cats: Getting the eyes and the brain working together - 11/01/11 10:15 AM
Getting the eyes and the brain working together
My mom is going to have cataract surgery. That means they are going to do some cutting on her eyes.
Our eyes are important to us. Our vision is probably the sense that we use the most during the course of the day, and whenever I see a blind person and a seeing-eye dog, I wonder what life must be like without the ability to see what is around us — the beauty of the blue sky, the colors of the fall leaves, the beautiful dress that the bride has on, and so … (8 comments)

cats: Out & About San Diego — Beckoning cats at Mingei International Museum - 09/26/11 12:23 PM

Beckoning catsat Mingei International Museum
I've seen beckoning cats before but always called them waving cats. I had always thought that they were waving goodbye but in actuality they are beckoning. They're called Maneki Mako, and are Japanese folk art from the Edo Period in Japan, 1603 to 1867. Their beckoning brings good fortune and wealth to individuals and businesses.
Legend has it that a wealthy Japanese feudal lord was seeking shelter from a thunderstorm near a temple. He left the area when he saw the temple priest's cat beckoning to him. Moments later the tree was struck by lightning. The lord showed … (6 comments)

cats: June 5 Open House for the National Cat Protection Society - 05/28/11 10:21 AM

June 5 Open House for theNational Cat Protection Society
The National Cat Protection Society will be holding an open house from 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. on June 5 at its Spring Valley shelter at 9031 Birch Street.

The National Cat Protection Society was founded in 1968 and is a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter specializing in caring for unwanted cats and kittens to allow them to live out their lives in comfort. Many of the cats and kittens need specialized care, either because of an injury, old age, or a medical condition.
Along with free food, a DJ … (3 comments)

cats: Speechless Sunday (with a little bit of text) — Does this look comfortable? - 04/17/11 04:48 PM

Does this look comfortable?
If any reader didn't know it yet, Russel and I are always taking pictures of Zoey the Cool Cat. Sometimes she gets into positions that just don't look comfortable at all, like this one:

She stayed in that position until the little birdies decided to come by and eat, and their chirping on the other side of the window always gets her excited.
If you're looking for a great real estate agent in San Diego, well,let me Google one for you. I'm available 24/7, so feel free to contact me … (9 comments)

cats: Out & About San Diego with Jim Frimmer, Your Mission Valley Realtor — Pictures from the 2011 Del Mar Cat Show - 01/23/11 02:17 PM
This is one of a series titledOut & About with Jim Frimmer, your Realtor in Mission Valley.Read others in this series by clicking on Out & About.

Pictures from the 2011 Del Mar Cat Show
Yesterday was spent at the cat show which ended its three-day run today. However, if you missed this show, the next cat show by the San Diego Cat Fanciers is August 6-7 at Liberty Station in Point Loma. While you're waiting for August to hurry up and get here, following are some pictures of the cats from this past weekend's cat show.


cats: Foto Friday - 01/07/11 02:54 PM

Foto Friday
What a long week and a long day, so I think a few relaxing pictures are in order. First up is Zoey the Cool Cat seeming to say that she approves of the new house:

Next up is a palm tree in the clouds. The clouds these past few days have been absolutely gorgeous.

Lastly, I'll say good night with a beautiful San Diego sunset from yesterday:

If you're looking for a great real estate agent in San Diego, well,let me Google one for you. I'm available 24/7, so feel free to contact me … (16 comments)

cats: Final two days to get your pets in the ActiveRain pet eBook - 01/01/11 01:58 PM

Final two days to get your pets in the ActiveRain pet eBook
2010 was the Chinese Year of the Tiger, so I spent the year collecting pictures of ActiveRain cats since we absolutely, positively know that they do most of the blogging here, right?
Since I got so many questions from other pets at ActiveRain, we decided to let the dogs in to play, too. As long as they promise not to chase the cats. Your pet snakes, spiders, hamsters, guinea pigs, iguanas, birds, and all are invited, too!
If you haven't posted a picture of your wonderful pet, please … (14 comments)

cats: Belgium has one cat for every ten people! - 12/19/10 03:42 PM

Belgium has one cat for every ten people!
Belgium recently announced that it is planning to sterilize most cats by 2016. Apparently, Belgium is being overrun by feral cats. With a population of about ten million people, there are estimates that there are about one million cats, or one wild cat for every ten people!
Unfortunately, no cat is to be spared, with the first sterilizations being carried out at animal shelters and then breeding establishments and pet shops. Later stages of the sterilization plan have mandatory sterilization for domestic cats and listing in a national identification registry.
No word … (5 comments)

cats: Allergic to cats? You just need a light-colored female cat. - 12/19/10 03:02 PM

Allergic to cats?
You just need a light-colored female cat.
According to a study conducted in 2000 on 300 patients who were allergic to acts, those with dark-colored cats were two to four times more likely to have allergic reactions than people who had a cat with a light color or had no cat at all.
Although the study was too small to be statistically relevant to the general population, it does give one hope. Of course, an easier way to deal with cat allergies if you just have to have a cat is to use HEPA air filters, allergy … (8 comments)

cats: My Kodak moment — Zoey the Cool Cat knew that everything would be alright - 12/12/10 02:42 PM
My Kodak moment
Zoey the Cool Cat knew that everything would be alright
I passed my state real estate exam in May 2005, but it wasn't until August 2005 when I hung my license with Century 21 Award in Mission Valley.
When I finally made the jump to real estate, I had been working for Borders Group (Borders Books & Music, Waldenbooks, and Brentano's) since I was 18. I had worked my way up to store manager and had worked not only in my hometown of Riverside, but Mission Viejo, and many stores in San Diego.
After 28 years with Borders, … (13 comments)

cats: This is the last month to let your pets come out to play! - 12/05/10 02:07 PM

