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                            Loan Modifications Did you just get a “Notice of Trustee Sale”?  We Can Help You!
If we cannot get you a Loan Modification, then you don’t pay us anything.
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You are here and probably need loan modification help with Jim Miner in Phoenix, so the odds are high that you need some form of assistance with your Loan whether it … (0 comments)

jimminer: My Hair is on fire and my fan has streamers - 06/19/15 07:03 AM
     No kidding, My Hair is on fire and my fan has streamers on it, it is 115 degrees outside, I think my dog just melted.
     I am going out and show homes to buyers today, NOT!  I have taken up permanent residency at our local gelato shop.  While I am sitting here, I started thinking I'll bet all of you folks have always wondered why did streamers get put on fans.  Well, let me tell you.
     At a very large airplane hangar in Texas during WWII there were lots of folks working on planes and they complained that it was really hot inside. … (3 comments)

jimminer: Low Priced 2 bedroom 2 bath condo near Grand Canyon University - 06/01/15 04:30 AM
How about owning a Low Priced 2 bedroom 2 bath condo near Grand Canyon University.  If you are an Investor or maybe you are the parents of a student that wants to go to this University then take a look at this Low Priced 2 bedroom 2 bath condo near Grand Canyon University that is for sale at $67,500.
As an Investor, you will want to know that the last tenant was paying approximately $800 per month.  The HOA fee covers a blanket insurance policy, roof repair, exterior maintenance, the swimming pool, the grounds, the covered parking, all of the units are single level, the maintenance of the … (2 comments)

jimminer: Rose Lane Condo 2 bedroom 2 bath in Phoenix - 05/28/15 09:40 AM
     At last a Rose Lane Condo 2 bedroom 2 bath in Phoenix comes onto the market for sale.  The Rose Lane complex is unusual in Phoenix because it is only 38 single level units and most of the units have owners who have been there for over 10 years.  Knowing that you are coming home to a gated community with lots of undulating green grass, mature shade trees, blooming flowers, and a really nice pool.  Having a swimming pool to come home to at the end of the day in the middle of the Phoenix summer is nice because … (3 comments)

jimminer: 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms home at 6020 W Redfield Rd. Glendale AZ - 05/24/14 08:06 AM
This 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms home at 6020 W Redfield Rd. Glendale AZ has been completely remodeled and updated.  Starting from the outside, all new landscaping has been put into place and that includes the backyard.  Currently the front and backyard are low maintenance but you do want to take care of the beautiful rose bushes in the backyard.  Having the RV Gate which opens to a large concrete slab is very useful for storing your equipment or recreational toys.  Also, there is a nice sized concrete pad in the backyard which would be perfect for a Hot Tub.
This home has 4 bedrooms and 3 full … (4 comments)

jimminer: Can You Predict the Direction of the Real Estate Market - 03/28/14 02:06 AM
So can you predict the direction of the real esate market in your community?  Michael Orr, who produces the Cromford Real Estate Report for Maricopa and Pinal Counties in Arizona, has a tool that can be used for a strong sense of which direction the real estate market will move over the next 30-60 days.  When pricing a home for a seller this can be an extremely useful tool.  I use this tool a lot in South Scottsdale when it comes to helping the seller price their home for sale, as well as a buyer in determining the best price to offer.
The tool is the  "pending … (0 comments)

jimminer: Garage Office Realtor says Paint the Front Door if you are selling - 03/27/14 09:33 AM
Here in South Scottsdale the Garage Office Realtor says Paint the Front Door if you are selling your home.  In South Scottsdale we have a lot of older homes and over the years the weather has taken it's toll on the front door, yet when folks get ready to sell their home they over look the value of having a well trimmed out Front Door.
Folks get so focused on what to do on the inside of their home and the backyard that they forget the Front Door.  The Front Door is First Impression and if it looks like a piece of junk that is exactly what … (2 comments)

jimminer: Garage Office Realtor says have Duct Tape when getting ready to sell - 03/26/14 10:41 AM
Garage Office Realtor says you should have some Duct Tape when you get ready to sell your home.  So many times something breaks, a box splits out, a plastic cover has a crack, the microwave vent needs sealed, the insulation on the HVAC needs replaced, and the list goes on and on.....

