jill murty realtor: IN ESCROW! Mission Viejo European Inspired 4 Bedroom Pool Home - 08/05/19 04:01 PM
Well, that was fast!  The home on 27596 Sweetbrier Lane in Mission Viejo's beautiful Evergreen Ridge neighborhood is in escrow!  The nice buyer walked into my open house, we had a nice chat and in no time at all, his agent called to say an offer was forthcoming.  Inspection has been completed, appraisal will be done this week and I expect to be handing the buyer the key 🔑to his new home. 🏡
Contact me 📱 📞 💻 today to sell your home, too!
Jill Murty (949) 355-5321
Beautiful 4 Bedroom Pool Home


jill murty realtor: Whatever You Do, Keep Moving - 03/27/18 10:30 PM
This isn’t a real estate pitch, but…. if you’re thinking about making a move, contact me. 
This is a departure from real estate and very important.  It’s about mobility.  Mobility is the gift we have, but often don’t appreciate until we lose it or see someone we love losing the ability to do everyday things for themselves.
Imagine a situation where you needed assistance to stand up, to get to the bathroom and to perform basic hygiene tasks.  If assistance doesn’t arrive in time, well, you know what would happen.  You wait for someone to help you get cleaned up and changed into … (3 comments)

jill murty realtor: Property Tax Fairness Initiative (Portability) May Be Coming to CA - 03/09/18 09:46 PM
November 2018 update: Unfortunately, Prop 5 did NOT pass.  The way in which the people in Sacramento re-wrote the description in the voter guide was confusing and deceptive.  Voters largely did not understand Prop 5 as written in the voter guide and it failed to pass.   It's remarkable, because the Property Tax Fairness Initiative had widespread support when explained accurately!   I believe the Property Tax Fairness Initiative will return to the ballot in 2020.  Please stay turned for updates.   Thank you for visiting my blog and be sure to contact me if you or someone you know are … (5 comments)

jill murty realtor: The Last Day to Pay Property Taxes Due Feb. 2018 isn't in February - 02/19/18 07:40 PM
APRIL 10, 2018That's the last day of the grace period to pay property taxes for the installment due February 1, 2018.
 Be sure to pay by April 10, 2018 to avoid the late fee, which is a hefty 10%.  If you plan to pay by check, make sure the envelope is postmarked no later than April 10, 2018.
Per the Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector's website, you also have the option to pay online using the methods:
eCheck (no fee) Credit card: 2.3% fee with a minimum of $3.95 Visa Personal debit card: $3.95 flat fee All other types of debit cards: 2.3% fee … (1 comments)

jill murty realtor: The Young Open House Visitors Who Made My Day - 04/23/16 12:13 PM
The Young Open House Visitors Who Made My Day
Today, I hosted open house at my nice listing on 16 Canyon Island in Newport Beach when two young ladies whose combined age was probably a couple of years shy of twenty, walked in and asked if it was okay to see the open house.  
I said of course.  They politely asked if I wanted shoes off or for them to wear shoe covers.  I answered and they toured the property.  They gave me feedback on the property and compared it to others they'd seen.  
The young ladies were more polite and thoughtful … (8 comments)

jill murty realtor: A Big Shout Out to THE CARPET DOCTOR, Dave Rossano - 04/08/16 12:52 AM
A Big Shout Out to THE CARPET DOCTOR, Dave Rossano
One of my listings was in need of carpet repair.  It appeared that the tenant thought that bleach was the answer to a carpet problem of her creation.  The bleach stains would be a distraction to buyers, so it was important to get a quality repair.  
I was was referred to Dave Rossano, The Carpet Doctor by my stager, Danielle Guren of Thoughtful Interiors.  Dave met me at the property and quoted the job.  I ran it by my client and it was approved.  
I thought the repair turned out great.  Further, the client was … (2 comments)

