giving up: Before you give up - 07/07/20 03:31 PM
Before you give up, keep in mind the story of Henry Heinz. In 1874, after his horseradish product failed, Heinz was arrested for fraud based on the fact he could not repay bank loans he had acquired. Later, while eating dinner at his brother's home, they ate meat which was spoiled, a common practice in those days as there were few if any regulations, no refrigeration and meat was expensive. It was common practice to cover the spoiled meat with sauce called Ketsup which was typically made of celery, nuts and even some harsh chemicals to cover taste.  These products were sold in … (4 comments)

giving up: Impossible??? Gone forever? - 03/07/17 11:41 PM
Everything was deemed impossible, until we did it.
Guglielmo Marconi was an Italian inventor who is responsible for creating the wireless radio. Without the invention of Marconi or Tesla before him, wireless anything would still remain impossible. When Marconi first mentioned the idea of a wireless transmitter and receiver, he was involuntarily committed by his friends to a mental hospital. (True story).
The Wright brothers also invented the impossible, simply by paying attention to how birds fly and the shape of the birds wings. Something so simple, but remained impossible for thousands of years.
What if the word simply did not exist?
I wonder … (4 comments)

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