Duct tape now comes in a variety of colors and they also have a tin foil tape which is really handy for HVAC work.  Maybe your duct work has a tear in it and that needs to be corrected, so what do you use?  That is correct, … (2 comments)

jimminer: Discovery Trails 3 bedroom home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch - 03/26/14 07:47 AM
Discovery Trails 3 bedroom home for sale in McDowell Mountain Ranch is the perfect home for one who is looking for a second home or maybe wanting to downsize.  As for amenities this home has them; large custom tile flooring, woodlike flooring, vaulted ceiling with ceiling fans, slab granite counter-tops in the kitchen and bathrooms, stainless steel appliances, a sprinkler system throughout the home, lots of windows, covered patio, and the home backs up to an arroyo (wash filled with wild desert foliage).

From the Scottsdale AZ Jet-Port it is a short drive to the home, essentially just point the car toward the McDowell Mountains and you … (3 comments)

jimminer: Are Starbucks the new Real Estate Offices in South Scottsdale? - 03/24/14 01:58 PM
Are Starbucks the new Real Estate Offices in South Scottsdale?  Of course they are.  How many times have you met at a Starbucks and the conversation is "heavy and dark", it isn't, the conversations are much more relaxed, honest, and candid.  That is exactly what I am wanting, when I have a meeting with folks that would like some information about selling there home in South Scottsdale or maybe they are thinking about buying an investment property, the relaxed environment is perfect for that kind of discussion.
This video shows the four corners of South Scottsdale and a map of where … (0 comments)

jimminer: Cromford Real Estate Report week ending 3-20-14 South Scottsdale AZ - 03/23/14 10:38 AM
This last week two very important points came to light in the Cromford Real Estate Report week ending 3-20-14 in South Scottsdale AZ ; one, the demand market started to tick up and improve but then rolled over to the downside, and two, the price points from $1-$100K and $100K-$200K  for house pricing are unpopular at this time and the points of 2 million dollars and up are very popular.

I know you are thinking so what?  Well, this is where it is important to understand details and how to connect the dots.  In essence the overall real estate market in the greater Phoenix … (0 comments)

jimminer: 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home at Discovery Trails McDowell Mountain Ranch - 03/21/14 08:02 AM
A 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home at Discovery Trails in McDowell Mountain Ranch subdivision has just come onto the market.  This home has an open family room, lots of slab granite counter tops in the kitchen, upgraded cabinets, large custom tile, wood type flooring, custom shelving, natural gas, separate tub and shower, slab granite in both bathrooms, lots of windows, backs up to an arroyo (desert wash), fruit trees, covered patios, close to the mountains, upscale community center, and very easy access to North Scottsdale with it's world class shopping and dining spots.  For those of you who want a 3 bedroom 2 … (3 comments)

jimminer: South Scottsdale Realtor with the 3-20-14 Cromford Real Estate Report - 03/21/14 06:48 AM
This week the  3-20-14 Mid Week Cromford Report by South Scottsdale Realtor Jim Miner includeds a report from the Inman News which shows a 45% increase in the inventory in the Greater Phoenix Real Estate Market.  When you add in the additional 7,000 homes the inventory number jumps over 30,000 and that is what we call a normal amount of homes for sale.  However there is a little problem, the demand for housing is in a real slump, in fact it is one of the lowest numbers ever recorded.

Translation for Buyers and Sellers:  it is a buyers market and it is best to take … (0 comments)

jimminer: A Map of the Technology Corridor passing through South Scottsdale AZ - 03/19/14 11:31 AM
Here is a map which shows all of the major technology companies which are located along the north and south corridor running through South Scottsdale.  The corridor is anchored by Intel at the south end and as one moves north into the North Tempe (which is Arizona State University) and South Scottsdale there are a plethora of companies with ASU SkySong being the hub.

