marketing: Before you give up - 07/07/20 03:31 PM
Before you give up, keep in mind the story of Henry Heinz. In 1874, after his horseradish product failed, Heinz was arrested for fraud based on the fact he could not repay bank loans he had acquired. Later, while eating dinner at his brother's home, they ate meat which was spoiled, a common practice in those days as there were few if any regulations, no refrigeration and meat was expensive. It was common practice to cover the spoiled meat with sauce called Ketsup which was typically made of celery, nuts and even some harsh chemicals to cover taste.  These products were sold in … (4 comments)

marketing: My first flip was a money making disaster. - 03/20/18 09:48 PM
My very first flip was a money making disaster. Yes it did make money eventually however it took my time and the help of a friend to make the money. 
It all started with my purchase a home located in South West Phoenix. The area is heavily Hispanic and while still higher in crime (as it tends to be lower income) it also has a great sense of community and has really been making a come back over the years. Needless to say, I like the area and I saw great money making potential when I purchased the home.
I worked hard on … (3 comments)

marketing: I'm glad I did not hire me when I first started - 03/22/17 10:18 PM
They do not teach you about marketing in real estate school.
No one ever mentioned how important marketing was in real estate school. Homes that are well marketed tend to sell for more money and in less time, but no one mentioned that. I learned about joint tenancy but not about how to properly list my clients homes.
My first broker was no help.
My first broker provided no insight either. He showed me how to fill out the MLS data and after that I was on my own. This made me mad at first as a young agent as I believed that … (3 comments)

marketing: Jacks (or Jills) of all trades are masters of none. - 03/01/17 11:58 PM
Recently a high school friend posted a video to Facebook of a listing he had acquired. He clearly had either his wife or someone shoot the video with a phone. While I do not know the details of his listing, I know he was being paid to market the home as a professional, as we all are.
As many of you know, I have a strong construction background. In my 24+ years as an electrical contractor, I learned that you can not possibly be good at more than one trade. You may be okay at multiple trades but to be really a professional, … (5 comments)

marketing: Marketing - 03/01/17 11:48 PM
I market my listings and invest real money to ensure they sell quickly. I see this as a duty to my clients, on average I invest around $1,500 in marketing. Most recently I invested about $2,300 in a property which had been listed with another agent for 400+ days, without selling. I sold that property in 3 weeks and for $29,000 more than the other agent listed the property for, as I had three offers on the home.
I believe I should invest in each property I list. If I do not think the property will sell, or if I think the client is unrealistic … (2 comments)

marketing: Internet Leads - 01/30/17 08:51 PM
When I first started in Real Estate in 2004, I quickly began to purchase Internet leads. I recall my broker making fun of me, telling me what money I was wasting. This concerned me but I also think it gave me a sense of purpose, as I did not have the money to waste and needed it to work.
Soon after I began to call my leads and discovered the only real trick to Internet leads, you have about 10 seconds to call them or they are all but dead. You may catch a few after another agent drops the ball later down the road but … (4 comments)

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