and enjoyable lifestyle in the middle of some of the most beautiful landscapes in America.  If you like recreation, we have the Big Horn Mountains for hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, climbing, snowmobiling and many more activities.

Many people have been coming to this part of the world for many years to enjoy the peace and quiet, low criime and low taxes.  We have land and ranches for sale in Sheridan Wyoming so you can enjoy your own piece of this great place.

big horn mountains: Ranches for Sale in Wyoming: Tax Friendliness and Good Investments - 08/19/09 05:48 AM

Worried about the current state of the economy? Want an investment that you can enjoy in a place that is actually enjoyable?  How about investing in Wyoming ranches (see video for a sample of our landscapes)?  In our "tax-friendly" state, we have some excellent ranches for sale in Sheridan Wyoming.  With our background, we are well equipped to help you find just the right ranch.  There are many things to consider, such as water rights, mineral rights, management, etc. We are land and ranch specialists and we know Wyoming Ranches for Sale.

This area of the West has a … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: Fishing near Sheridan Wyoming - 07/30/09 05:47 AM
There are many reasons to live in the Sheridan Wyoming area, like low taxes, low crime, low population, and great outdoor recreation.  Within one to two hours of Sheridan, anglers can find some excellent fishing. 
The world-famous Bighorn River is just north of Sheridan and is really great this year.  A little closer to home, one can find outstanding fishing (see video) in the Big Horn Mountains.  If you're thinking about moving to this awesome area, we can help you locate here and we'd be happy to show you some of the great fishing holes. If you're looking for ranches for … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: I Want a Ranch in Wyoming! - 07/25/09 11:06 AM
How my heart longs for the wide open spaces, the peace and quiet, and the beautiful Big Horn Mountains. I want a ranch investment that I can enjoy. Below are some ranches for sale around the Sheridan Wyoming and Big Horn Wyoming area, plus some ranches for sale across the border in Montana.
68 Hanna Creek Big Goose Ranch Diamond Creek Ranch Beaver Creek Ranch Berry Hammer Land Breen Ranch  Fallis Ranch Little Bear Creek Ranch Polo Ranch Shell Creek Reservoir Ranch
There are other secrets too and we know where they are.  There are some really great ranch investments, big working ranches with real ROI that are unlisted, but "for sale".  … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: Nostalgic for Big Horn and the Big Horn Mountains? - 06/23/09 05:46 AM

Have you ever spent a summer in Big Horn WY or in the surrounding Big Horn Mountains? Maybe you spent a summer at one of our world-famous dude ranches, or maybe you grew up here and then moved away for one reason or another, as many of us have done.  If you're like me, now that you've seen what the rest of the world has to offer, you're now ready to get back to the best place on earth.  I did this over 14 years ago and I have no regrets, especially now.  Not only is this a beautiful place … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: Like cycling? - 06/17/09 08:42 AM
Well, maybe we're not Boulder, CO, but I'm glad.  We do have great cycling though here in cowboy country.  Yes, I am a cyclist and though not competitive anymore, I still like to get out on my road bike or my mountain bike in the Big horn Mountains.  Last evening, I took to the roads south of Sheridan and around Big Horn, WY and I thought it would be fun to video some of it.  Every time when I go out, I think of the poor people who don't or won't ever get to experience some of the peacefulness that comes … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: Wyoming Ranches for Sale - 06/15/09 04:12 AM
If you're looking for Wyoming Ranches for sale, you can find them through me, John Chase, and my brother, Galen Chase.  We're the Chase Brothers and we know Wyoming ranches.  We were raised on a working cattle ranch in northeastern Sheridan County, about an hour from Sheridan.  We helped our parents achieve success through Buffalo Creek Red Angus, which rose to an international name in Red Angus seedstock.  Through all the years of working on our family ranch, we learned alot about livestock, horses, ecology, range management, stewardship and hard work.  Those skills served us well as we each went out … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: Diamond Creek and Big Goose Ranches, Sheridan WY - 06/14/09 03:39 PM
Captain Bruce Garber and photographer John Chase, of the Chase Brothers, flew along the face of the Big Horn Mountains in Bruce's yellow super cub and we flew over the (watch this great YouTube video) Diamond Creek Ranch and the Big Goose Ranch. The Diamond Creek Ranch is over 1,155 acres with supreme privacy and views, plus direct access to the Bighorn National Forest. The Big Goose Ranch is very productive and is located closer to Sheridan. These are premium ranches for sale in Sheridan Wyoming and they can be purchased together or separately. You can see more detail at It … (4 comments)

big horn mountains: Flight along the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming - 06/14/09 02:50 PM
Captain Bruce Garber flew his Super Cub so I could record this video- "Flight Along the Big Horns"  that starts near Moncrieffe Ridge on the Big Horn Mountains. We flew over the beautiful Big Horn Equestrian Center, home of the Big Horn Polo Club and also the venue for MARS Big Horn Soccer Cup. Today it was the DUCKS UNLIMITED Greenwings program below us. To the West are the perfect polo fields of the Flying H Polo Club and then you can see the old original venue for Big Horn Polo that they used in the early 1900s where they held the … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: The Polo Ranch - 05/13/09 01:45 PM
Looking for a luxury equestrian ranch in the "tax friendliest" state? Check out what we have to offer.  You simply won't find a more incredible ranch for the money. 
At the base of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains, the historic and exceptional Polo Ranch gets its name from one of the first polo fields in the US. Founded by Malcome Moncreiffe and originally used for furnishing horses to the British Calvary in 1899, the Polo Ranch is steeped in unique culture and western history. In recent years, the ranch has been fully restored to its past glory while also being improved … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: MARS Big Horn Soccer Cup- 2009 - 05/10/09 04:20 PM
One of the finest and most fun youth soccer tournaments in the country is played at the Big Horn Equestrian Center. It's the MARS Big Horn Soccer Cup at the base of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains near Sheridan and Big Horn, WY. The Sheridan County Soccer Association and MARS put this tournament on for youth soccer from U-10 through U-14. The scenery is spectacular and there's plenty of action as 114 teams from Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota come to play. Tons of Fun!
Oh, are we here to play soccer too? It's not just about Dove bars, slides and M&Ms?

big horn mountains: Sheridan WY in Top 25 Uniquely American Cities and Towns - 05/06/09 03:45 PM
Sheridan Wyoming has once again received an award.  This time, we've had the the honor of being recognized by as one of the top 25 Uniquely American Cities and Towns. It's not surprising for those of us who live here.  We already know that this is a uniquely American town.  Sheridan, Wyoming is #21 

Even though it's a relatively small percentage of people who know about our area, it's amazing how many wonderful "small world" connections there are to the Sheridan Area, the heart of "Where the Rivers Run North".  Many people have either visited or know someone who has visited the Big … (0 comments)

big horn mountains: Spring Storm leaves a beautiful blanket of white that will convert to green - 03/31/09 06:15 AM
On Sunday, March 29, it started raining and then the rain turned to snow.  It looked like the weather forcasters were going to get this right.  We hurried home after my daughter's basketball tournament and got the horses fed enough to last a few days and then we hunkered down.  The snow started coming in sideways for about 16-18 hours.  Schools shut down and so did just about everything, and then it stopped.  Voila, the results are below.

These photos were all taken in the Big Horn WY area.  The white will give way … (1 comments)

big horn mountains: Big Horn, WY - 03/23/09 03:54 PM
Big Horn, WY is still one of the great places in this world to live, work and play.  With the timeless beauty of the Big Horn Mountains for a backdrop and the outstanding character of the wonderful people in this community, Big Horn truly is one of the last best places.

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