seo: Google Boosts Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites - Should You Deploy SSL? - 08/15/14 08:28 AM
If you haven't read about it already, Google has recently announced that they will be giving a ranking preference to HTTPS/SSL sites. So, you may be wondering: "Do I need to convert my site to HTTPS?"
As you can read in the linked article, Google says HTTPS is just one of many "signals", so the need to deploy SSL depends on how competitive your keywords are. If your keywords are very competitive and your competitors are quick to adapt, then you need it. Otherwise, well, you have to use your bestjudgment. Part of your decision process will include how difficult it is for you to deploy … (4 comments)

seo: How many homes is too many for a "hyper local" agent? - 07/22/14 01:40 AM
For a marketing campaign I'm working on, I setup a "hyper-local" web site, that is all about a very small, unincorporated town near me, Kensington, CA. As part of becoming the local Kensington real estate expert, every day, I wake up and review all the various "for sale" and "for rent" properties in (or very near) Kensington. You can see the results of this work at: Also, I'm using a WordPress extension to pull the listing data into my hyper-local web site: (scroll to the bottom) OK, so at this point, I really do feel like the jedi of Kensington … (2 comments)

seo: Is "Email Hell" too disturbing? - 07/22/14 01:02 AM
Hi everybody - as some of you already know, I'm working on a new tool for Realtors called Jibebuy. I very positive reponses when I demo the product in person, but I've really struggled with the marketing materials. I spent all last weekend (yeah, I'm a geek) working on a completely different way to explain Jibebuy. If you have just a couple of minutes, please check out my new page for Realtors at:
Feedback I've received so far: Some people find the "hell" motif a bit disturbing. What do you guys think about this? Yeah, I want it to be memorable, but … (1 comments)

seo: Creepy or Cool? Blog posts about a hypothetical Kensington, CA family - 07/19/14 03:51 AM
I'm working on a new project called KensingtonDigs. The site is still a work in progress, but, eventually, it will be a web site that demonstrates how to use Jibebuy to help crowdsource blog content and promote real estate web sites. But, in the meantime, in the process of buildling what is effectively a real estate web site, I'm thinking a lot about what type of content a potential real estate buyer might really want to find when they land on a web site.
The other day, I had one of those "shower thoughts" that maybe people new to an area would want to read … (7 comments)




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