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What will we do with ourselves after November 4th?  Will the world as we know it still exist without all the negative energy?  I for one am ready to find out!
I am in a Leaderhip Training Seminar for the Idaho Association of Realtors and they taught me this after 17 years in the industry.  For those of you that are also in leadership positions in our industry, hopefully you will take this to heart as well.   HOMES Helping Our Members Engage Sincerely    
Finally, a massive gain instead of a massive drop on Wall Street.  This is the fifth largest daily pecent gain.  The four largest date clear back to 1929-1933 so for most investors, this is the largest gain in their lifetime.  The previous highest daily point gain was +499.19 on March 16, 2000 so...
  Years ago I coined the term “Business Darwinism”.  In the ever evolving business world, if you don’t evolve to the market, you become extinct.   Verses   In real estate, a few classes, pass an exam or two, then find a sympathetic broker to let you hang your license with and you are in business....
I am a Realtor in Meridian, Idaho (suburb of Boise).  For years, I have used an "Alternate of Choice" counter offer process but am surprised it isn't used more often. Say for example, you have a home listed for $250,000 and an offer comes in at $250,000 asking for $10,000 in financial incentives ...
    I have read lots of posts on Active Rain and elsewhere about BPO’s and the REO market in general.  I started wondering what the fiduciary duty these companies have to their clients (the lending institution).  Do they have to disclose that they are charging: fees to the Realtors to join their ...
I was fortunate enough to have dinner last night with Dr. Jed Smith on his trip to Boise to talk to the Ada County Association of Realtors Annual meeting. With the current upheval in the financial markets, we couldn't have chosen a better time to get his insight. A few key points he made was that...
It was just anounced today that our largest private employer in the state, Micron, will be eliminating 15% of it's global workforce of which, 1,500 will come from Boise.  Have any of you seen any stistics that claim the ecomomic impact of a job lost? I know our economic community development guru...
I almost feel guilty offering Google two positions in a row; however they keep coming up with cool stuff. My technology tip of the month for October is to use Google Mobile (Goog411) on your cell phone.  Why call the operator and pay a surcharge to have them connect the call when you can call 1-8...
The Federal Reserve cut the key US interest rate by a full half point this AM.  Even China has cut their interest rates trying to stimulate their slowing economy. Keep in mind that this rate is not directly tied to mortgage rates.  It does however have an immediate impact on short term money loan...

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