paws for love: Sunday Funday: Next time call my agent first - 08/27/17 09:43 PM
Gwen just informed me that she was on a local dog rescue Facebook page, and that my dog Bagel was featured on the sites banner picture.  It would have been nice if they'd emailed me to ask, or even to just tell me "Hey we're using your dogs picture on our Facebook page".  I guess because he was wearing sunglasses they figured they didn't need to say anything.   It's all good.  Next time I'm at one of their fundraisers, I'll ask for an extra Milk Bone.    
Paws for Love Facebook page

paws for love: Guess who won 1st prize at the Simi Winery Summer of Puppy Love ? - 08/19/17 08:37 PM
That's right, Bagel!
Bagel and Gwen receive 1st prize for best dog costume from Norman "Spirit in the Sky" Greenbaum
Gwen and I agreed to each get a dogs costume ready. I picked Jerry, and she picked Bagel.  I chose a costume bought from Amazon, and Gwen took a more "homemade" approach.  The guest judge, Norman Greenbaum author and singer of the 60's hit Spirit in the Sky recognized Gwen's hard work and picked Bagel to win the gift basket of dog toys and treats.  
Here are a few pics from the event:
Led Zeppelin concert for $4 ??? I'll take 2 tix please
Jerry in his pre-event … (9 comments)

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