jibebuy: Are 3D Virtual Tours finally on their way? - 07/22/14 09:24 AM
Bob and I were talking at the recent ActiveRain SF Meetup. He was so impressed by the demos prestented by matterport, that he mentioned them specifically and gave me a business card so I could check it out later. The card just says "matterport", so I really had no idea what to expect. I pulled up the web site and now I can summarize their concept (as it relates to Realtors) with: "3D Virtual Tours". Just before the last big crash, I was about to start working a virtual tour application, so I've actually spent a lot of time thinking about this subject.

jibebuy: How many homes is too many for a "hyper local" agent? - 07/22/14 01:40 AM
For a marketing campaign I'm working on, I setup a "hyper-local" web site, www.kensingtondigs.com that is all about a very small, unincorporated town near me, Kensington, CA. As part of becoming the local Kensington real estate expert, every day, I wake up and review all the various "for sale" and "for rent" properties in (or very near) Kensington. You can see the results of this work at:
http://www.jibebuy.com/lists/pj/kensington-homes-for-sale http://www.jibebuy.com/lists/pj/kensington-homes-for-rent Also, I'm using a WordPress extension to pull the listing data into my hyper-local web site:
http://www.kensingtondigs.com/ (scroll to the bottom) http://www.kensingtondigs.com/?page_id=31 OK, so at this point, I really do feel like the jedi of Kensington … (2 comments)

jibebuy: Is "Email Hell" too disturbing? - 07/22/14 01:02 AM
Hi everybody - as some of you already know, I'm working on a new tool for Realtors called Jibebuy. I very positive reponses when I demo the product in person, but I've really struggled with the marketing materials. I spent all last weekend (yeah, I'm a geek) working on a completely different way to explain Jibebuy. If you have just a couple of minutes, please check out my new page for Realtors at:
Feedback I've received so far: Some people find the "hell" motif a bit disturbing. What do you guys think about this? Yeah, I want it to be memorable, but … (1 comments)




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