northern illinois: Rockford real estate investing - 11/26/07 08:44 AM
There are several people from the Chicago area that have already invested in the Rockford area. If you haven’t yet, consider what you are missing.   There are plenty of opportunities for buying properties with tremendous potential at very low prices. With a little rehab work, you can produce a positive cash flow property for as little as $35,000! In case you don’t already know, Rockford is changing as well.   The city has major plans to revitalize its downtown area into a river walk. The city council has been looking to communities like Naperville for inspiration on their plans. The city has also been encouraging … (0 comments)

northern illinois: The price is right!.....or is it? - 10/15/07 01:30 PM
That ranch down the street sold for $185,000.  But c'mon, it's nowhere near as nice as your 2-story, right?  You could get at least $15,000 more since you remodeled that kitchen a few years ago.  Plus you need to get $200,000 in order to afford the down payment on that Victorian you always wanted.  And while you're at it, you better pad that price another five grand to cover the buyer's eventual go ahead....list it at $205,000.
Now days, too many home sellers follow this concept when setting the selling price on their home, and they all suffer the same consequence.  … (1 comments)

northern illinois: Can you resist the Great Pumpkin? - 10/10/07 11:13 AM
The time is near for Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins.  When the Northern Illinois weather starts taking the dive into the 50's that means the best time of the year is approaching......HALLOWEEN!
Halloween is my personal favorite holiday of the year.  We get to dress up and go to parties, decorate our homes with all sorts of crazy things, and best of all, take the family trick-or-treating!  I just love the look on my kids faces when they're standing there in the threshold of some strangers house and much to his surprise, a hand full of candy gets dropped into their bags. 
October also … (2 comments)

northern illinois: Northern Illinois housing market - 09/28/07 09:55 AM
I frequent quite a few message boards / blogs throughout my day and on one of them, someone posted this question:

"Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum but I have heard great things about how helpful people are here. So I want to clarify with you real-day experts who can give me genuine answers, instead of all that Realtors' blah blah who can twist things either way to suit their needs to just make business out of you. I had been postponing buying a house for a long time, despite my wife nagging about it, but now that our … (0 comments)


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