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Jim Paulson's views of Boise Real Estate, real estate technology trends, and life here in the Treasure Valley. Jim Paulson has nearly 25 years of Boise Idaho real estate experience.



The scales of justice may appear blind, but they do eventually come to balance.  Please check your own state laws to see what is allowed and what isn't.  Here is a pretty good source: http://appraisalnewsonline.typepad.com/files/bpo_state_laws.pdf I have posted several blogs about BPO's in the p...
Tell all your friends to beware of this new Phishing scam launching on Facebook today.  If you see a messge coming to you via either text message or email that asks you to click on a link to: Do Not Click this link! http://fbaction.net DO NOT CLICK IT! I was just sent a text message from my nephe...
I just read a great post about hiring a pregnant Realtor. http://activerain.com/blogsview/1054255/Would-You-Hire-a-Pregnant-Realtor.  They had some great comments so far that I would like to expand on. I am sure if you have been in the business any length of time, you have run across the client t...
The "C" word used to be almost unspeakable.  People used to really be uneasy around others with cancer as if they had Leprocy or wondering if they could catch it on toilet seats like people used to think about AIDS. Thanks to people going public with this disease and great works from various orga...
I have looked at a number of factors in the Boise North End (MLS area 100) and found some interesting data: 1)       Sales in the north end have slowed like most areas. April 2007 = 29 April 2008 = 17 April 2009 = 6 2)       Average Sold prices: April 2007 = $309,024 April 2008 = $320,575 April 2...
I know that discussing commission rates can get us in trouble so I have adjusted this one into "ranges" so as not to get in trouble for Price Fixing or being in violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act.  It is a shame that it is so difficult to talk about this topic so I have had difficulty findin...
My 14 year old son taught me another perfect life lesson yesterday. If time is money, and money is the source of all evil, then procrastination is the key to world peace!  
 Not time or desire to put out your own signs?  Think about this! When I first got into real estate 18 years ago, I used to use a sign placing service that was reasonable and very effective.  I am surprised that one has ever rebuilt this model local after his divorce cost him his. We used to just...
What do you think of the merger of State Farm and Prudential that was announced today?  It really has me thinking. I understand the need for consolidation and cost savings in todays market but I am not sure about the consolidation of their slogan. Somehow, it just doesn't feel right to me... "Get...

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