More and more companies are locating into the area.  On the north end of the University which is across the Salt River from South Scottsdale, State Farm Insurance is constructing several high rise buildings that will house approx. 700 employees.
As more companies locate … (0 comments)

jimminer: Another Simple trick for getting the home ready to sell. - 03/18/14 09:35 AM
Here in South Scottsdale most of the homes were built between the years 1955-1970 and over the years investors have found this area to be fertile ground for "fix and flips".  Some of the homes have been refinished and upgraded so the home really has a finished look.  Then we have the "flippers " that have approx. $2,000 and they just know they can fix most of the items themselves, and guess what, when they finish it looks like they had approx $2,000 and they tried to do everything themselves.

This video points out the value of having matching electrical outlets, light switches, and … (0 comments)

jimminer: ASU SkySong Tech Center in South Scottsdale AZ - 03/18/14 09:11 AM
The ASU SkySong Tech Center in South Scottsdale AZ is centered in the middle of the Technology Corridor which runs north and south along the highway 101.
Entry into the SkySong Tech Center SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center, is a place where the global business community can link with technology,education, research and entrepreneurship to position Greater Phoenix and Arizona State University as global leaders in the knowledge economy.
The central plaza is combined with a signature shade structure (which is a tribute to the local Indian Tribe), SkySong is a 1.2 million-square-foot mixed-use development which is on a 42-acre
campus in … (0 comments)

jimminer: The Cromford Real Estate Report for the week ending 3-16-14 - 03/17/14 09:03 AM
The Real Estate Report 3-16-14 by South Scottsdale Realtor is brought to you by Jim Miner 602-345-0433.  The real Estate Report is prepared by Michael Orr of Arizona State University.  The video shows what transpired in the greater Phoenix Real Estate Market  over the past week.

There has been little change from the previous week.  The basic trends are still in place and unbroken.  The supply of homes continues to increase and we are now over 30,000 properties for sale.  More daunting is the demand for housing continues to decline.  This reading is one of the lowest over the past 14 years.  The 3-16-14 … (0 comments)

jimminer: South Scottsdale Homes and close to ASU - 03/17/14 01:02 AM
The construction of South Scottsdale Homes and close to ASU have a great deal in common.  When Scottsdale was growing the area just north of ASU (Arizona State University) and south of Camelback Road was labeled South Scottsdale.  At that time the area was not considered to be anything other than a lot of land on which to build homes and to the east was one of the local Indian Reservations so geographical development was restricted.  People and commerce would travel east on Camelback Rd. from Central Phoenix and the area north of Camelback Rd. was considered to be more prime for … (0 comments)

jimminer: Mid-Week Cromford Report 3-12-14 by South Scottsdale Realtor - 03/13/14 02:45 AM
Here is the Mid-Week Cromford Report 3-12-14 by South Scottsdale Realtor which shows some interesting info.  Is this showing us the real estate market in the Greater Phoenix Area is on the verge of turning down?  Well, I have to believe the answer is yes, does that mean this will be 2007 thru 2011 all over again, it is way to early to tell.  I don't think it will, but all of the pundits are saying, "yes but it is different this time".  That has to be the most over-used phrase next to "the check is in the mail".
As the South Scottsdale … (2 comments)

jimminer: Moving to South Scottsdale no HOA and growing Marijuana - 03/12/14 01:57 PM
Will folks start moving to South Scottsdale because there are no HOAs but they can grow their medical marijuana?  You may be thinking what is this #Jim Miner talking about.  Well, several weeks ago a HOA in another city in the greater Phoenix area decided they would not allow marijuana to be grown for medical purposes in the front or back yard of homes.  Let me tell you how this set the grapevine abuzz along with essentially all other forms of communication.  It escalated to the point that everyone seemed to be taking a stance whether they supported the HOA (I am not sure … (0 comments)

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