dryer vent repair: Former District Manager, Jim Buie, Turns Dryer Vent Cleaning Entrepreneur with Franchise being Awarded in Raleigh, NC - 10/06/08 07:28 AM
Jim provides dryer vent cleaning, repairs, installation and alteration services while he educates his customers on fire safety and dryer vent maintenance
Raleigh, NC -. Jim, former district manager for a natural gas company, traded his suit and tie for a logo-ed uniform to own and operate a Dryer Vent Wizard, Safe Homes, Dry Clothes (DVW) franchise in Wake County, North Carolina.
Dryer Vent Wizard provides dryer vent cleaning and inspections to prevent dryer fires, keep dryers functioning properly to provide energy savings. 
When Jim decided not to continue his current career and wasn't ready to retire, … (1 comments)

dryer vent repair: Dryer Vent Cleaning Prevents Fires and Reduces Energy Bills – Consumers in Raleigh, NC are Thankful for Jim Buie’s Service and Dedication - 10/06/08 07:26 AM
Energy costs for households average $1,900 per year in the US; clothes dryers are one of the most expensive appliances to operate
Raleigh, NC-Jim Buie, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard in North Carolina is dedicated to promoting fire safety and consumer awareness of the danger of lint build-up in dryer ducts.  Home owners who think its normal for their clothes dryer to take more than one cycle to dry a load of laundry are in danger of starting a fire due to clogged dryer vents.  Jim explains to his customers that lint accumulation in dryer vents causes a dryer to … (2 comments)

dryer vent repair: “Dryer Vent Cleaning” “Dryer Vent Repair” Raleigh, Durham, North Carolina - 09/23/08 10:18 AM
Don't let your dryer start a fire; keep your home safe and sound.  Dryer Vent Wizard professionally inspects and cleans clothing dryers for homeowners and in commercially-owned buildings. Poorly maintained dryer vents cause fire hazards and cost substantially more to operate.
Why Dryer Vent Cleaning is so Important!
•·                     Dryer vents clogged with lint cost $18-24 more per month.
•·                     There are 15,500 fires every year caused by dryer vents.
•·                     Dryer manufacturers recommend you clean your dryer vent every year.
•·                     Regular dryer vent maintenance prolongs the life of your dryer.
Our services include:
•·                     Dryer vent cleaning

dryer vent repair: Jim Warns About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Clogged Dryer Vents and Poor Air Flow - 08/28/08 03:06 AM
If you have a gas powered clothes dryer in your home, regular maintenance on that appliance could mean a difference between life and death.  Gas appliances cost less to operate, but they come with a number of responsibilities to make sure they are being safely used in your home.
As the dryer works its magic, drying your clothes, it is also burning gas fuel, and letting off carbon monoxide. In a normal dryer vent system this is released from your home through the ducts behind the dryer that also take the hot air out of your home. But in a … (3 comments)

dryer vent repair: "Dryer Vent Repair" Wizard Helps Prevent House Fires in Wake County North Carolina - 08/11/08 01:05 PM
DVW protecting those who protect us
Raleigh, NC--An imminent and growing danger may be lurking in your crawl space, basement, or laundry room: the potential for a dryer vent fire. Up to 15000 dryer vent fires occur in the U.S. each year with devastating results. Dryer Vent Wizard, a new service franchise serving Northeast North Carolina from the Raleigh/Cary area to the coast, specializes solely in the cleaning and repair of dryer vents, both in-home and commercial to reduce and eliminate the incidence of hazardous dryer vent fires.  
"I am pleased to bring this new and essential service to the … (1 comments)

dryer vent repair: "Dryer Vent Cleaning" Wizard-Raleigh, North Carolina Joins National Fire Protection Association Awareness Efforts; Launches “Don’t Let Your Dryer Start A Fire” Campaign - 08/11/08 01:04 PM
DVW strives to educate consumers to promote dryer vent fire safety awareness
Raleigh, NC -- October marks Fire Prevention month across the country.  Dryer Vent Wizard, Dry Clothes, Safe Homes is joining the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), in fire prevention awareness efforts by launching "Don't Let Your Dryer Start a Fire, Keep Your Home Safe and Sound," campaign. 
"We find most consumers think it's normal for their dryer to take more than one cycle to dry a load of clothing and don't realize this is a warning sign and fire hazard," says Jim Buie, DVW franchise owner … (1 comments)

dryer vent repair: "Dryer Vent Cleaning" Wizard of Raleigh, North Carolina Provides Tips on Dryer Vent Safety to Prevent Clothes Dryer Fires - 08/06/08 01:09 PM
Length and Type
Maximum Dryer Vent Lengths
The maximum length a dryer vent can be before problems arise, or are noticed, varies greatly between brands and models. The vent material and the type of outside vent cover being used also contribute to the maximum vent length allowed.
New Materials of Dryer Vents
In all cases, the longest possible working vent should be made of rigid metal vent material with a large mouth or louvered outdoor hood. Flexible metal ducting, although a bit easier to work with, causes reduced air flow due to its corrugated design and will contribute to a lint … (11 comments)


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