This is the last month to let your pets come out to play!
Tiger Woods having a four-shot lead going into today's round and losing in a playoff reminded me that 2010 is the Chinese Year of the Tiger, and it started off with a bang with cheetahs and a tiger over in Florida.
Notwithstanding all that went on, have you let your kitties come out to play with all the other ActiveRain kitties? Cat-friendly dogs, snakes, birds, and other pets are also welcome, but they have to promise to step aside when a cat walks by.
You can see … (6 comments)

cats: I'm still looking for ActiveRain cats to come out to play! - 08/24/10 07:33 AM
As we head into the last trimester of the year, I want to remind everyone that 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, and I don't think it has anything to do with Tiger Woods, although his divorce has been in the headlines today.
In honor of the Year of the Tiger, though, I've been having an ActiveRain party for all the ActiveRain kitties. At the end of the year I'm going to create a slide show of all the ActiveRain kitties, so if you'd like to see your fine, furry, four-legged, feline friend in the slide show, you have to … (9 comments)

cats: Everyone has a castle - 08/16/10 02:02 AM
Zoey the Cool Cat always likes to remind me — and me, you — that every house is someone's home, and that home is their castle, regardless of how big or small or unseemly it might be to you and me.


cats: Ah, new stuff - 08/11/10 02:34 PM
Ah, new stuff
I made a trip to Fry's Electronics this morning because two things were on sale that I've wanted for a couple of months now. That, of course, means that Zoey the Cool Cat will be occupied for the next couple of hours. The three boxes were on the bed for no more than ten seconds when she had to check them out, seeming to know from way out in the garage that there were new boxes somewhere in the house. The smell of those new boxes caused her to come a-runnin', tail way up in the air.


cats: Where does Zoey the Cool Cat rank? - 07/11/10 03:02 PM
According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, the most popular name for pets is Max. Whatever happened to Spot, Rover, Fido, and Lassie?
Apparently classic pet names have given way to human names, possibly because human names make our pets seem more like part of the family.
However, Veterinary Pet Insurance also reports some of the more unusual names, such as Snag L. Tooth, Ginger Snap, and Munchie. Then, of course, there are the typical pet names provided by college students: Cold One, Brew, Little Sh*t, Pizza, and Cheeseburger.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find the complete list so I don't know where Zoey the … (9 comments)

cats: She's a natural poser - 06/24/10 12:36 PM
One of the comments in a recent post of mine asked me if I had to pose Zoey the Cool Cat.
Zoey the Cool Cat doesn't need any encouragement whatsoever for posing.
This was the picture that elicited the comment:

We've had Zoey the Cool Cat since September 20, 2007, and we've never had to pose her for anything. We just have to have our handy dandy cameras at the ready for whenever she decides to pose.
Lately, Zoey the Cool Cat has been in a posing mode. I really do think she knows when the camera is nearby … (14 comments)

cats: What do cats, dogs, and pigs have in common? - 06/19/10 02:21 PM
One of my daily reading books is Peg Silloway's The Cat Lover's Book of Days. If you're a cat lover, and you don't have this book, you're missing out.
One of the best things about The Cat Lover's Book of Days is that it's not like other books of days because there are no years involved. That means that you can read this book over and over again each year. Get your own copy right here.
Meanwhile, the answer to the title question is, US!
Dogs look up to us.

Cats look down on us.

And pigs treat us … (6 comments)

cats: What you see isn't necessarily what you get - 05/30/10 03:29 PM
When we bought our first house, we were looking for something that had an unkempt yard, something without the curb appeal, something where my other half could do some gardening.
I also found out that he firmly believed that if the outside was unkempt, then the inside would be livable since that's obviously where the owners spent all their time.
That doesn’t always work, but I have learned that what you see on the outside isn’t always what you get on the inside.
For example, one of the houses in my neighborhood that I walk by often has this door mat on … (8 comments)

cats: The joys of having a cat - 05/27/10 07:05 AM
I grew up in a family of cats, so I'm always only the lookout for things about cats: books, knick-knacks, statues, sayings....
Just about anything related to cats.
While my husband and I were out celebrating our sixteenth anniversary yesterday, I found two cute sayings about cats and had the person with the handy dandy Canon Rebel XSi take a picture of them.
Since I also play the piano, I like the first one best and now consider Albert Schweitzer my new best friend. 

If you're looking for a great San Diego Realtor, well,let me Google one for … (30 comments)

cats: My mom's two new cats - 04/18/10 04:17 PM
My family has always had cats. Usually they came around to our house and adopted us, but we didn't have any problem enticing them to stay with good food, water and milk, and friendly meows.
Within the last year my mom and her boyfriend had both of their cats die. One was a black cat and the other was a tuxedo cat.
After going about a month as a catless family, they got two cats late last month, and I got to meet them last Thursday.
One is a male orange tabby, Buddy, that is 11 months old, and the other is … (17 comments)

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