texas foreclosure: 40th High School Reunion - A Nostalgic Lookback - 10/16/09 01:02 AM
Forty years ago plus a few months, I graduated from Forest Park High School in Beaumont, Texas.  I couldn't wait to get out of town to Dallas, where I would attend SMU.
Some of you may remember 1969.  Our country was in the middle of the Viet Nam war.  We had lost one former student to the fighting. He was memorialized. There were never any war protests in our town that I remember.
Illegal drug use, as far as I knew, was not prevalent.  Beer and whiskey were the entertainment beverages of choice.  A lot of us crossed the state line … (0 comments)

texas foreclosure: Why Distressed Homeowner's Facing Foreclosure Need Help - 10/12/09 03:27 AM
So why do distressed homeowner's facing foreclosure need help?  Of course, the obvious answer is to avoid the financial wrecking ball of foreclosure.
But what are the unforeseen consequences of foreclosure? Divorce comes to mind.  Depression?  Self-medicating with alcohol and drugs is a possibility.  Confused and insecure children?
And all of those problems are out of our control.   
So what can we do when we approach distressed homeowners?  For starters, don't be judgemental.  Helping out is not about the "why", it's about "what" we're going to do for the homeowner to avoid foreclosure.
Next, reassure them...outline alternatives like refinancing or loan modification.  Discuss … (0 comments)

texas foreclosure: Big Changes in My Active Rain Blog - 10/11/09 10:04 AM
You may already know that I'm relatively new to the real estate business and Active Rain.  It's become very clear to me that a specialization will help me to differentiate myself from competitors.  So, during my first months in the business I've become a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) in order to differentiate myself and achieve the level of success I need to provide for my family.
You can see my new foreclosure and short sale microsite at Jimmy Stewart CDPE.  As part of this change, I'm changing my AR blog to reflect my new business interests.
The purpose of my … (9 comments)


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