sheridan wyoming: Living here just feels right! The best ranch for sale in Sheridan Wyoming. - 02/24/12 02:04 AM
Have you ever been somewhere that just feels right in every way; a place you don't want to leave?
It was probably a place that just felt so inviting, comfortable and reassuring. It was probably beautiful. It might have been a vacation somewhere. I've been to a few places like that in my lifetime- Tuscany was like that. BUt also, I'm lucky enough to live in one of those areas that has several places like that right here. The Beaver Creek Ranch for sale near Big Horn Wyoming is definitely one of them. Read more about it here:Beaver Creek Ranch blog or … (1 comments)

sheridan wyoming: Where is the best place to raise horses? - 05/12/11 05:57 AM
Want a place rich in lifestyle, culture and amazing horse history?

Check out Sheridan and Buffalo Wyoming. This area has been a preferred place for brood mare operations for a very long time and it may simply be the feed. Sure, there are other places with abundant feed, but we may have the least abrasive feed, which helps teeth last longer and thus your investment in brood mares gets more return.  Add that to low taxes, high quality of life and a "cowboy-cosmopolitan" lifestyle unique to this area, and you have a wonderful equestrian world just waiting to be discovered. … (3 comments)

sheridan wyoming: Sheridan Wyoming receives another award 2/15/2011 - 02/15/11 07:26 AM
Sheridan Wyoming continues to get recognition at the national level. Today, we were honored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  This award gives recognition to towns and cities that have dynamic downtowns, cultural diversity, attractive architecture, cultural landscapes and a strong commitment to historic preservation and revitalization. For more on Sheridan, read more here....


sheridan wyoming: Ranch for sale with USFS boundary - 02/08/11 05:56 AM
Are you looking for a tremendous parcel of land for sale with a US Forest Service boundary, 1,155 acres and unparalleled scenery

in Wyoming with all the great tax advantages from one of the tax-friendliest states? Looking to invest in a parcel of land for sale where you can "land bank" your money into something you can actually use and enjoy? Read our blog about this ranch for sale near Sheridan Wyoming: Diamond Creek Ranch for Sale

sheridan wyoming: National Christmas Tree from WY makes stop in Sheridan - 11/15/10 08:09 AM
The Nation's Christmas Tree, which originated in Wyoming this year passed through Sheridan Wyoming today. It's an 83year-old, 67' tall Englemann Spruce. Surprisingly, it's the first tree destined for our US Capitol from WY. Many school children showed up to see it, many of whom made ornaments for it. 

sheridan wyoming: Ranch real estate specialists to help you make smart investments. - 08/24/10 05:48 AM
Thinking about making a smart investment into land or ranches?  This could be a good time for many reasons. We'd be happy to discuss if you're serious about having an investment that will give you enjoyment. When you own land, you essentially own an "office building" from which you can develop business enterprises limited only by your creativity and vision. We can help. We know of ranches for sale with minerals, water, wildlife and recreation, etc. Don't forget about the good ol' cattle and livestock enterprises too. 

John and Galen Chase have made a move to open their own real … (1 comments)

sheridan wyoming: Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Sheridan Wyoming - 08/04/10 04:33 PM
Chase Brothers Properties has 2 excellent commercial properties for sale near Sheridan. One is located at the I-90 and 5th Street interchange in Sheridan. This vacant commercial land for sale is ideally located at a busy interstate on/off ramp and also very near 3 hotels, a busy gas station and the Wyoming Travel and Tourism Information Center and Rest Stop and is over 3 acres in size.The other commercial property for sale is 6 +/- acres at the intersection of 3 busy highways between Sheridan Wyoming and Big Horn Wyoming. This property at the Big Horn Y can be partially purchased, subject to a … (1 comments)

sheridan wyoming: New specialty real estate company in Sheridan Wyoming - 07/24/10 12:24 PM

Chase Brothers Properties is the new specialty real estate company located in downtown Sheridan, Wyoming serving the greater Sheridan area, and additionally northeastern Wyoming and southern Montana. Chase Brothers Properties is owned and operated by brothers John and Galen Chase. Both have earned respect from their clients and peers largely due to their hard work and first-hand experience in the real estate segments in which they specialize. Having grown up in the area, they are well informed about local properties and investments. More importantly, they understand the importance of putting the needs of their clients first while focusing on making deals … (0 comments)

sheridan wyoming: Father's Day activities in Sheridan Wyoming - 06/17/10 09:25 AM
For Father's Day this year, what about Sheridan Wyoming and the surrounding area.  The Big Horn Mountain Run will occur June 17-20. This is a true test for the running enthusiast in The Big Horn Mountains.  The wild flowers ought to be a delight if you choose a less strenuous method of accessing the Big Horn Mountains. 
There will also be fishing
hiking, biking and polo.
and golf. You can also just kick back and enjoy the Wyoming skies.


sheridan wyoming: Equestrian Properties in the Land of the Horse - 05/11/10 05:11 PM
Sheridan Wyoming is home to many equestrian properties and equestrian events, not to mention it's home to some famous horses. From the late 1800s, The area around Sheridan and Big Horn Wyoming has been famous for raising many great horses and still today is home to some outstanding polo and rodeo events.  Perhaps our most famous horse was Foolish Pleasure, Kentucky Derby winner,who was buried on the Horseshoe Ranch in Dayton Wyoming.  Back in the 1920s after WWI, Goelet Gallatin formed the Circle V Polo Company, which was the premier polo operation in the world at the time.  See more about … (4 comments)

sheridan wyoming: Incredible property for sale adjoining The Powder Horn - 04/25/10 02:15 PM
The Powder Horn is arguably one of the top golf communities in Wyoming and the West.