jill murty realtor: When is the Last Day to Pay Orange County, CA Property Tax 2016 - 04/06/16 03:50 AM
 When is the Last Day to Pay 2016 Property Taxes 
Orange County, CA
The last day to pay the property tax installment that is due February 1 is April 11, 2016.  It is normally April 10, but because it falls on a Sunday this year, so it bumps to Monday, April 11, 2016.  
To pay, review or print your property tax bill, visit the Treasurer-Tax Collector's site.  Scroll down and input your parcel number or property address and follow the prompts from there.
Interested in Selling or Buying a Home in Orange County, CA?
I can help!  Contact me today to get started.
JILL MURTY | … (5 comments)

jill murty realtor: Maybe It Was Because Your Counter Offer Sucked - 04/03/16 12:35 PM
That's what I told an agent today.
I'm representing a buyer who just submitted an offer on a property.  The listing agent said she'd send a counter offer.  She emailed it and then sent me a text message saying that my email bounced her counter offer.  Thanks Cox.  But that's another story.  
The listing agent followed up with a phone call.  I picked up and said "Got your text.  Maybe the email bounced because your counter offer sucked."  The agent was silent for a second and we both cracked up.
As it turned out, my buyer client accepted the counter offer and we're opening escrow … (11 comments)

jill murty realtor: Obstacles to Showing a Property - 03/21/16 07:25 AM
 Obstacles to Showing a Property
 Unfortunately, there are sometimes obstacles to showing properties and the reasons are varied.  
The listing agent may be slow to return calls to schedule showings The sellers may be particular about showing timeframes for one reason or another The property may be occupied by tenants who don't wish to cooperate with showings Then there are those rare times when there's a physical obstacle to showing a property  
My client and I visited this property.  The front gate was locked.  Check out where the lock box is hanging....just beyond the locked gate.
I'd spoken with the listing agent and … (12 comments)

jill murty realtor: IN ESCROW | 31881 Paseo Cielo, San Juan Capistrano - 03/17/16 05:05 AM
Four Bedroom Home in San Juan Capistrano
My property listing at 31881 Paseo Cielo in San Juan Capistrano has four bedrooms and three and a half baths and is situated on a large lot of 18,295 sq. ft.  There is no homeowners association (HOA).  The property is located in the Del Obispo area of San Juan Capistrano, which is a short drive to the beach.
(Click on the photo for the single property website) 
Interested in Selling or Buying a Home in Orange County, CA?
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jill murty realtor: SOLD by Jill Murty | Laguna Niguel 2 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath Home in Sunrise - 03/12/16 03:52 AM
 Laguna Niguel 2 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath Home in Sunrise 
SOLD by Jill Murty
A total pride of ownership home, my listing at 24457 Sunshine Drive in beautiful Laguna Niguel is sold!  The buyers appreciated the obvious care the sellers took in maintaining the property and submitted their offer on the night they saw it.  A month later, they owned it.
(Click on the photo for the property website)
Interested in Selling or Buying a Home in Orange County, CA?
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JILL MURTY | 949.355.5321 | JillMurtyRealEstate.com

jill murty realtor: 😄 A Nice Transaction with Smiles All Around 😄 - 03/11/16 12:43 PM
😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄
😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄  😄
The buyers said that as they strolled down the walkway to the front door, they knew the house was the one.  When they toured the property, it was confirmed.  This was going to be their next home.  They were positively giddy.
That was just the start of what turned out to be a nice transaction where the buyers, sellers and agents were all pretty great.  It was important to the sellers to sell their home to people who … (11 comments)

jill murty realtor: Our Foster Dog Boyd has been Adopted! - 03/11/16 09:56 AM
- Boyd Gets a Permanent Home - 
Our foster dog Boyd who was with us for about six months has been adopted!  It's not the easiest thing in the world to find awesome people to adopt an older dog, but it happened and we're all very excited about it!
This photo was taken on Boyd's last day at the Murty house. We'll miss him, but we're so happy he's got a permanent home of his own with fantastic new parents. They're a sweet couple who will spoil Boyd like crazy. Congratulations to the happy family!
We fostered Boyd through ICARE Dog Rescue.  If you're … (22 comments)

