activerain: Merry Christmas! - 12/22/18 02:22 AM
Wishing Y'all a blessed
Merry Christmas
Thank you all for being friends and mentors over the past year.
Looking forward to safe, healthy and prosperous 2019 reading many blogs, making friends and following your successful business here in our ActiveRain community.
If you know of anyone moving to Central Texas San Antonio area I welcome your referrals.

activerain: Happy Thanksgiving Day - 11/22/18 02:49 AM
For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
If you are someone you know is looking to buy or sell real estate in Central Texas Hill Country please allow me the opportunity to take care of your referrals.

activerain: "Happy Wednesday" - 03/22/16 09:08 PM
Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative.
Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances.
Make today a wonderful experience being inspired by hope.
Happy Wednesday to all my AR friends.

activerain: Rain break on this Wordless Wednesday in Austin TX - 03/09/16 07:05 AM
Storms ripped through Williams and Travis County last night bringing much needed rains to most of our real estate market areas with two or more inches.
Today finds much calmer skies and spring flowers.
More Rain is predicted for the next couple of days in Central Texas
Rain break on this not so Wordless Wednesday in Austin TX is being brought to you by local REALTOR®-Bob Ratliff (512) 587-5689

activerain: You've received a contact message from ActiveRain - 03/02/16 11:30 PM
We all get these emails from time to time and it reminds me of a recent post from Maria Gilda Racelis who wrote about
Did You Get an Email from Miss Miracle?
You've received a contact message from your Contact Form on the ActiveRain network.
Message details: 
From: Vril Oleh 
Phone: +22897176059 
Subject: Dear Bob Ratliff,
Dear Bob Ratliff,
I am Vril Oleh a solicitor and legal attorney to late Mr. D Ratliff, who was my client untill death,
Moreover, I am contacting you for assistance in repartriating his unclaime esate fund in the bank valued at Thirty Eight million dollars.
More details and informations of this fund will be forwarded to you upon … (33 comments)

activerain: Happy Valentine's Day - 02/13/16 10:26 PM

Valentine's Day, also called Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is an annual holiday celebrated on February 14.
Wishing all of our ActiveRain Peeps a safe romantic day.
If you don’t have a Valentine that is Okay find someone or some animal to hug and let your heart grow with excitement.

Happy Valentine's Day ActiveRain Peeps

activerain: Steady blogging helps you climb the AR ladder....700,000 mile stone - 02/10/16 04:43 AM
Steady Blogging helped me reach a big mile stone today
700,000 ranked number 4 in Travis County and 23 in Texas
ActiveRain has been a roller coaster ride for me through the years.
I became a member in 2007 but never blogged, didn't know how or see the value in blogging.
I wasn't paying attention when ActiveRain sent out to it's members if you haven't blogged within a certain time period you would not be grandfathered in and must pay monthly.
When I came back to AR I payed the monthly fee until hitting 500,000
Social Media was taking off and search engine page placements was on every … (48 comments)

activerain: Millionaires in the RAIN counting the days - 02/09/16 09:02 PM
ActiveRain Member Support

December 15th, 2015 I predicted that one of our Renowned members Nina Hollander would become a Millionaire on February 12th, 2016.
Looks like my prediction is going to be off by a couple of days but you can help Nina get there quicker by
commenting on her blogs and re-blogging some of her informative blogging.
It appears two of our ActiveRain bloggers
George Souto and Hannah Williams 
are going to be nose to nose in guessing when Nina becomes our next Millionaire in the RAIN.
Hannah stated a specific time, but George played it safe by only stating date.
Here is wishing Nina a wonderful Valentine weekend joining … (43 comments)

activerain: Austin ActiveRain Meet-Up-2016 - 01/28/16 04:20 AM
Austin ActiveRain Meet Up 2016
hosted by Dorie Dillard.
Thank you Dorie for putting together our Austin meet-up on such short notice and having a wonderful turnout.
It seems I'm always the first one to arrive at these meet-ups not sure why but its the way I roll and do business.
While waiting for everyone to arrive I did a little real estate from my iPhone.
Dorie Dillard & Sherry Scales were the first two familiar faces, followed by Alan Kirkpatrick.
Sherry is always a dear Friend and makes me feel very important when we're visiting. You can count on Sherry always having the bling on... even on her iPhone. Today I learned … (25 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Community Guidelines and Respect the Real Estate Community - 01/10/16 11:08 PM
Jeff Dowers Ambassador of our ActiveRain community is well respected. 
Jeff writes a very informative blog about our community guidelines key points to our social networking and respect for the real estate community.
(See his blog post below this post and comment)
Jeff Downers profile mission statement mentions how he respects prospects, customers, clients as well as the real estate community.
Jeff and his wife reside in Carlsbad California were he works for
Solutions Real Estate and specialized in relocation, buyers and sellers.

