san antonio: If Not Now, When? - 11/17/09 08:30 AM
If now is not the time to buy a home, then when will it be time?  The last time I remember home prices falling this dramatically was around 1990 with the S&L debacle.  If you bought a home then you've done well in terms of equity.
So, is it different this time?  Is the slide in home prices almost over?  Will home prices be higher in 10 years than they are now?  Will interest rates increase over the next few years? 
I don't have a crystal ball, so I'm not going to make any predictions. But, I do know that as … (3 comments)

san antonio: Do Homeowners Have a Right to a Loan Modification - 11/11/09 06:49 AM
A Minnesota court answered the question:  Do Homeowners Have a Right to a Loan Modification? And the answer!
A lawsuit brought by Minnesota homeowners asserted that homeowners had a right to a loan modification.  U.S. District Court Judge Ann Montgomery disagreed, stating that loan modifications were not an entitlement.
No kidding!! Can you imagine the multi-year lender backlog that would occur if all homeowners had the unilateral right to modify a contract?  Did the plaintiffs to the lawsuit envision a world where lenders could modify a loan to their benefit any time they pleased.
Sometimes I just can't believe the … (2 comments)

san antonio: Fannie Mae Announces Deed For Lease Program - 11/06/09 05:25 AM
Fannie Mae just announced the Deed For Lease program that will allow qualified homeowners to take a Deed In Lieu of foreclosure and lease back their home for up to one year.  Homeowners must qualify in terms of income and any additional liens must be released. 
The Deed For Lease program offers homeowners another option to avoid foreclosure when loan modification or forbearance won't work.  But, what will the homeowner do if there are additional liens on their property and the lien holders will not agree to release the liens? There's always foreclosure or bankruptcy, but those options may carry heavy credit burdens for the … (3 comments)

san antonio: Why My Active Rain Outside Blog Is Important To Me - 10/13/09 05:01 AM
My GM is requesting all of our agents to take a brief personality profile.  So, what does this fact have to do with why my Active Rain outside blog is so important to me?  The answer to that question is revealed in the results of my test.
My score showed me to be an Amiable Analytic.  Analytic is the dominant style with amiable being secondary. According to my GM, I'm a number cruncher who's good at paperwork; plus, my amiable overlay means I like to keep everyone happy.  I think these traits are important for my short sale and foreclosure business … (39 comments)

san antonio: Why Distressed Homeowner's Facing Foreclosure Need Help - 10/12/09 03:27 AM
So why do distressed homeowner's facing foreclosure need help?  Of course, the obvious answer is to avoid the financial wrecking ball of foreclosure.
But what are the unforeseen consequences of foreclosure? Divorce comes to mind.  Depression?  Self-medicating with alcohol and drugs is a possibility.  Confused and insecure children?
And all of those problems are out of our control.   
So what can we do when we approach distressed homeowners?  For starters, don't be judgemental.  Helping out is not about the "why", it's about "what" we're going to do for the homeowner to avoid foreclosure.
Next, reassure them...outline alternatives like refinancing or loan modification.  Discuss … (0 comments)

san antonio: Big Changes in My Active Rain Blog - 10/11/09 10:04 AM
You may already know that I'm relatively new to the real estate business and Active Rain.  It's become very clear to me that a specialization will help me to differentiate myself from competitors.  So, during my first months in the business I've become a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) in order to differentiate myself and achieve the level of success I need to provide for my family.
You can see my new foreclosure and short sale microsite at Jimmy Stewart CDPE.  As part of this change, I'm changing my AR blog to reflect my new business interests.
The purpose of my … (9 comments)

san antonio: Clark High School San Antonio - August 2009 Athletics Calendar - 08/11/09 02:19 AM
My family lives in the Clark High School area.  Our 3 daughters attended Clark and we're big fans of their programs for students.  Here is a schedule of sports events for August you may find helpful.  It's much more than a football schedule.  Check it out and start attending Clark High School sporting events.  You'll enjoy all of it and meet a lot of nice people.

san antonio: Lessons Learned at the Doctor's Office - 08/03/09 03:31 AM
What lessons, or "teachable moments" in Obama-speak, could a REALTOR and a client benefit from while at the doctor's office?  By the way, my wife's colonoscopy resulted in a report of good health.
Now, back to lessons learnable...
The nurses, technicians and physician (insert REALTOR) all assume the position of authority in all activities related to the patient (insert Client).  Why should it be any other way in a REALTOR - Client relationship?   How do they take charge?  First, they assume authority and most patients give it to them.  Then, they cement their authority and expertise by asking questions … (2 comments)

san antonio: Bexar County - San Antonio Texas 2009 Accountability Ratings for Schools by TEA - 08/01/09 01:31 AM
The Texas Education Agency (TEA) just released the 2009 Accountability Ratings for Texas schools and districts. You can search by county and see all the ratings for schools and districts in your county that were rated.  You can review the ratings for Bexar County / San Antonio area schools at this link.
Go to County search, select search by County, and type in Bexar and search. 

san antonio: Warning: Not About Real Estate - 07/29/09 11:23 AM
What I'm going to tell you about doesn't happen very often.  I'm without wife, kids, and grandkids for the next few days.  Me and the dogs, Lucy and Ethel, are on our own.  No life raft.  So, I got home, watered some plants, fed the dogs and kicked back.
Tonight it's me, the big screen, remote, TV dinner, and ice cold lemonade bar.  How sweet it is!  

san antonio: Inman News Interview with RE/MAX CEO - 07/29/09 09:20 AM
Inman News just published interview with Margaret Kelly, RE/MAX CEO.  The article is worth a read and you can do so by clicking here.  I originally read it from my Facebook site.

san antonio: Relocation to San Antonio - 07/28/09 02:00 AM
Relocation to San Antonio does't have to be all work and no play.  So, when your through looking for your new San Antonio home, check out my favorite mexican food restaurant, La Fogata.  The cuisine is Northern Mexico and the setting is fountains, tropical landscape, and outdoor dining all located in an unexpected place.  Indoor dining is also available.  The food, music, drinks, and customers are great.  You'll find them on Vance Jackson between Loop 410 and IH 10.  Look closely or you'll drive right by.  Now then, relocation to San Antonio isn't so bad when you can take a break and … (0 comments)


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