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Tim Allen was recently on a radio program I listen to. His story is an interesting one, I was fascinated to listen to him tell how he went from literally facing life in prison to staring in the number one TV show.  He faced life in prison with new mandatory sentencing laws. Luckily for Tim, he wa...
All I see on my facebook feed is "the world has gone to hell" 100 times per day. That has made me continue a few happy posts, like this one which is the truth about where we are as a Nation. While it is hard to believe from watching the 24 hour cycle of news and reading everything on the Internet...
I do my best to write twice per day, mostly about real estate. However, going forward I will dedicate at least a few blogs per week to something positive. I did a little research today and found something very interesting. IT seems the world population is actually about to peak. We all hear it al...
I could not think of what to write today given all that happened, so I am just going to update on my consulting project. The project that began a few months ago for a client of mine is going well. We took the house from a very dated look to a very modern, industrial type look. The main reason for...
If elephants rarely bit and mosquitos always bite, why do we always worry about the elephant in the room?It is our nature to worry about the big thing and ignore the small things but everything in life compounds. The average cup of coffee in the United States costs $2.62 at a store. If you made i...
I recently read an article about a new company, Purple Bricks. Purple Bricks is a flat fee brokerage that performed well in Europe and recently opened an office in L.A. The title of the article was "Say goodbye to 6% commissions". Obviously, the article predicted Purple Brick and others like it w...
So I consult on a projectWhich buys homes and sells them at a discount for investors who are purchasing rental property. The company buys "flips" and then sells them to other investors to make them rentals, while they are in the construction process. This requires my staff a lot of phone calls to...
Zillow and other instant value websites are rarely accurate. If you read my next article you will understand my desire to look up my home on Zillow yesterday and get a free Zestimate. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Zillow hater, I think they found a niche and are doing well from it. I too offer i...
I am asked that question almost daily. The truth is, the answer is not glamorous. There is no secret weapon. In my years of flipping homes, I have found the MLS to be the place to find the best deals. First, Realtors tend to be honest and trustworthy, making their clients act honorably. In fact, ...
Buyer Beware is dead?In recent years the courts in Arizona have ruled that the seller has an obligation to disclose any material issue of fact known at the time of sale. Material issue of fact is generally considered anything that has to do with the value of the property, however there are a few ...

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