james miner: The fourth of July is coming to a close - 07/04/15 02:29 PM
     The fourth of July is coming to a close.  The fingers have been licked clean of the BBQ sauce, the fireworks have been shot, and the kids are falling asleep.
     God Bless America, and may all of our soliders come home from the battlefield.

james miner: Fairview Place Historic District in Encanto Area Phoenix - 07/04/15 09:18 AM
     When the Fairview Place Historic District in Encanto Area Phoenix began being developed in the early 1920s this area was outside of the city limits and thus the birth of a suburb.  The Fairview Place was marketed as a social and business asset.  The homes being built represented a number of different architectural styles such as the Transitional Ranch, Tudor, Southwest, and English Stone Cottage to name just a few.  Because of the homes being close to downtown Phoenix and were being purchased by the middle class they were cozy and unpretentious and ranged in size from 900 to 1,400 sq.ft. thus they … (2 comments)

james miner: Encanto-Palmcroft Historic District in Phoenix - 07/04/15 08:30 AM
     The Encanto-Palmcroft Historic District in Phoenix showcases some of the more significant  homes and landscaping with diversity and picturesque styling.  As you travel through the Encanto-Palmcroft Historic District on the winding streets, it’s proximity to the Encanto Park, many of the homes reflecting the southwest influences, and noting the detail to the craftsmanship which was demanded by some of the better architects, it becomes apparent that this was originally a community where those of influence would reside.  In addition to the southwest influences there are homes which reflect the American colonial architecture.
     Once again, the Encanto-Palmcroft Historic District in Phoenix is not an area … (0 comments)

james miner: Willo Historical District in Encanto at Phoenix - 07/04/15 08:16 AM
     The Willo Historical District in Encanto at Phoenix was created in 1878 by J.P. Holcomb.  Mr. Holcomb, who was responsible for the initial development of this district, acquired the rights through a Homestead patent and a timber Culture land patent.
      A period revival movement, which started in the early 1930’s, saw the build out of several architectural styles which included Pueblo revival, American Colonial revival, Spanish Colonial revival, Tudor revival, and Greek revival.  In the late 1930’s Monterey and French Provincial styles were added to the mix and out of these two styles came what has become know as … (2 comments)

james miner: Roosevelt Historic District in the Encanto area at Phoenix - 07/04/15 07:59 AM
     The Roosevelt Historic District in the Encanto area at Phoenix is comprised of mostly Bungalows.  These bungalows can range is size from 1,700 sq.ft. to over 3,000 sq.ft. and usually had at least 4 bedrooms with several bathrooms.  One of the ironies of this area is many of the original owners of these homes were doctors and lawyers and today these properties once again are owned by this same group of professionals.  These bungalows are characterized by; made with wood, stone, and brick – large porches with columns and low pitched roofs with triangular fascias – and almost all of them had … (0 comments)

james miner: Loan Modification help and a Foreclosure Date in Phoenix AZ - 06/26/15 08:43 AM
You need Loan Modification help and a Foreclosure Date in Phoenix AZ has been set by the lender.  So let me set the stage; you are trying to get loan modification and you have been talking with your lender, and then "BOOM" you just received a piece of certified mail which states your lender has started Foreclosure Proceedings against you.  In short, you have a big problem.
So many of you believe because you are having discussions with your lender about a loan modification that this action trumps being served a foreclosure notice.  This thought is not correct, you cannot be in Active Review for Loan Modification and at the same time be served … (0 comments)

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