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Is it a bubble, is a question I get asked almost daily. I would love to know the answer to be honest but all I can really do is look at the facts and make my best guess. Like many reading this, I lived through 2008 in the real estate industry. It was brutal as we watched housing prices sink in da...
Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach were German engineers in the 1800s and is really the fathers of the modern carburetor and radiator which caused engines to go from eight horsepower to hundreds of horsepower. Without their inventions the world may have never known the car as we know it...
Yesterday I wrote about what my experience was in buying and selling multiple homes. Rather than just complain about my experience, I thought I would use it as a tool to help an agent or two see what a client sees and what could have been done better. Remember who you work for. That was likely my...
Over the past years, I have had the unique opportunity to be both an investor and a Realtor, a seller, a buyer and a client of various real estate agents. I wish I could say my experience has been a positive one, something that gives me hope for the industry, but I cannot and keep a straight face...


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