Given that it's in "tax-friendly" Wyoming and just south of Sheridan Wyoming, it's a great place to live, work and play.  Speaking of "play"; there's plenty of that on The Powder Horn Golf Course or in the nearby Big Horn Mountains. The Little Goose Retreat is a beautiful property that has 2 lots in the Powder Horn and a larger lot with 500' of Little Goose Creek right along The Stag 5 Fairway. This is a great opportunity.  If you're looking for a better … (5 comments)

sheridan wyoming: Attention Active Rain community brokers. - 02/05/10 03:44 AM
If you don't deal with high net worth clients, then you can disregard this message.  However, if you have high net worth clients who are seeking places to invest their hard-earned money, then you need to at least consider what I'm going to say.  

Wyoming is a "tax-friendly" state with no personal state income tax or corporate state income tax.  We also do not have a state capital gains tax. This is very relevant information, but the best part is that Sheridan Wyoming is a place in this tax-friendly state that is truly an awesome place to live, work … (1 comments)

sheridan wyoming: Ahhh....Soothing, relaxing, fun, beautiful, friendly, safe- Sheridan, Wyoming - 02/04/10 03:49 AM

Want some of this?  This is what we get to enjoy in Sheridan Wyoming.  We have many beautiful ranches for sale that help protect the views and lifestyle for all of us.  This is a lifestyle that stands the test of time.  For over 120 years, people have found the lifestyle in Sheridan Wyoming and the surrounding Big Horn Mountains to be one of the best. For more information about how you can be a part of this, contact me.  Even in today's world, The Sheridan Lifestyle is a welcome retreat.

sheridan wyoming: Where, oh where should I invest? - 01/14/10 02:23 AM
The stock market has been making a pretty decent run lately, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to keep putting money in the stock market.  People have to put their money somewhere I guess, but is the stock market sustainable when there is no economic growth happening throughout the country? I have invested in land in the Sheridan Wyoming area. This is an area rich and abundantly blessed with beautiful scenery, wonderful people and a great quality of life. At least with land, I can use it and enjoy it and I know how it's being managed.  Land … (0 comments)

sheridan wyoming: Now is the time to start thinking about Wyoming for summer time! - 12/14/09 09:58 AM
Yes, it's cold most everywhere right now, but doesn't it make you think about things you can do next summer? 
Does this get you thinking about thinking about beautiful outdoor summer activities?  How about Sheridan Wyoming? If you want to live here and own a piece of paradise, we have ranches for sale and land for sale in beautiful Sheridan Wyoming.  There are many reasons to live here- low taxes, beautiful scenery, friendly people, fun activities.....see for yourself at

sheridan wyoming: Images that are easy on the eyes! - 12/01/09 08:29 AM
Everywhere you go, you'll see pretty landscapes, especially in Big Horn Wyoming and Sheridan Wyoming.  Many times, there are also signature buildings that define an area and perfectly blend in to the surroundings, both aesthetically and functionally.  I have posted below some images of barns and icons in the Sheridan and Big Horn areas that really represent our culture and place in the world. For information about ranches for sale in Sheridan Wyoming, please visit


sheridan wyoming: Become a fan of Sheridan Wyoming Land and Ranches - 11/02/09 03:03 AM
Ok, so maybe you can't get back to Sheridan Wyoming at this point in your life, although you know you want to.  Try this out. Become a fan and you can get some beautiful updates to remind you of one of the best places on earth you've ever been.  When life gets too nasty in the city, just go to your Facebook page and unwind.  Of course, if you then want to get back here and own some of the legacy landscapes, we are the people to help you.


sheridan wyoming: Affordable recreational property! - 10/28/09 08:19 AM
Do you have anything near a lake where I can water ski and fish and boat?  And also, it needs to be within an hour of Sheridan Wyoming and affordable.  It must have pretty views and have good access.  Do you have anything like that?  Sure; we have a nice cabin for sale on the Tongue River Reservoir just north of Sheridan Wyoming in Montana.  Do you like the looks of the picture?  Take a better look at Tract 9A, Tongue River Reservoir. 


sheridan wyoming: Why Wyoming? - 10/27/09 03:35 AM
Wyoming is just fly-over country, right?  Oh yeah, I think Yellowstone National Park is out there somewhere, and isn't that by Jackson?  Why would anyone want to live there?  Well, admittedly, Wyoming isn't for everyone.  It isn't for people who can't take some weather, 'cause the weather does change and keeps things interesting and we do get 4 seasons.  But for people who like low taxes, rainbows and sunsets, friendly people who wave to you and a wild outdoor playground, maybe Wyoming could be the right place.
Sheridan, Wyoming offers so much.  We have the beautiful landscapes and we're the "garden … (3 comments)

sheridan wyoming: Land and Ranches in Wyoming- good investments - 10/21/09 09:13 AM
Welcome to the Sheridan Wyoming area, where we still enjoy a wonderful and enjoyable lifestyle in the middle of some of the most beautiful landscapes in America.  If you like recreation, we have the Big Horn Mountains for hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, climbing, snowmobiling and many more activities.

Many people have been coming to this part of the world for many years to enjoy the peace and quiet, low criime and low taxes.  We have land and ranches for sale in Sheridan Wyoming so you can enjoy your own piece of this great place.

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