jill murty realtor: Renters, An Online Search and the Ripoff Report - 12/30/15 11:48 AM
If You're on the Ripoff Report,
Your Odds of Renting a Place Aren't Great
A quick online search can sometimes provide valuable information about potential clients or in this case, a potential renter.  
The person inquired through a consumer real estate website on a property I had listed for lease.  The name provided could not possibly be real.  I was curious, so I did I a quick online search of the phone number provided.  The top results were found on the Ripoff Report.  The complaints were for rental scams. 
This isn't the first time a potential renter turned up on the Ripoff Report. … (9 comments)

jill murty realtor: I'm Taking a Flag Poll! Let Me Know What You Think. - 10/09/15 03:00 AM
 I'm Taking a Flag Poll.
Let Me Know What You Think!
I'm considering doing a promotion where someone would win a painting of an American flag and I'd like your opinion.
Here are two quick, rough sketches; one abstract and the other more traditional.  
The artist said he drew the abstract with the National Anthem in mind: "rocket's red glare" "bombs bursting in air" "....our flag was still there."  Other examples were the Fort Sumpter flag and the 9/11 flag survived and were raised and flown tattered.
The actual paintings will be finished.
Please let me know which version you prefer.  Thanks for your input!
Interested … (9 comments)

jill murty realtor: Perception is a funny thing... - 09/21/15 06:35 AM
Perception is a funny thing....
Mr. Murty and I were at the shopping mall.  He stopped to watch the football game and walked into a shoe store.  
I was was wearing a Raiders t-shirt Mr. Murty gave me.  He's a Raiders fan; I couldn't name anyone on the team, but I wear the shirts he buys them for me.
Mr. Murty walked into the shoe store and the sales lady said "Oh, your husband is so handsome!"
Here's the perception part:
I thought the lady was surprised that Mr. Murty is handsome because she didn't consider me attractive.
Mr. Murty thought she was surprised at his … (27 comments)

jill murty realtor: The Dog has Standards - 09/17/15 01:03 PM
The Dog has Standards
I'm a big time fan of dogs and while I'm no perfect writer, I'm a tiny bit of a stickler for correct spelling and grammar.  This graphic spoke to me!  
You've got to love a dog that has standards.
Interested in Buying or Selling an Orange County, CA Home?
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jill murty realtor: Want to Make a Good Impression? Don't Text This. - 09/04/15 08:04 AM
Want to Make a Good Impression?  Don't Text This.
"A G8 Labor Day 2 U & Urs"
That's a text message I received today.  What the heck?
A Gate Labor Day to You & Yours?  A Great Labor Day to You & Yours?  
I didn't recognize the phone number, but the area code is the same as messages I receive from someone saying they have a cash buyer who wants to buy my listings.  I always delete those texts.
Was the text a clumsy attempt at good will marketing by wishing me and mine a "G8 Labor Day"?  The texter didn't even identify him or … (29 comments)

jill murty realtor: The Government Can.... A Brilliant Video - 09/03/15 12:09 PM
The Government Can.... A Brilliant Video
After I blogged earlier today about free classes teaching the Constitution, I remembered this fantastically clever video that illustrates what has become the reality of today's government.  
It's all wrapped up in a fun, upbeat song.  Enjoy!
    Introducing The Government Can by Tim Hawkins.  
Interested in buying or selling your Orange County, CA home? 
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JILL MURTY | 949.355.5321

jill murty realtor: Buying a Home with Leased Solar Panels? What Do You Need to Know? - 08/31/15 10:25 AM
 Buying a Home with Leased Solar Panels?  
What Do You Need to Know?
You found the home you love.  You're ready to write the offer.   You turn to your Realtor and ask "What about the solar panels?"  
Image Source: SunPower
I recently listed and and sold a property that had leased solar panels.  It added an interesting layer to the transaction.  Here are a few points that may be useful to anyone considering purchasing a property with leased solar panels:
You need a copy of … (47 comments)

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