For the 2016 Blog Challenge Grow Your Own Personal Best For Your Success I chose to re-blog Jeff Downers Ambassador … (0 comments)

activerain: Ringing and Singing in the Rain January Challenge - 01/09/16 02:49 AM
Ringing and Singing in the Rain January Challenge
As we welcome in the New Year 2016 our lovely host Debbie Reynolds has challenged us to her “Ringing and Singing in the Rain”, to reconnect with old friends or meet new members.
I chose to call a Newbie to the real estate industry and to ActiveRain Gay Fallin who works with Keller Williams Realty of Frisco Texas North of Dallas TX.
Gay was kind enough to take a few minutes to speak and share that she started her real estate career in September of 2015 after working thirty plus years for Goodyear Tire and Rubber … (20 comments)

activerain: Community guidelines 2016 Jumpstart Challenge in Active Rain - 01/09/16 01:01 AM
ActiveRain Community Guidelines 
When asked by Lynn B Friedman  to choose one or two community guidelines that contribute to ActiveRain success for the 2016 blog jumpstart challenge-grow our
personal best.
Respect ~ Respect ~ Respect
All of ActiveRain community guidelines are extremely important and I have to admit when I first started blogging I wasn’t aware of the many do’s and don’ts of blogging and commenting in the rain.
Two that stands out to me and contribute to ActiveRain success is
(1.)“Do Not Personally Attack Another Person” or “slander another person”.
(How we treat others is how we are perceived as treating our clients.)
(I’m one for … (8 comments)

activerain: Weltanschauung 2016 Jumpstart Challenge in Active Rain - 01/08/16 10:24 PM
Weltanschauung the guiding principles and philosophy of an organization = ActiveRain
When asked by Lynn B Friedman which concept speaks to my own enjoyment of the ActiveRain environment for the 2016 blog jumpstart challenge-grow our personal best for your success I chose #5 of the ten principles of ActiveRain WELTANSCHAUUNG.
(5) “We believe that the constructive dialogue at ActiveRain fosters transparency among consumers about the industry. We understand that ActiveRain plays a key role in demonstrating the integrity and professionalism of those engaged in our industry.”
ActiveRain and its members play a vital role in educating the general public about our real estate industry. … (13 comments)

activerain: My Top Ten Moments of 2015 - 01/01/16 01:07 AM
 Karen Fiddler brought "My Top Ten Moments of 2015" to my attention and I'm now sharing with you. Check out Karen Fiddlers blog post and be sure to comment. What is your top ten moments in 2015?
Karen Say's Points to be had.
My Top Moment of 2015 was coming back to ACTIVERAIN
Activerain has helped by business in 2015 and I'm looking forward to 2016 blogging away in the RAIN
My Top Ten Moment in 2015
10) Private Pilots license - I have over 57 hours of flying 30+ solo and should have my private license but stopped flying years back. I started back … (21 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Groups? What are some of your favorites? - 12/27/15 07:39 PM
ActiveRain Groups? What are some of your favorites?

January 1, 2016 is going to be an exceptional year for professionals blogging in the RAIN generating more exposure and increase consumers-clients to our businesses.
ActiveRain bloggers know when posting blogs they can pick five groups to post them to. I will be cleaning up my group board for 2016 and wanted to ask the AR community what are some of your favorite groups? Currently there is 7,287 groups listed on the AR board.
For the newbies what is a group?

Groups are smaller communities within the larger ActiveRain, groups are created by other members … (27 comments)

activerain: Second Annual Pay It Forward ActiveRain Challenge For December - 12/21/15 08:22 PM
10 Days left to get your entry in and win 1,000 points or more
Forget about feeling like you're bragging
Paying It Forward is inspiration and hope for others and giving ourselves a peaceful feeling of gratitude.
 All entries need to be in by December 31st.   
 The person with the biggest heart will be awarded 3,000 points, 2nd place 2,500 points, 3rd place 2,000 points all others 1,000.
Belinda Spillman Host 
Second Annual Pay It Forward ActiveRain Challenge For December
Are you up for a fun challenge this month?  I know we are all caught up with our holiday plans, but surely there is time … (20 comments)

activerain: Millionaires in the RAIN? What day & time would you predict? - 12/14/15 09:36 PM
Millionaires in the RAIN
Who will be our next Millionaire in the RAIN?
Lets see who can guess when our good friend in
North Carolina Nina Hollander
will hit the big 1,000,000
I Predict Nina Hollander will become a millionaire on February 12th, 2016 9:am
What's your prediction?
Be sure and jump over to Nina Hollander blog and wish her good luck.

activerain: "Holiday Pride", ActiveRain December Contest 2015 - 12/05/15 09:40 PM
Show Us Your Home for the Holidays Season 2...December Contest             hosted by Debbie Laity.
Christmas in Lago Vista and Austin TX

I didn't participate in last years contest so this year I'll highlight a few of our neighborhood holiday lights and my own home exterior.

Since Jim is going to Ruidoso this year to celebrate with family I'll be staying home with our three four month old Lab puppies.
I'm not much for the cold or snow.

We decided not to put up lights or a tree this year since it's only me but I did break down and decorated … (47 comments)

activerain: Happy Thanksgiving ActiveRain Friends - 11/26/15 01:11 AM

Happy Thanksgiving ActiveRain Friends
As you all celebrate feasting with family and friends I wanted to take time to wish everyone a very special Thanksgiving Day.
The Wampanoag Indians and Pilgrims of Plymouth Colonies shared an Autumn harvest feast that we know today as the first Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving ActiveRain Family

activerain: Happy Labor Day AR Peep's!!! - 09/05/15 09:46 PM
Happy Labor Day AR Peeps
Our yearly national first Monday of September is a tribute to reflect on our hard achievements through working hard in America.
Little known fact about “Labor Day”, after several states adopted the holiday in honor of workers Congress passed an act June 28th, 1894 making first Monday of September each year a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories.
 There is still some doubt as to who first proposed the holiday for workers?  Whether Peter J McGuire or Matthew Maguire suggested the holiday it's now our National Labor Day Holiday, enjoy your weekend.
Happy Labor Day AR Peeps

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