appraiser in st louis metro area: More Home Sellers Would Like A Home Seller's Appraisal Report, Today! - 08/07/09 01:22 AM
In the past years home sellers appraisal reports were not commonplace. Average sellers would rarely want a professional opinion of value before listing their home. CMA's from a REALTOR were helpful in determining a list price, however sellers could be flexible on their pricing due to the rising real estate prices at the time. The typical seller was very happy to take appreciation from their home. Sale prices for much higher than than two or three years previously expected. Just a couple of years ago, it was hard to find anybody unhappy with their transaction.
As of more recent times we have … (4 comments)

appraiser in st louis metro area: FHA To Now Requires Second Appraisals for Many Cash Out Refinances! - 01/02/09 02:00 PM
The FHA Appraisal is now required to be performed by two seperate appraisers on many cashout FHA refinances. While this could be a hardship to some borrowers as payment for such FHA appraisal reports can be expensive. Loans insured by FHA mortgage insurance that are cash out refinances now require two FHA seperate appraisals. A second appraisal may be performed on am 2055 appraisal form (FHA Driveby Appraisal)
This appears to be another step in HUD trying to keep the FHA mortgage process from falling into trouble. Overall this could be less risk for … (5 comments)

appraiser in st louis metro area: Can A Home Buyer Use a FHA Appraisal Instead of A Home Inspection? - 12/20/08 01:39 PM
I have wrote in the past about the detail of an FHA observation. The FHA appraisal process requires a detailed observation of mechanical systems, (My personal favorite is the reverse feature on an automatic garage door opener.) attic, crawl spaces, electric fixtures, plumbing fixtures, paint surfaces, wood surfaces, safety concerns, etc.. This observation is not meant to be and is not the same as an inspection of these same systems within the home.
We have a significant difference between the detailed inspection made by a Home Inspector and the observation of a FHA Appraiser. The FHA Appraiser has a purpose of determining an … (9 comments)

appraiser in st louis metro area: The Year is Winding Down to An End! - 12/11/08 02:29 PM
This has not been a wonderful year for Real Estate, not by a long shot! We can all mope and be depressed about it or we can go after marketshare. Many of our competitors are not around anymore, they have moved out of Real Estate and real estate related businesses. We can mourn their departure or pick up on their contacts and share of the market.
I, as a Real Estate Appraiser, have seen many of my competition go by the wayside. Even a short period out of the business spells disaster for those professionals. I do not perform the number … (4 comments)


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