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Ah - yet another blog about social media.  In starting to write this I did a Google Search of List of Social Media Sites.   The results astounded me a little - list of the 15 most popular social media sites - list of the 40 most popular.  Of course wikipedia has an alphabetical list of social med...
Hi - my name is Jim and I sell Real Estate in Northern Utah. Specifically I sell in Weber and Davis Counties.  I'm here today to tell you why it is you should buy today, or list today, and not keep putting it off. The market here is on fire.  Seriously - two homes with multiple offers in as many ...
The Northern Utah real estate marekt is on fire right now.  Yes - the first week of February and Weber County homes are selling more like it's March or April.   That's great right?  What a way to start the year.  Really - you won't hear any complaints from me because this is good for us, good for...
Many debates have been spurred by personal property vs real property left and/or removed from a home. That mirror and vanity in the bathroom.  The wardrobe in the bedroom they thought was built in.  Do the appliances stay? There's something your sellers may have removed long before you listed the...
In case you missed the news - the real estate market is back.   Now that may not apply to every market in the country, or even every type of property in some markets. After this past weekend I'm excited. For our market here in Northern Utah I had the most encouraging development.  As a matter of ...
I'll admit I've been out of the habit of taking buyers out, but recently we had some relocation clients and not enough buyers agents to take care of their time frame.  In steps Jim.   Now I'm baffled.  Seroiusly - and I'm hoping perhaps an appraiser will step in and correct some of the assumption...
If you are a listing agent, I ask you...When do you NOT counter an offer you receive?   If you are a buyer's agent - do you ever hint that you're hoping for a counter?     As an agent who represents bothy buyers and sellers I say there is never an offer you can't counter. Seriously - how much tim...
This is an interesting concept and the longer I'm in real estate and the longer I represent builders and see new homes the longer my wish list for a new home becomes. Aside from the look and feel of new everybody has things they have loved about homes they've lived in as well as the things they'v...
We have a listing - The home of a former co-worker of one member of our team.  He's a bright guy, and understands the way things work.  He has a couple of things he wants to accomplish in his deal, and is in no hurry either way. After a number of showings, and a price reduction, we received an of...
So I'm not talking about buying an investment property.  I'm talking about moving into a home that someone else previously used as a rental. I moved into my house in Sept. of 2013.  It was owned by a very close friend so I knew just about everything about the house there was to know.  After all, ...


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